Exploring Big Data value for your business


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Slides from our webinar on "Exploring Big Data value for your business."

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Exploring Big Data value for your business

  1. 1. Business value from Big Data
  2. 2. Agenda• What’s Big Data?• Why now?• Why care?• Key technologies• How can I get started?
  3. 3. Agenda• What’s Big Data?• Why now?• Why care?• Key technologies• How can I get started?
  4. 4. What’s Big Data?• Volume• Velocity• Variety• Value
  5. 5. Large datasets
  6. 6. Challenge 40% 5% Growth of IT spending per year Growth of datagenerated per year Source: McKinsey
  7. 7. Maybe Big Data is...• When any of volume, velocity, variety, value (cost?) becomes a problem• When new use cases emerge, new things become possible, because of new data sources
  8. 8. For example US cell Items shared Smart meter updates Social media readings 2015600B/day 4B/day 29B/day
  9. 9. Agenda• What’s Big Data?• Why now?• Why care?• Key technologies• How can I get started?
  10. 10. Why now?
  11. 11. Cost per gigabyte 1000 $569 100 $ per GB 10 1 $0.13 1992 1994 1996 1998 2000 2002 2004 2006 2008Source: Deloitte
  12. 12. Guess what?
  13. 13. Disruptive innovation
  14. 14. Agenda• What’s Big Data?• Why now?• Why care?• Key technologies• How can I get started?
  15. 15. Why care?“Companies that can harness big data will trample data incompetents” The Economist, May 26th 2011
  16. 16. Why care - take 2• The competition will do it (and you’ll get fired)• Competitive advantage to be gained by doing it well (you get promoted)• It’s not hard to get started (no need for huge investment)
  17. 17. What are we looking for?• Data / Information• Insights• Actionable intelligence
  18. 18. Agenda• What’s Big Data?• Why now?• Why care?• Key technologies• How can I get started?
  19. 19. DatabasesA Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks Tedd Codd, CACM, June 1970 Image: IBM
  20. 20. Big = Slow? Throughput Throughput: records/ms falls as datasets get larger 0 25 50 75 100 Records (in millions)Source: Gerard Maas, http://www.gerardmaas.net/2011/06/bigdata-on-rdbms
  21. 21. Scale-out versus Scale-up21
  22. 22. Hadoop• Great for unstructured data or arbitrary queries• MapReduce framework for distributed compute• Tools now making it accessible• Still essentially a batch processing system
  23. 23. What about real-time?
  24. 24. Use cases• Tracking trending topics on social media• Network and infrastructure monitoring• Web and ad analytics dashboard and platforms• Real-time A-B testing• User profiling
  25. 25. NOSQL Voldemort
  26. 26. No “one size fits all”• Column DBs and Key-Value stores P• Document databases• Graph databases C A
  27. 27. Questions to ask• Who uses it?• Who can support it? Where are they?• How does it scale? Perform?• Maturity, both DB and tool ecosystem
  28. 28. Changing economics XDR XDR metadata metadata Oracle NetApp 30 x $3k Dell servers 30 days of SMS 1/5th TCO of alternativesAt capacity ceiling Cost grows predictably
  29. 29. Agenda• What’s Big Data?• Why now?• Why care?• What’s the new technology good for?• How can I get started?
  30. 30. Start small• Identify data sources• Look at capabilities• Run experiments, PoCs
  31. 31. Data sources Web, SCM, Retail Location Services Infra Monitoring Smart Metering Oil/Gas Sensors Ad Marketplaces Fraud Detection Social Media31
  32. 32. Capabilities • Open source, supported, or “packaged” solution? • How do “commodity” servers fit your infrastructure? • Don’t rule out Cloud deployments to get quick answers32
  33. 33. Acunu Discover the Potential of Real Time Big Data with Acunu Activate Acunu Reflex Makes Big Data results easy, economic and fast Every CIO, Architect and Analyst knows of existing data with huge untapped potential within their organisation. Zero to Big Data Hero Evolving Big Data technologies provide new paths to revenue with both customers and prospects. Build a Big Data database cluster on commodity hardware in hours, not days. $ Acunu partners with you to deliver competitive advantage by capturing data and exploring its benefits. You’ll validate the value of Big Data by building real applications and dashboards to drive new value for your business. “ Key business andmanagement and processing landscape. traditional data technology trends are disrupting the Save Money versus Open Source Alternatives At the outset, we work with you to identify and develop use Data analysis is increasingly being viewed as a Save up to 60% on hardware and operation costs. competitive advantage. An increasingly sensor-enabled cases and areas where Big Data tools could be utilised to add and instrumented business environment is generating huge significant business value. We work with you to recommend z z z Database lag getting you down? solutions architectures for your specific use cases. volumes of data… Traditional IT infrastructure is simply ” zz not able to meet the demands of this new situation. We then deploy Acunu Reflex in your own data center or in the cloud and can include Apache Hadoop for investigative work and -Gartner Milliseconds turning into minutes? Acunu Analytics for real-time decision support. Once the software is installed, we work with you to integrate, capture and store sources of data from inside your organisation. We provide hands-on assistance to help you showcase the business value of your data through live proof-of-concept applications. You’ll get results quickly, with successive iterations delivering What is Acunu Reflex? ongoing value. As a result, you gain an understanding of Big Data’s transformative capability through working Easy Acunu provides an integrated suite of technologies to support rapid development and deployment of demonstrations and have a clear route to deliver that competitive advantage to your business. your Big Data applications. Getting started is easy with a single, fast installation, handling all the details usually associated with OS tuning, storage optimization, database integration and management. This alleviates the complexity of NoSQL development, deployment and support. The platform is flexible and scalable, providing simple, one click deployment. Scale linearly with ease and deploy across numerous machines within a data center or across a globally distributed public or private cloud. Workshops Structure & Planning Ecosystem of Expertise Acunu Specialist delivers A dedicated Project Lead will Acunu’s Big Data expertise is workshops and provides keep the project on track complemented through our on-demand consulting to enable your development team through kickoff, reviews and regular calls. Progressively, partners. Together we will build your own Big Data ecosystem. Economic to build Big Data applications. we’ll help you plan next steps. Acunu’s subscription base pricing model insures continuous value, skipping charges for non-production deployment, so you can defer technology expenses until your application goes into production. Acunu provides the NoSQL domain expertise you need, reducing your technology deployment costs without compromising your data security. The platform is architected to store significantly more data per node A Comprehensive Big Data Discovery Package than competing technologies with a focus on reducing both your initial hardware and operational costs over time. Acunu’s support for commodity hardware and large capacity disks further reduces your costs. Deployment Data Source Integration Support & Training Fast We deploy Acunu’s database We work with you to integrate We deliver hands on training and storage software, complete sources of log, clickstream, on the Acunu Reflex Acunu provides a suite of products focused on bringing you the performance your Big Data applications with management tools, to sensor, monitoring or similar infrastructure to your demand. Whether it’s a globally distributed database, millions to billions of records, tremendous amounts your own hardware or to data into Acunu Reflex. operations staff, and provide of machine generated data or managing millions of active users, Acunu provides you with real time Amazon’s public cloud. support throughout the project. results. Acunu has the professional services and support to get your applications up and running in the shortest possible time. Acunu leverages best in class open source solutions, adding additional management and performance technology to accelerate your Big Data results.33
  34. 34. www.acunu.com @acunuApache, Apache Cassandra, Cassandra, Hadoop, and the eye andelephant logos are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.