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When Marketing Met Customer Success


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In eras past, a CMO's job was often limited to the creation and handoff of leads; the pipeline took priority. These days, her responsibilities are broader: generating leads as she did before, but growing brand awareness in the process, while also retaining and evangelizing customers as advocates and impacting the bottom line. CMOs everywhere now have a larger part to play in the customer lifecycle, and as they step into this expanded role, it's critical they embrace a key partner in the customer experience: the CCO. In this presentation, Act-On's Matt Zelen dispels the myths of the partnership, demonstrating that CMOs and CCOs are more friends than foes, natural allies and collaborators, and the new, necessary power couple of the enterprise.

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When Marketing Met Customer Success

  1. 1. When Marketing Met Customer Success (How the CMO + CCO Boost Adoption as Today’s Power Couple)
  2. 2. MATT ZELEN Chief Customer Officer Act-On Software
  3. 3. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Looking Back.... KEY PRIORITIES • Increasing sales pipe (campaigns & events) • Building brand awareness (online, AR/PR etc.) • Supporting the sales cycle (funnel-mapped content, customer case studies) For the CMO, B2B marketing activity was primarily focused on lead gen & nurturing Customers? Maybe. Prospects? Definitely.
  4. 4. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Then, a Few Seismic Shifts... Annual subscription based pricing models meant that B2B companies had to focus not only on acquiring new customers, but on keeping them happy. THE CLOUD CX THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER PEER TO PEER B2C marketers focused on personalizing engagement and experiences across multi-point, complex customer journeys, which influenced B2B buying cycles and behaviors. Customers disrupted the B2B sales cycle by exchanging experiences with each other via social channels before engaging with a marketing offer or salesperson.
  5. 5. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY New Player Comes on to the Scene KEY PRIORITIES • Retain and grow profitable customers • Increase customer satisfaction • Provide a consistent and customer-centric experience across touchpoints • Enable a consolidated customer view throughout the organization Enter the CCO Today, that gets a CMO’s attention: “Hey, I LIKE this guy!”
  6. 6. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY When Marketing Met Customer Success It’s time to expand the focus of B2B engagement to the entire customer relationship, including loyalty and retention, which are not traditional priorities for B2B marketers. B2B LOYALTY TO THE B2C WAY, 2015
  7. 7. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY The C-Suite’s New Power Couple • Drive Adoption & Value: One- to-many training, adoption, renewal & upsell programs • Drive Engagement: Online communities, live & virtual events • Drive Loyalty: Converting customers into brand advocates (NPS, reference programs) CMO BUT HOW DO YOU BRING THESE TWO TOGETHER? CCO A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN TO:
  8. 8. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Marketing & Customer Success Alignment at Act- On The right engagement, with the right customer, at the right time PURCHASE ONBOARDING GROWTH RENEWAL Welcome campaign CUSTOMER DATA | INTELLIGENCE & SEGMENTING | AUTOMATED CAMPAIGNS | COMMUNITY & SUPPORT Online training engagement Community engagement Advocacy program onramp Re-engagement campaigns Product adoption training & campaigns Advisory boards & user groups NPS surveys & promoter appreciation Reinforcement campaigns & activities (ROI studies, market leadership, awards) Upsell campaigns
  9. 9. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Act-On & Totango: Working Together Putting Behavioral Campaigns into Action 1. RESEARCH 2. CREATE 4. MEASURE 3. DELIVER Identify leading indicators Determine timing Craft message/CTA Launch campaigns Measure against goals Refine & optimize Build the journey Validate Identify pain points Determine visibility methods Evaluate available tools
  10. 10. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Business Impact after 6 Weeks Base grew by 12% “Good” Health grew by 34% Campaign Performance Re-Engagement Campaign Interaction Automation Jumpstart of targeted users within 3 weeks of targeted users within 2 weeks of targeted users within 1 week 31% 1% of targeted users within 8 weeks 29% 48% DIFFICULT DIFFICULT EASYMEDIUMMEDIUM 4 MONTHS 5 MONTHS 6 MONTHS 7 MONTHS TRIGGERED 1% Boost Outbound of targeted users within 2 days
  11. 11. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Campaign Dashboard • Targeting Users Not Logged in for 30 days • Goal set to record “Login” after receiving email • Achieving 47-50% achievement to goal attainment • Email encourages Training, Login, Best Practices, or Create a Success Plan • 155 unique logins and 148 accounts
  12. 12. PRODUCED BYPRODUCED BY Next: Driving Success Across the Organization Behavioral Campaigns Customer SuccessSALES ACCOUNT MARKETING CSG