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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?


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Chinese herbal medicine is used for thousands of years. It can treat several health conditions and has a lot of advantages as opposed to pharmaceutical products.

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What is Chinese Herbal Medicine?

  1. 1. Chinese herbal medicine is a part of an integrated system of primary health care called Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has a history of being developed thousands of years before in China and other areas of East Asia.
  2. 2. Today, more than 450 substances are used as Chinese herbal remedies. Most of these medicines are made from plants. However, there are even some, which are made from animal and mineral substances.
  3. 3. Chinese herbal medicines are prescribed either singly or made into formulae which take into account the individual therapeutic action of each herb as well as the effects when combined together. As the condition of individual change and improve with the treatment, herbs are even adjusted as Chinese well as modified until the preferred health condition is achieved.
  4. 4. There are a number of health conditions that Chinese herbal medicine can treat:  Fatigue  Insomnia  Diarrhea  Constipation  Chronic headaches  Common cold  Allergies  Anxiety  Stress  Depression  Skin disorders  Painful menstruation  Menstruation  Prostate disorders  Infertility and many more
  5. 5. The pharmaceutical companies think that synthetic drugs are more effective than Chinese herbal medicine but in actuality, they are not. The synthetic drugs have side effects. The Chinese herbs act as more powerful medicines; they are even less toxic and at times achieve results, which are impossible with the synthetic drugs.
  6. 6. There are a number of advantages of Chinese herbal medicine as opposed to pharmaceutical products  Widespread availability  Little or no side effects  Available at a lower price  Treats the root and not the symptoms
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