Marketing Automation Can Help Qualify Leads With Your B2B Teleprospecting


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  • If you do have ???? You may ask them via through Chat – while in full screen mode you may move you cursor up to the top of the screen and select the blue chat bubble or select the Orange Drop down arrow for the | Q & A – Section and we’ll do our best to cover your questions during the Presentation or at the end of the session. This is being recorded and a link will be made available approximately 24 hours after the session. {{ let’s get started }}
  • Intros.
  • Proven Success!! – not to mention making life a little less complicated for the Marketer: Marketing Automation makes a huge impact on the Bottom Line.
  • Now that you have seen the potential numbers – These are the facts – When we talk about Marketing Automation – AlignmentOn a daily basis here at Act-On our Sales Team exactly why a lead is in fact a LEAD – No GuessingManagement of the tools in one platform – makes it simple for the whole team
  • Steps to Increase Revenue – Align | HandoffAlign – Marketing with Sales – What does Qualified mean to Sales? (Sales/Marketing should Decide TOGETHER) Common Goal – All in alignmentHandoff – At Act-On this is Key for us – Real Time Hand off for effective follow up “Strike while the Iron is Hot” Automated triggers are KEY. - Free Trails – Request for Demo – Contact Me ect.Statistics show that the likely hood of closing a deal dramatically drops even with a single day delay – ( that makes a statement !!! – Step back for a second….look at your process – what does it say about you? )
  • Steps to Increase Revenue – Keeping ScoreYour score may not be the same as ours: Both profile (title industry location) or Behavior (downloaded a WP – attended Webinar visited theses 4 webpages)BANT – Budget – Authority Need TimeLine ect. may be used – Certain things may be weighed HIGHER!!!Key here: the tool needs to be Flexible …. it has to be Easy to make changes as you refine scoring over time
  • Marketing Automation Can Help Qualify Leads With Your B2B Teleprospecting

    1. 1. Partner Logo Here Best Practices: Marketing Automation Can Help Qualify Leads with Your B2B Teleprospecting
    2. 2. Partner Logo Here Chat or Q/A #AOWEB
    3. 3. Partner Logo Here Today’s Presenters Pete Gracey Janelle Johnson Chief Operations Officer and co- Director, Demand Gen Founder Act-On Software AGSalesworks #AOWEB
    4. 4. Partner Logo Here Marketing Automation Success46% Increase | Annual Revenue 26% Increase | Lead Conversions 25% Decrease | Cost Per Lead
    5. 5. Partner Logo Here Importance of Marketing Automation Sales  MarketingAlign Sales | Marketing | Customer Buying ProcessRemove the Unknown for Sales Why is this a LeadRemoves the Complexity All-in-OneMarketing Bigger, Stronger, More Effective for Less
    6. 6. Partner Logo Here Align & HandoffWhat is a Lead MQL to SQL Who Decides The Goal Automation Tools Scoring | Qualification Setting Triggers
    7. 7. Partner Logo Here Keep Score Custom to Meet your Needs Profile Based Behavior Based B.A.N.T.
    8. 8. Partner Logo Here Lead Scoring Example Example • Youre a small software company that sells patch management software. • You have two offices, one in Asia and one in the US, but you arent global yet. • Your software isnt cheap, so you need prospects with reasonably large budgets. Registration Question Excellent Prospect Okay Prospect Bad Prospect Job Title IT Director 5 System 3 Sales Engineer -4 Administrator Location of United States 5 Hong Kong 4 Romania -5 Headquarters Company Size > 5,000 4 1,000 - 5,000 2 < 1,000 -2 Industry Information 5 Computer 4 Automotive -5 Technology Software Services Budget > 50,000 4 10,000 - 50,000 3 < 10,000 -2 Implicit Online Behaviour Point Value Visitor downloaded the How Do We Compare To Our Competition white paper 5 Visitor browsed company website multiple times in the past 7 days. 5 Visitor downloaded the Evaluation Guide. 5 Visitor is already a lead in the sales system. 4 Visitor clicked on companys Jobs web page. -5
    9. 9. Partner Logo Here Insight into Prospect Behavior
    10. 10. Partner Logo Here Call Planning and Closing the Loop
    11. 11. Partner Logo Here Why Call Plan for Inbound • Guarantee coverage of all MQL’s • Impact your SQL rate positively • Validate scoring system assumptions • Ensure more pipeline from your efforts
    12. 12. Partner Logo Here What is a Call Plan? AG defines it as… “A regimented and formulaic approach to the management of outbound activity to ensure the fastest time to first conversation and qualification”
    13. 13. Partner Logo Here Call Plan Metrics to Monitor • Connect Rate: Call to Conversation ratio – 15% to 20% • Lead Rate: Conversation to Lead rate – 5% to 8% • Conversion Rate: Lead to Pipeline rate – 70% to 80%
    14. 14. Partner Logo Here Why call plan your inbound? 80%80% 75%70% 60%60% Where you should be50% Without a Call Plan40%30% With a Call Plan 18%20% 15% 11% 8%10% 5% 4%0% Connect Rate Lead Rate Conversion Rate
    15. 15. Partner Logo Here Closing the Loop With Sales Drive accountability up and down the funnel Force interaction on both sides of the aisle Attach real-time ROI to your campaigns Increase forecast tracking
    16. 16. Partner Logo Here What if you don’t? 79%80%70% 65% 59%60%50% 40%40% No Formal Process Feedback Process30%20% 10%10% 6%0% Conversion Rate Forecast Rate Close Rate
    17. 17. Partner Logo Here Next Steps
    18. 18. Partner Logo Here Top Performing organizations outperformed everyone else by 2-3X in revenue growth and lead- to-sales conversion. These organizations are 3X more likely to use a Marketing Automation tool. Gleanster Research - 2011
    19. 19. Partner Logo Here Need Help? Receive the AG Call Plan by emailing Pete Sign up for a demo