The Secrets of Successful Content Marketing

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Dec. 6, 2013

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The Secrets of Successful Content Marketing

  1. The Secrets of Successful Content Marketing September 17, 2013 A special thank you to: Thank you for joining us – we will be starting at 2:00 PM ET/11:00 AM PT If you are unable to hear music at this time, please make sure that your computer speakers are turned on and that your system has not been muted. #TMGWebinar
  2. Today’s Speakers Bob Bly Copywriter/ Internet Marketing Strategist Lee Odden CEO Moderator Thorin McGee Editor-in-Chief Target Marketing #TMGWebinar
  3. Tips for Webinar Attendees • Technical difficulties? Let us know by using the “Q and A” box, or trouble-shoot by clicking the “Help” widget below → Quick tip: Common problems (like loss of sound and/or stall in the slides) can often be fixed by a quick refresh of your browser. • Have a question for today’s speaker? Submit via the “Q and A” box • Please disable pop-up blockers • See what this console can do! Click on the “Tips for Attendees” widget for the complete rundown. Don’t forget to “share” this webinar! #TMGWebinar
  4. Secrets of Successful Content Marketing @LeeOdden Image: Shutterstock
  5. About Lee: CEO, Consultant Speaker, Blogger Traveler, Foodie @LeeOdden Content - Social - SEO
  6. @LeeOdden What is Content Marketing? “Content Marketing is the planning, creation, promotion and measurement of content for a specific audience to influence a business outcome.” Image: Shutterstock
  7. @LeeOdden Content Marketing 54% B2B Marketers Increase Content Marketing Spending Source: CMI 2012 #1
  8. @LeeOdden Promise of Content Marketing
  9. @LeeOdden Content Marketing Maturity Stasis Focus: status quo Static Few resources Initial experiments Brand centric Production Utility Focus: quantity Strategy Process Creation “More is Better” SEO centric Focus: quality Functional, useful Customer focused Refined process Social centric Storytelling Monetization Focus: experience Seek to dominate USP Brand leadership Optimized buy cycle Integration Multi & Omni Channel Focus: ecosystem Marketing ROI Content Publishing ROI Syndication ROI Services ROI Scale
  10. @LeeOdden Create Awareness CMWorld Event Feature Speakers Tips eBook Slideshare Blog Posts, Email, Social 40k Views 1,000+ downloads 100+ referred to event Source: TopRank Online Marketing 2013
  11. @LeeOdden Create Awareness IT Professionals SunGard Cloud Offerings eBook – Infographic Email – Landing Pages 5.7% Open Rate 150% Better CTR 24 Leads Source: Content2Conversion Conference 2013
  12. @LeeOdden Generate New Revenue - HP Thought Leadership Customized Offers Email Series – eBook Microsite, Articles Targeted 2,000 15% CTO Microsite $8 million pipeline rev Source: Content2Conversion Conference 2013
  13. @LeeOdden Xerox - Connect with Top 30 Accounts Partnered w/ Forbes Print & iPad Magazine 70% of Targets 20,000 New Contacts 1,000 Appointments $1.3 billion pipeline Source: Content2Conversion Conference 2013
  14. @LeeOdden Where Do You Start? Image: Shutterstock
  15. @LeeOdden Start By Knowing Your Customers Discover Search Keywords Social Topics Advertising Publications Events Word of Mouth Consume Text, Images, Audio, Video Mobile, Tablet, Computer Formal, Funny, Long, Short Act Social Share Engage Subscribe Register Inquire Buy
  16. @LeeOdden Customer Information Journey Voodoo Image: Shutterstock
  17. @LeeOdden Customer Information Journey
  18. @LeeOdden
  19. @LeeOdden
  20. @LeeOdden
  21. @LeeOdden Engage Optimize 360 Attract Convert
  22. @LeeOdden Optimized – Socialized - Publicized Who are you writing for? What do they care about? What stories will connect you? Make it easy to find & share Preferences Pain Points Behaviors Search & Social Data Sources Editorial Calendar, Repurpose Social & SEO Networking, PR, Linking awareness consideration purchase retention advocacy
  23. @LeeOdden Optimized & Socialized Content Plan awareness purchase consideration retention advocacy Align Topical Needs With Content Buying Cycle Keywords Social Topics Content Type Awareness Customer Goals • • • • Save time Save money Make money Convenience general issues blog, byline, social Interest category investigative video, social Consideration Stan broad comparison demos feature comparison, reviews Purchase transactional referrals exclusive Retention tips connect with other users be a resource Advocacy supporting participation deliver as promised!
  24. @LeeOdden Optimize Across the Lifecycle Persona: “Admin Jane” Influences CEO awareness interest Values: = Fast = Save $ = Service consideration purchase Content: = Topics = Keywords = Media & Channel retention advocacy Save $ Service Facebook Email Offer Tips Articles Blog Byline PPC Locator Newsletter Soc Net Ads Blog PPC Loyalty VIP Press Fast Blog Reviews Discount Community Referral Article Reviews Display Network Referral Media Blog Offers Thank You Rewards
  25. @LeeOdden Website Newsroom Book Google+ White Papers Twitter Articles Facebook Guides YouTube Webinars Flickr Guest Posts Events eBooks Blog Social Creation & Curation Community > 300K LinkedIn Slideshare Pinterest
  26. @LeeOdden Content Types For Brand Storytelling Amplification Evergreen Brand Stories Repurposed Curated CoCreated Syndication Advertising
  27. @LeeOdden Content Calendar Template • • • • • • • • • • • • • dates topics titles description target audience buying cycle keywords categories promotions repurposing media types internal citations 3rd party citations/sources
  28. @LeeOdden Master SEO Basics Brand Customer Keyword Glossary Category Keywords Keywords Keywords Tech SEO Audit Topical Focus Author Rel Keywords Blogs Category Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Social Topics Analytics Monitoring Conversions
  29. @LeeOdden Content Marketing Skills Segmentation Buy Cycle Stories Content Planning Creation, Curation Amplification Measurement Unified Strategy Goals Resources
