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SugarCRM Professional edition & dotBase services fact sheet

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SugarCRM Professional edition

  1. 1. Product OverviewSugar ProfessionalGain and Retain More Customerswith Sugar Professional: Flexible,Intuitive, and Open CRM Lovedby Businesses WorldwideGet CRM that Works the Way You WorkSugar Professional organises sales, marketing, and support information in a single application that keeps CRMsimple. It’s easy to use and easy to modify. Sugar’s intuitive interface doesn’t disrupt your business processesand guarantees easy adoption by your team members. The road warriors on your team can access all vitalcustomer information from the award-winning Sugar Mobile application. Discover for yourself why, according toa recent Gartner study, Sugar is one of the top 3 CRM applications in the world.Boost Team Productivity and Focus on Sales SuccessSugar Professional automates everyday, repetitive sales tasks, so your salespeople can spend more time infront of customers—closing more business—and less time on administrative overhead. Your team will love usingSugar and your customers will love how your sales team’s keen insight enables them to tailor their sales effortsto your customer’s needs.Use the Open CRM Solution that Grows with Your BusinessAward-winning Sugar Professional is recognized for the ease-of-use and flexibility of its open architecture. Itadapts easily to your unique or changing business processes: alter the look and feel of the application, addcustom fields or modules, integrate with third-party or legacy systems. Sugar Professional is CRM without limits.
  2. 2. Expand Sales, Enhance Marketing, and Engage Customers Make CRM easy and Increase Sales Improve Internal and intuitive Effectiveness and External Collaboration Performance • Integrate with social media Monitor sales, marketing, • Reduce sales effort with including Facebook, and support repeatable processes Twitter, LinkedIn • Make the sales cycle shorter and • Schedule, start, or join online Configure and extend meetings directly from Sugar more efficient easily to meet changing • Archive email and files related needs • Automate sales reporting and revenue forecasting to accounts, contacts, leads, opportunities, and cases Access anywhere: from Turn Customer Support the Web or mobile devices Grow Your Business with into Customer Satisfaction Sugar’s Open Platform Within a • Improve customer service quality and consistency • Run Sugar anywhere: in the few weeks • Handle support cases quickly cloud or behind your firewall of rolling and efficiently • Own and control your data in your own database out Sugar • Diagnose bugs, share knowledge, and track customer • Integrate with other applications and data sources through open Professional, issues APIs we were able to realize the benefits. It’s changed the way we do Access SugarCRM business. data on the go with Sugar Dave Wilson Mobile. Director of Technology, University Readers, Inc.2 Sugar Professional
  3. 3. Get your FREE TRIAL of Sugar Professional at or call +1.877.842.7276 One of the things we love about Sugar Professional is that it is so intuitive. You can tell this was designed Monitor lead sources and see the impact of by sales marketing expenditures on demand generation. people who understand Automate and Measure Boost Efficiency of Mobile Marketing Programs Teams what I need to • Capture leads with Web-to-lead • Provide current customer make my job forms information any time, in any location easier. • Track and measure lead flow and Martin Umeh distribution • Access Sugar from any Regional Sales Manager smartphone or tablet Control Technology Corp. • Create, execute, and track campaigns across multiple • Give management real-time channels access to remote sales data SugarCRMSugar Professional 3
  4. 4. SugarCRMCustomer relationship management CRM softwarefor business. In the cloud, online, on demand, onsite -the best sales, email and mobile CRM Route des Acacias 25 1227 Geneva • Switzerland +41 22 301 07 07 dotBase is an 11 years old company based in10050 North Wolfe Road | SW2-130 Geneva, and deserves international and localCupertino, CA 95014 companies and organizations. We provide a full range of Business Solutions andT: 408.454.6900 | F: 408.873.2872 SugarCRM professional services: BusinessSugarCRM Deutschland GmbH analysis; Installation and setup;Erika-Mann-Strasse 53 | 80636 Munich | Germany Implementation advices; Customizations andT: +49 (0) 89 1 89 17 20 | F: +49 (0) 89 1 89 17 21 50 extensions; Integration with third party tions (ERP, e-commerce, accounting, CMS, etc); Training and change management; Hosting; Long term support and maintenance.Copyright © 2012 SugarCRM, Inc.All rights reserved. SugarCRM and the SugarCRMlogo are registered trademarks of SugarCRM, the United States, the European Union and othercountries. All other trademarks are the properties oftheir respective companies.