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Jane Austen's Persuasion | Stage Play | Adapted by Jennifer Le Blanc, Preview Kit


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Jane Austen's Persuasion, adapted by Jennifer Le Blanc. One of Jennifer's first fully produced stage adaptations which won awards in 2013. Info:

First Produced by San Jose Stage Company in April 2013. The rights for this script are available for negotiation.

Further information can be found at & like it over at and follow at !

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Jane Austen's Persuasion | Stage Play | Adapted by Jennifer Le Blanc, Preview Kit

  1. 1. JaneAusten’s Persuasion Adaptedby JenniferLeBlanc
  2. 2. Jane Austen’s PERSUASION Adaptation by JENNIFER LE BLANC Originally produced by – San Jose Stage Company Randall King,Artistic Director Cathleen King, Executive Director World Premiere opened at –The Stage San Jose, California April 3, 2013 Directed by Kenneth Kelleher Produced by AcaciaTheatre Company Mequon,WI Janet Peterson, Artistic Director Open: July 9-22nd, 2014 Directed byTim Rebers
  3. 3. Press & Awards “Slyly adapted by playwright Jennifer Le Blanc, Persuasion rings with Austen’s customary elegance and wit, the spirit of independent thinking that made her one of the greatest novelists of her day.” – Karen D’Souza, San Jose Mercury News “The play is very faithful to the novel, […] Austen’s characters seem so perfectly suited to the stage, it’s a wonder we don’t see as many theatrical productions of her work as we do film and television versions.” – Sean Conwell, San “It also includes Le Blanc's adaptation, which splices Austen's superbly controlled, free-indirect speech with characters' own voices, deftly passing the narrative baton among them in a way that advances the story without feeling stilted.” – Mike Fischer, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 2013 SiliconValley SmallTheatre Awards – Artsalot Standout New Works: Persuasion San Jose Stage Company Photos by Dave Lepori The script fluidly combines direct address and dialogue to keep the audience abreast of the characters’ locations and intricate social and familial ties. – Selena Milewski, Milwaukee Express
  4. 4. Audience There are no more tickets available online.
  5. 5. Playwright & Actor /PersuasionStagePlay “[…] locals may recall the excellent 2011 production of Sense and Sensibility by TheatreWorks as one such triumph. With San Jose Stage’s Persuasion, a version written by local actress Jennifer Le Blanc, who appeared as Elinor Dashwood in the aforementioned Sense and Sensibility, there’s a definite sense that the torch has been passed.” – Sean Conwell, San Photo by Gregg Le Blanc
  6. 6. Recent Coverage… American Theatre Magazine, Oct 2013 – Chad Jones “Jenn is just so lovely and so nice,” Gunderson adds, “but she comes to rehearsal, and she’s ready and aware and vigilant.” […] Gunderson recalls that audition […] “… She leads with undeniable talent.You could tell she was thinking faster than anyone in the room. She didn’t tell me until two weeks into rehearsals that she was, for a while, a biochemistry major. …” Now thatGunderson and Le Blanc have formed a solid writer-actor bond, Gunderson has said, only half-joking, that she wants Le Blanc “in everything of mine, if I can help it.” […] The reunion will occur on the occasion of Silent Sky, slated for Palo Alto– basedTheatreWorks in January. Le Blanc will play the older sister of astronomer Henrietta Leavitt in Gunderson’s dramatic blend of science, history and romance. […] San Jose Mercury News, June 2013 – Lou Francher “One of the reasons I love acting is that it's an opportunity to practice compassion. You spend your life playing another character.You have to find humanity, even in an evil villain,” she says. […] "It was a wonderful opportunity, figuring out distinct characters who are also the same people -- that's rare," she says. Also rare is her work with the Arabian Shakespeare Festival. Officially founded in January 2013, but dating back to 2010, the Santa Clara company is involved in a pilot program with the UnitedArab Emirates University in Al Ain. "In 2012, I went with two other actors to workshop Shakespeare withArabic women," LeBlanc explains. "It was life changing." [full article]… before she heads into rehearsals for Silent Sky, she’ll be working with the San Francisco–based Arabian Shakespeare Festival on A Message by Kuwaiti playwright Hussain Al Musalam. [full article] Photo by Gregg Le Blanc
  7. 7. Cerimon House Photos by Gregg Le Blanc Photos by Trav Williams
  8. 8. thankyou /PersuasionStagePlay @PersuasionPlay Twelfth Night, Pacific Repertory - Photo by Gregg Le Blanc