Why You Should Expand Your Business With Web


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The concept of business has been changed radically since the advent of web. People prefer doing business over internet. We state why they are absolutely on the right way.

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Why You Should Expand Your Business With Web

  1. 1. Why Business with Web a macro glance Presented by: www.acumensofttech.com
  2. 2. Why opt for web presence?In the present days of globalization, its time to get in touch with the worldwide Businessmarket to become an universal business entity and roaming through the universal set ofconsumers. Your website gives you the online identity to the global market and helpsyou to reach to prospective customers 24 hours, 365 days a year.More and more people these days are using the internet as a first post of call because ofits convenience and to save time. Customers and the general public almost expect that acompany has a web site. If people want information on a product or service, they arenow saying, "I think they have a web site, Ill check that out first.“A web-site can play an integral part of your companies promotional and marketingstrategy. It also makes a powerful statement about your business, showing that youhave planned for the future by securing your on-line presence today.Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  3. 3. Have a Website … add pace to your Business• BRANDING of your business, service or products to millions of potential customers through CASE STUDIES, BLOG, TESTIMONIALS in your website. Having a web site can increase your sales as your business now has an extra outlet for taking orders.• Your business can ADVERTISE and PUBLICIZE on the internet 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and update with your LATEST NEWS or prices much EASIER and CHEAPER than print based media and link your web site with other advertising campaigns to create BRAND AWARENESS.• Web sites make it easier for customers to do BUSINESS with you. These customers can be global or local.• Compete with other companies in your market area.• Place your web site address on your business card to ENHANCE YOUR BRAND VALUE.• You can use your web site to NETWORK with other companies and build better BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS, locally and around the world.Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  4. 4. How to get a Website?The Web is the most comprehensive, cost effective communication tool there has everbeen. To get a web interface of own, you need to fulfill some basic requirements:BASIC NEEDS:• Website Preparation & Planning• Navigation & Information• Domain Name• Content Management• Website Maintenance• Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing• Usability & AccessibilityA GOOD WEBSITE REQUIRED TO BE:• Easily found• Easy and interesting to use• Well structured• Visually appealing• Well aware of what it is trying to communicate and to whom Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  5. 5. Web Development vs. Web Application Web site Web application A web site is like a foundation and can A web application serves a specific include several web applications in it’s function such a shopping cart or a own server space. blogging application. The entire collection of web pages and An application that is delivered using other information (such as images, Internet and meets one or more sound, and video files, etc.) that are conditions . made available through what appears to users . You can create static website with a Web application is made up of lots of number of pages anytime. dynamic pages with highly interactivity and according to business logic.Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. Step in with Mobile TechnologyThe fast-paced growth in the mobile phone technology has caused an enormous changein the field of web development. The current era of phones provide the convenience ofbrowsing the internet in addition to making phone calls at the click of the button. Thisadvancement in mobile phone technology has greatly influenced the online businesses.Android, iPhone, iPad are the mobile devices and technologies which are nowadays mostfor offering web platform. Advantages of Mobile Web Technology at a glance: • A well developed mobile website can mean an increased range of web visitors. • Developing for mobile can expand a brand and product beyond it’s website. • A business targeting people on the move, will most likely pick up business with good mobile web development.Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  7. 7. Branding with Social MediaSocial networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. have revolutionized howpeople transact businesses. For a business the following advantages can be achievedthrough integrating social networking sites to it’s website and at the same timemaintaining social media profiles:• Establish a Brand and raise awareness• Spy on the competition• Bring attention to your products• Listen to your customer’s opinion• Increase customer loyalty and trust• Video and Slide presentation to attract customers•Conduct market research• Build your personal reputation• Display your expertise and capability• Enhance business contacts and enhance personal relationships• Share information with like-minded peopleAcumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  8. 8. Internet Marketing & Search Engine OptimizationSearch engine optimization is a long term online marketing process that but has extremelybeneficial results. These positive results have seen a rapid increase in the number ofbusinesses, which are now concentrating a huge portion of their marketing budget tofighting for the top position in search engines.ADVANTAGES:• Improve rankings in web search results• Leads to more visibility, leading to more business as customers typically buys from acompany which comes up top in the list.• Figures out ‘key words’, potential customers might use to search what the website isoffering.• Brand awareness• Low cost & high value• Traffic generator• Increase revenue Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
  9. 9. Get Web … Go Green "Go green" has become a very popular slogan in the marketplace. The phrase refers to sustainability and taking steps to protect and preserve the environment. Getting web enabled business not only helps in terms of marketing and technical perspective, but also there will be a contribution to the environment and ecology by ensuring a paperless business world. Advantages of going green with web are: • Saving money • Saving physical as well as financial health • Conserve natural resource • Builds good will and represents a competitive advantage as many consumers consciously select products and businesses based on how environmentally friendly they are.Acumen Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.
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