Tools and Techniques for Sourcing New Leads


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Tools and Techniques for Sourcing New Leads

  1. 1. Introduction:“Tools and Techniques for Sourcing New Leads” Ryan Goodin Brandon Contreras Diligent Brands Act-On Software
  2. 2. Introduction:You Need Leads!• Leads are the lifeblood of your business• Sales is a numbers game
  3. 3. Intro:How Many New Leads Needed?• 5 new deals per month• 25% close ratio• Line up 20 meetings / phone calls• 2% of communications result in a meeting• 1000 new leads will produce 20 meetings• 500 are recycled, current or past customers, =500 new leads per months
  4. 4. Intro:Lead Sources • Most obvious: • Purchase leads • Website inquiries • Premium content downloads • Newsletter signups • Not as obvious: • Extracting visitor data from analytics • Searching contact lists online • Networking, list swap, list rental
  5. 5. Defining and Segmenting Your Target Audience:Who Will You Target• Create a complete profile of your lead • First and last name • Title • Phone • Role • Industry • Geography
  6. 6. Sourcing New Leads on the Web:Introduction to Irina Shamaevas Methods• Specializes in People Sourcing• Author of• Methods include: • Advanced search methods on Google/Bing • Extracting info
  7. 7. Sourcing New Leads on the Web:Introduction to Irina Shamaevas Methods• Search syntax: • * on Google – stands for one word or multiple words: (* * is software engineer at Google) • Email patterns: (“email * *”) (“*”) • No @ needed - Google ignores most special characters
  8. 8. Sourcing New Leads on the Web:Introduction to Irina Shamaevas Methods• Search syntax: • File type search (xls, xlsx, pdf): (filetype:xls "business development" • Directory search: (intitle:"membership directory" site:com "bar association“)
  9. 9. Sourcing New Leads on the Web:Introduction to Irina Shamaevas Methods / Related Resources• Extractor - OutWit Hub:• Extractor - Atomic email hunter:• Email address patterns:• Email address patterns:
  10. 10. Extracting Website Visitor Data:Using Web Analytics• ISP data, AT&T, Comcast, etc.• Company name and state• Pages visited• Detective work required• Add new contacts to the campaign daily
  11. 11. Purchasing Lead Lists:Best Practices Salesperson locates contact info, adds new contact(s) to the campaign via the sales admin dashboardWeb visitors are emailed to sales staff daily: Sales Admin Dashboard: LOGO
  12. 12. Purchasing Lead Lists:Best Practices
  13. 13. Purchasing Lead Lists:Best Practices• Why purchase lists? • Small, highly targeted lists • Message development • Higher response rates
  14. 14. Purchasing Lead Lists:Best Practices• Ways to segment the information: • SIC - industries • Job titles • Geographic location • Number of employees • Revenue
  15. 15. Purchasing Lead Lists:Best Practices• Crowdsourced contact data: • Nationwide sales force • Regularly updated • Receive points toward purchasing more contacts • Penalized when another salesperson provides more up-to-date info
  16. 16. Purchasing Lead Lists:Best Practices• Issues with leads from unqualified sources: • Broad information, without key data • Large, un-segmented • Bad addresses
  17. 17. Premium Content:Leveraging for Lead Generation• Blog post• Article• Whitepaper• Video• Audio• Webinar• PPT
  18. 18. Premium Content:Leveraging for Lead Generation• Demonstrate expertise• Educate and inform• Distribute through marketing channels• Trigger a series of emails
  19. 19. Dynamic Data Gathering Forms:Managing Campaign Participants• Imported via an excel spreadsheet• Entered manually via data capture forms• Website forms
  20. 20. Conclusion:Keys To Success• Audience profile• Multiple lead sources / tools• Consistency
  21. 21. Conclusion:Thanks for joining us!