  30. @LeeOdden 4 Takeaways 1 2 3 4 Know your target customer preferences: discovery, consumption, action Map content topics to the buying cycle Plan amplification in the content plan: optimize, socialize, publicize Start testing tools & develop processes – it’s the only way to scale
  31. @LeeOdden Thank You! - Q & A Lee Odden Download Free Content Template:
  32. Secrets of Successful Content Marketing Presented by Robert W. Bly
  33. What We Will Cover Today • • • • • What makes killer content that your audience will love and share? The benefits of different types of content and when to use them. Understanding the difference between content and copy How to use content to boost your direct marketing strategies in multiple channels PLUS: Bring your questions for a live Q&A at the end of the webinar. 33 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  34. 5 Things That Make Killer Content 1. How-To Tips 34 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  35. 2. News 35 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  36. 3. Ideas 36 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  37. 14 Things… 4. Expert Advice 37 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  38. 5. Tie In With Current Events 38 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  39. 39 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  40. Bad Content Example Bad content example: Copywriting Tip Most of your customers don't really give a crap about you, your products or services, or your goals and dreams. What they care about is how you can help THEM. They are too busy trying to figure out how to overcome their challenges! How to avoid it: The key to writing great content is to either (a) present a new idea (very difficult) or (b) communicate an old idea in a fresh, new, and compelling way (challenging but easier). If you do neither, then you are wasting the reader’s time by stating the old in a stale way. So why even bother? Answer: You shouldn’t. 40 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  41. Breakdown of B2B Content Marketing Tactics in Use • 87% of B2B content marketers use social media (other than blogs) • 83% of B2B content marketers use articles on their website • 78% of B2B content marketers use eNewsletters • 77% of B2B content marketers use blogs • 71% of B2B content marketers use case studies • 70% of B2B content marketers use videos • 70% of B2B content marketers use articles on other websites • 69% of B2B content marketers use in-person events • 61% of B2B content marketers use white papers • 59% of B2B content marketers use webinars or webcasts • 44% of B2B content marketers use research reports • 40% of B2B content marketers use micro sites 41 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  42. Breakdown of B2B Content Marketing Tactics in Use, Cnt’d • 38% of B2B content marketers use infographics • 38% of B2B content marketers use branded content tools • 33% of B2B content marketers use mobile content • 32% of B2B content marketers use eBooks • 31% of B2B content marketers use print magazines • 29% of B2B content marketers use books • 28% of B2B content marketers use virtual conferences • 27% of B2B content marketers use podcasts • 26% of B2B content marketers use licensed or syndicated content • 26% of B2B content marketers use mobile apps • 25% of B2B content marketers use digital magazines • 24% of B2B content marketers use print newsletters • 11% of B2B content marketers use games or gamification 42 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  43. Does Content Marketing Work? A survey asked nearly 1,400 IT professionals whether content influences their purchase decisions. Of those who responded, 89% said content has an impact on their preference of technology vendor. The respondents also said that they were more likely to download and read white papers than product literature. 69% of prospects who like your white paper will pass it on to colleagues. 57% of IT professionals said white papers influenced their buying decisions. 71% of technology buyers prefer white papers to other marketing content. • • • • • • Sources: Maddox, Kate, “Study looks at value of online content,” BtoB, 10/10/05, p. 3; Huff, Dianna, “How to Syndicate Your White Papers,” MarketingSherpa; Knowledge Storm/MarketingSherpa Study 43 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  44. Content Marketing Benefits to the Marketer 1. Sets the specs. 2. Makes the prospect beholden (reciprocity). 3. Generates more inquiries. 4. Establishes you as the expert. 5. Educates the market. 6. Drives sales. 44 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  45. The Formula LGM + BPO = 2 x RRR 45 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  46. Content vs. Copy Content: Apples help prevent cancer. Copy: A delicious fruit you can find in your refrigerator can help prevent cancer. 46 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  47. No! 47 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  48. Custora came up with its figures by analyzing data from 72 million customers shopping on 86 different retailer sites. 48 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  49. E-Zine Ads Work Very Well 49 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  50. 50 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  51. Widgets 51 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  52. 52 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  53. 53 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  54. Reply Card 54 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  55. Put Your Offer Up Front 55 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  56. E-Mail 56 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
  57. Position Part of Your Product as a Premium. 57 Target_Content Marketing_Bly_Sept 2013 9/17/2013
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