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2nd Crct

  1. 1. Second Grade CRCT Review 2008-09
  3. 3. A person who writes books is called an ... A. illustrator B. author C. publisher
  4. 4. In a book on dinosaurs, where should you look to find out what CARNIVORE means? A. the index B. the glossary C. the table of contents
  5. 5. Which do you need if you are going to type a story on a computer? A. a database B. the Internet C. writing software
  6. 6. What part of a book will tell Rex the page on which the chapter on “How to Bark” begins? A. index B. glossary C. table of contents D. title page
  7. 7. What do we call books that give us facts and information about a subject?
  8. 8. Where would Thomas look to find yesterday’s score for the Braves’ game? A. a magazine B. a newspaper C. a phone book
  9. 9. To find words that have the same meaning you would use A. encyclopedia B. thesaurus C. dictionary
  10. 10. What do we call the part of a book that gives the title, author, illustrator, publisher and place of publication? A. table of contents B. index C. glossary D. title page
  11. 11. Which is the BEST resource to find a recent story about wrestling? A. a magazine B. a dictionary C. an encyclopedia
  12. 12. What do we call a book that gives the meaning, spelling and pronunciation of a word?
  13. 13. What is the BEST resource to use to find a map that shows where the Rocky Mountains are? A. an encyclopedia B. a dictionary C. an atlas
  14. 14. Which word would be found on a dictionary page that has the guide words give and goat ? A. gems B. glove C. growing
  15. 15. Table of Contents Animals ……………….page 1 Plants…………………..page 15 Weather……………..page 30 Electricity…………..page 45 Human Body………..page60 Where should you look to find information about your lungs? A. page 15 B. page 60 C. page 45
  16. 16. The company that prints and binds a book is called ... A. author B. illustrator C. copyright D. publisher
  17. 17. The subjects in the index are listed … A. in the order of the chapters. B. on the title page C. in alphabetical order Index C camels, page 77 cats, page 40 cows, page 23 D dogs, page 14 Ducks, page 16
  18. 18. Which book would you borrow from the library to learn about wild animals? A. Zoo Animals B. Caring for Dogs C. Gerbils Make Great Pets
  19. 19. Which part of a book is MOST like a dictionary? A. the index B. the glossary C. the table of contents
  20. 20. Which address on the World Wide Web would MOST LIKELY have information about tropical fish? A. www.toys.com B. www.pets.com C. www.birds.com
  21. 21. What do we call a person who draws pictures for a book? A. illustrator B. author C. title D. publisher
  22. 22. What is a book with made-up stories called? A. Fiction B. Nonfiction
  23. 23. Which list of words is in correct ABC order? A. sports, soccer, swimming B. soccer, sports, swimming C. sports, swimming, soccer
  24. 24. What kind of word is the word gigantic ? gigantic, adj. like a giant in size, very big or huge A. verb B. noun C. adjective
  25. 25. INDEX Canaries, 125 Parrots, 127-129 Pigeons, 130-133 On which page can you read information about parrots? A. page 125 B. page 128 C. page 131
  26. 26. Which word would come LAST on a dictionary page? A. best B. bright C. bounce
  27. 27. Which do most people use to connect to the Internet? A. database B. computer C. table of contents
  28. 28. Table of Contents This book has A. facts about growing trees B. five chapters C. pictures of animals
  29. 29. Which would be the BEST place to find out the weather for the day? <ul><li>A. dictionary </li></ul><ul><li>internet </li></ul><ul><li>encyclopedia </li></ul>
  30. 30. To find a synonym for a word you would use a A. dictionary B. a book of stories c. a thesaurus
  31. 31. Which resource is the BEST to see how some people use sign language? A. database B. videotape C. dictionary
  32. 32. To look up the meaning of a word in your science book, you should use the ... A. index B. glossary C. table of contents
  33. 33. Which would be BEST to use to find places to visit in Atlanta? A. a database B. writing software C. the World Wide Web
  34. 34. Where would you find the MOST information on Spaceships? A. in a dictionary B. in a newspaper C. in an encyclopedia
  35. 35. Which encyclopedia volume should you look in to learn about frogs? A. Be-F B. Ga-H C. I-La
  36. 36. You are watching your favorite cartoon. At the end,you see www.cartoons.com. What is this? A. the local library that has books about the cartoon B. the store that sells software about the cartoon C. the site on the World Wide Web that has information about the cartoon
  37. 37. Which is the BEST resource to use to find out about Native American homes? A. atlas B. dictionary C. encyclopedia
  38. 38. Which word comes FIRST in alphabetical (ABC) order? <ul><li>A. sip </li></ul><ul><li>B. send </li></ul><ul><li>stop </li></ul><ul><li>sale </li></ul>
  39. 39. Where is the BEST place in a book you are reading to find the author’s name? A. index B. title page C. table of contents
  40. 40. How Birds Fly by Perry Pigeon pictures by Pete Pelican Which part of a book is shown above? A. index B. title page C. table of contents
  41. 41. Your class is learning about Japan. You want to send messages to children in a Japanese classroom. How would you do this? A. by using the Internet B. by using the library C. by using a dictionary
  42. 42. Which book of an encyclopedia would you use to find out about sharks? A. A-C B. M-D C. Q-T
  43. 43. Mark’s Dog Snow by Jamie Who wrote this book? A. Snow B. Mark C. Jamie
  44. 44. Which is most like a dictionary? A. index B. glossary C. table of contents
  45. 45. The Easter Bunny found a book without a cover. Where should he look to find out the name of the book? A. in the glossary B. on the title page C. in the back of the book
  46. 46. Which words are in ABC order? A. fan, kite, jar B. jar, kite, fan C. fan, jar, kite
  47. 47. Table of Contents page Flowers……………………………………..4 Fruit…………………………………………..8 Trees………………………………………..12 On which page would you read about fruit? A. 5 B. 8 C. 12
  48. 48. Where should you look to find out how many chapters there are in a book? A. on the cover B. on the title page C. in the table of contents
  49. 49. Do you have the answer