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Vmware powershell training in hyderabad

for vmware powershell at acutelearn

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Vmware powershell training in hyderabad

  1. 1. VMware Powershell Course Content Overview of PowerCLI? What is PowerCLI? PowerCLI Window How Does PowerCLI Work? Why Learn PowerCLI? Downloading the Toolkit Installing PowerCLI The PowerCLI Console PowerShell Basics Overview of Objects PowerShell the Command-Line Interface Working with Cmdlets Tab Expansion, Aliases, and History PowerShell the Script Engine Variables Automatic Variables Operators Various Cmdlets Parameters Typing Savers for the CLI Using Pipelines Using Pipelines Using Arrays Filtering and Iterating Through the Pipeline Reordering Objects in a Pipeline Flow Control & Working with files Controlling the Flow of Execution Within Scripts Iteration Flow Control Developing and Using Functions Formatting data Working with Files Exporting data to files Module 5: vSphere PowerCLI vSphere PowerCLI object Command lets in vSphere PowerCLI Connect to a vSphere infrastructure Managing Virtual Machines using PowerCLI Virtual Machine Provisioning, Configuration, and Protection Automate creation of virtual machines Change virtual machine settings programmatically Run vSphere PowerCLI scripts in virtual machines Automate virtual machine protection Managing snapshots Automate vm reporting Managing ESXi host Automating ESX Host Configuration Automate configuration of virtual switches on ESX hosts Automate configuration of datastores on ESX hosts Automate ESX reporting Managing Vmware Clusters Automating Cluster Operations Automate virtual machine storage migration Automate VMware vMotion Create a VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler/VMware High Availability cluster Automate cluster configuration Automate resource pool creation and configuration Automate vCenter reporting th Dr No: 1-68 4&5 , Flat No: 80 & 81, Blue Dart Building, 4 Floor, Madhapur, Hitech City Road, Hyderabad -81 Contact @ 07702999361, mail @ , Visit @