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Introduction to Value Consulting


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A presentation by Ravi Warrier of Acutance Consulting for a knoledge sharing session held by HydSPIN in Sept 2012.

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Introduction to Value Consulting

  1. 1. a talk on (based)value consulting
  2. 2. hellomy name is ravi warrier
  3. 3. acknowledgementsthe transformation process
  4. 4. what
  5. 5. (because knowledge is a subtractive process)
  6. 6. the traditional consulting (applaud when it’s over)
  7. 7. why consultants are despised (don’t applaud when it’s over)
  8. 8. expert consulting output driven co: getting business / billables cl: reports and recommendations
  9. 9. expert consulting gratiae salutaris
  10. 10. value consulting (based) value drivenco: keeping the business / relationships cl: knowledge and capabilities
  11. 11. value consulting (based)is an approach built on the foundationsof relational consulting with an aim of delivering long-term value and not short-term outputs
  12. 12. the revolutionary consulting (applaud if you want to)
  13. 13. relational consulting drawing out and leveraging on clientexpertise to get unconditional buy*infrom people whose courage is required to implement changes
  14. 14. ask, don’t tell
  15. 15. who’s the real expert?
  16. 16. have faith, and be trusted
  17. 17. transform, don’t teach
  18. 18. learn and innovate, always
  19. 19. the true value of consulting (applaud, yay!)
  20. 20. developing discoveringknowledge and capabilities
  21. 21. a code to guide your thoughts and your actions (my philosophy)consulting principles
  22. 22. #1success starts with the customers. my success is a function of theirs. #2 the more I learn, the better i can serve my customers. #3 never lose the trust others place in principles
  23. 23. #4 customers may not always be right, but they have rights. #5 growth is the function of knowledge sharing. #6 a solution wants to be found, you are just not trying hard principles
  24. 24. #7we cannot solve problems using the same kind of thinking we had when we created them.* #8 we, consultants should act as coaches so when we leave the knowledge stays with the business.* * source: @PEXNetworkconsulting principles
  25. 25. value consulting =(relational consulting * delivering value)
  26. 26. questionsdiscussions feedback grazie!
  27. 27. keep in touch?