For The Betterment of Your Social Network Sites


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Social Networking and social media is now become a household thing. Social media has a very impressive impact on the SEO and Web Marketing. We propose here some additional features that can add value to the concept of social networking.

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For The Betterment of Your Social Network Sites

  1. 1. A Study onSocial Network Sites Ashim Saha & Suman Chanda Free Powerpoint Templates
  2. 2. What is Social Network? Your social network is group of people whom youYour connection could be: know … they are your connections.- Your Friend- Your Family Member- Your Client- Your Fan Acumen Consultancy Services
  3. 3. So What Social Network Site Does? They help you bring your social network under a common platform by declaring or establishing connection to your buddy. This is both way handshake and both the parties should express consent that they know each other. Acumen Consultancy Services
  4. 4. But What About Fans?Yes, for fans no consent is required and fans can followsomeone without permissions. Acumen Consultancy Services
  5. 5. What’s Next… Well you are connected but what next?What else you can do with your network? Acumen Consultancy Services
  6. 6. Here is what you get… Acumen Consultancy Services
  7. 7. Can Update Your Profile That Others Read…  Your personal details  Your education history  Your professional experience  Your contact information  What you like (book, music, etc.)  What you are looking for  What you have to provide Acumen Consultancy Services
  8. 8. You can read posting from your Celebrity Celebrity can tweet And their fans read those tweets Acumen Consultancy Services
  9. 9. Can share experience with Connections… Can share photo/album Can share video/album Can share links from Youtube, Vimeo Can write public status message Can comment/like on anything that is shared Acumen Consultancy Services
  10. 10. Can Invite People in Event  You can create event  Invite people in event  Send RSVP and join event Acumen Consultancy Services
  11. 11. Form Groups…  Can create group  Can invite others in group  Can join group (if invited or permission is granted)  Can post in group  Can comment on others post Acumen Consultancy Services
  12. 12. Discuss in Forums…  Can create discussion in forum  Can comment on discussion Acumen Consultancy Services
  13. 13. Communicate via Private Messaging…  Can compose message and send to individual  Got Inbox  Got Sent Items Acumen Consultancy Services
  14. 14. Chat with Connections…  Can send and receive instant message  Can set online status Acumen Consultancy Services
  15. 15. Recommend people… Can recommend someone as friend Can recommend someone service as client Acumen Consultancy Services
  16. 16. Grow your social network and presence… See friends of friends Search for professional Connect to new people Import contacts and invite Acumen Consultancy Services
  17. 17. So many things are happening…Which ‘pages’ should I go see what is going around.. Acumen Consultancy Services
  18. 18. Our Answer is Wall !  Yes this is your wall / known as timeline that speaks about whatever you do  There is another wall that is know as news feed that shows all your friends activity  Wall is so robust that you can interact with most of the items on the wall itself.  This is the page where user stays most of the time Acumen Consultancy Services
  19. 19. What You Should Not Forget …  Providing a social network platform alone is not enough to sustain in the market  Your platform should support the following  It should support API integration for other third party services  More third party site integration means more user interact with your site  It should support targeted advertisement system as well  Also auto spam protection should be in place  Privacy and visibility permission is equally important Acumen Consultancy Services
  20. 20. So, shall we invest in developing a social network site … It depends on following factors that decide your success possibility  User experience  Spam protection  Service oriented  Targeted Advertisement  API for third party development like Games and Services  How do you bring first 1000 users Acumen Consultancy Services
  21. 21. Advanced Features… We propose following features for betterment of your social network site…. Acumen Consultancy Services
  22. 22. Connect whom you know…The concept is that any body can send invitation to anybody.But to accept the request you have to type in the persons firstname or last name. Acumen Consultancy Services
  23. 23. Ask people who may know…Ask question to theglobal communityand specify who cananswer yourquestion. Forexample people froma particular works oflife or person from aspecific geographicallocation or personwho like a particulartopic (music, booketc.) Acumen Consultancy Services
  24. 24. Celebrity Messaging … Write to your celebrity for a payment. Celebrity will get only top bided message in a day and if does not reply money back is guaranteed. Celebrity donate for charity. Acumen Consultancy Services
  25. 25. More Interaction Means More Points… More you interact with the site more point you earn. Your point is displayed in your profile to mark it as active one. Search result also brings you on top of others. Acumen Consultancy Services
  26. 26. These are just a few that you can explore and can there by enhance the user experience and hence your site’s popularity & business growth. In coming days more social network sites will immerge and prevailing one will enhance itself.Social network is your life and services would always like to exploit this channel to reach to their customers in smarter and effective way. Acumen Consultancy Services
  27. 27. Thank You