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Tobii Customercase Cardiff University 03092010 Web


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A recent case study looking at how nystagmus sufferers read text. Study done using a T60XL Tobii eye tracker and Tobii Studio software.

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Tobii Customercase Cardiff University 03092010 Web

  1. 1. Ophthalmology Widescreen eye tracking opens up new & eye tracking avenues of vision research The Tobii T60 XL provides a non-invasive technique to study eye movements and eye movement deficits. The wide, high-resolution screen provides an enhanced opportunity to present naturalistic as well as eccentric stimuli and longer pursuit trajectories. In addition, the display more closely fills a subject’s field of view. EYE TRACKING RESEARCH Customer The School of Optometry & Vision Sciences, Cardiff Background Because the system is completely non­ University Maggie Woodhouse & Jon Erichsen at the invasive and measures vertical as well as School of Optometry & Vision Sciences at horizontal eye movements, experiments Cardiff University conduct research to concerning how people do everyday tasks Objectives better understand eye movements and eye like reading or looking at complex images The research aims to acquire movement problems, and to develop means can be carried out much more straightfor­ a better understanding of eye of diagnosing problems in clinical situations. wardly. A particular strength of the T60 XL movements and eye move­ The research involves studying eye move­ Eye Tracker is the ease with which it can ment deficits such as ment deficits such as nystagmus and determine gaze direction (i.e. where a sub­ nystagmus, and to developing strabismus (squint), clinical evaluation of ject is looking) in real time. means of diagnosing eye movement control, and validation of problems in clinical situations. tests supposedly detecting tracking The figures below illustrate how differently a difficulties. person with nystagmus reads as compared Tools & methods to a normal subject. The Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker Visual performance in people with has enhanced the researchers’ opportunity to nystagmus For many years, the Cardiff Research Unit collect eye movement data in for Nystagmus (R.U.N.) has been studying various projects. eye movements of people with an early onset, continuous horizontal oscillation of Results their eyes that impairs their vision. Eye In recent years, a number of tracking has allowed researchers to quantify discoveries have been made, the dynamics of these eye movements and dispelling anecdotal theories how they are affected by such environ­ and identifying key factors in mental influences as stressful situations. visual problems experienced Gaze plot from a person with nystagmus. by people who suffer from Until acquiring the Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker, nystagmus. For a list of these measurements could only be publications, please visit achieved by the use of equipment that had to be placed on the head, limiting the range of eye movements that can be tested. The researchers hope to be able to present new findings The widescreen Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker on clinical evaluation of eye makes it much easier to present eccentric movement properties in stimuli to investigate size and frequency of children in 2010. eye movements (in people with nystagmus affected by the orientation of the eyes in the head). Gaze plot from a normal subject. “We are finding the Tobii systems very easy to use and very patient friendly. The Tobii T60 XL is going to allow us to extend our research to hard-to-test groups such as children, and to explore avenues of research that were simply not open to us beforehand, such as non-invasive recording of eye movements in all directions simultaneously.” Maggie Woodhouse & Jon Erichsen, Senior Lecturers, School of Optometry & Vision Sciences, Cardiff University
  2. 2. About the customer The hypothesis is that, when distracters are Why Tobii? Tobii_Customercase_Cardiff University_03092010._USENG present and/or instructions are given at the “For the evaluation of eye movement control Name: The School of Optometry & outset and not reinforced during tracking, in a clinical setting, it is essential that non­ eye movement will be haphazard and invasive techniques can be used which do Vision Sciences, Cardiff University tracking ability will appear poor. When dis­ not interfere with normal eye movements as Web: tracters are removed and instructions rein­ the subject responds to visual stimulation. location: Cardiff, Wales, UK forced in a child­friendly way, tracking will The Tobii T60 XL is both non­invasive and industry: Academic research improve. very easy to use,” says Maggie Wood­ house, Senior Lecturer at the School of The School of Optometry & Vision Studies of children with suspected tracking Optometry & Vision Sciences, Cardiff Sciences is a world­class vision difficulties will be carried out to answer the University. questions. A Tobii T60 XL Eye Tracker will research organization that has been be used for stimuli presentation and “We have shown proof of principle with the rated as excellent in the latest recording eye movement data, which will T60 XL Eye Tracker that studies involving government assessment. Their eye then be analyzed for the degree of tracking young children are possible with only limited movement and special needs units are precision and consistency. head restraint. Most other eye tracking dedicated to the better understanding systems are not child friendly, involving the of eye movements and eye movement user wearing a headset, etc, and it is un­ difficulties, and to developing means likely that a child’s eye movement behaviour of diagnosing problems in clinical would be ‘normal’ in such a situation. situations, particularly with children ”The remarkably simple set­up of the Tobii and people with limited communi­ T60 Eye Tracker means that an experiment cation skills. can be underway quickly and, for example, a young child is much more likely to remain relaxed. The widescreen display is appeal­ ing and captures their attention, making the entire situation much more natural and likely Clinical evaluation of eye to generate meaningful data about visual movement control in children capabilities. Other research aims to improve clinical evaluation of eye movement properties, The Tobii T60 Eye Tracker does not require “The wider screen of the T60 XL Eye such as eye following (smooth pursuit) placing any equipment on the head. Tracker also provides an enhanced oppor­ movements. In a recently initiated study that tunity to present eccentric stimuli and/or focuses specifically on children, eye track­ longer pursuit trajectories. One of the more ing will be used to answer the following Why Eye Tracking? exciting aspects of the system is the ability questions: People make numerous eye movements to examine eye movement behaviour using • How reliable are current clinical tests for throughout the day, accomplishing a variety naturalistic stimuli in the clinic. evaluating eye movement control in of important visual tasks like reading, track­ children? ing moving objects, compensating for head “The Tobii T60 XL is supplied with • What impact do the surroundings and the and body movements, or simply looking Tobii Studio, which is excellent software instructions have on a child’s ability to around to take in the world around them. for display and analysis, and this is also track a moving object in a clinical setting? With the right equipment, these eye move­ used by the research team”, says ments can be quantified and analyzed, Maggie Woodhouse. telling us a great deal about how people use their eyes, what they look at, and in­ deed, what they can see. To find out how eye tracking can improve your research, please visit or contact one of our offices. EMEA North AMEricA ASiA cENtrAl EuropE Tobii Technology AB Tobii Technology, Inc. Tobii Technology, Ltd. Tobii Technology GmbH Karlsrovägen 2D 510 N. Washington Street 3­4­13 Takanawa, Minato­ku Niedenau 45 S­182 53 Danderyd Suite 200 ­ Falls Church, Tokyo 108­0074 D­60325 Frankfurt am Main Sweden VA 22046 ­ USA Japan Germany +46 8 663 69 90 Phone +1­703­738­1300 Phone +81­3­5793­3316 Phone +49 69 24 75 03 40 Phone +46 8 30 14 00 Fax +1­888­898­6244 Phone +81­3­5793­3317 Fax +49 69 24 75 03 429 Fax +1­703­738­1313 Fax