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5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore


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Published in: Marketing
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5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Can't Afford to Ignore

  1. 1. The Content Marketing Futurist aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler 5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Can’t Afford To Ignore #cmworld
  2. 2. scott abel @scottabel #cmworld
  3. 3. about me content strategist conference organizer faculty at Berkeley iSchool columnist EContent Magazine #cmworld
  4. 4. the problem marketers are overwhelmed and unprepared #cmworld
  5. 5. the problem many of us treat the world wide web like the Ohio web or the American English web #cmworld
  6. 6. that needs to change we need to change #cmworld
  7. 7. the problem technology is accelerating faster than we are #cmworld
  8. 8. the problem new devices and new markets and new demands #cmworld
  9. 9. the problem outdated notions of success in what other industry would 2-5% response rate be considered a success? #cmworld
  10. 10. the solution new approaches new responsibilities new roles and new tools #cmworld
  11. 11. The Content Marketing Futurist aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler 5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Can’t Afford To Ignore #cmworld
  12. 12. what is technology? #cmworld
  13. 13. technology is the purposeful application of scientific knowledge in the design, production, and utilization of goods and services #cmworld
  14. 14. why do we need to know about technologies ? #cmworld
  15. 15. Source: Gartner by 2017, CMOs are expected to spend more on IT than CIOs do #cmworld
  16. 16. what technologies can we not afford to ignore ? Iʼll provide a basic overview of each and some key points for pondering #cmworld
  17. 17. #1 automated translation #cmworld
  18. 18. machine aka translation #cmworld
  19. 19. some know it as google translate #cmworld
  20. 20. but itʼs much more than that #cmworld
  21. 21. what is automated translation ? #cmworld
  22. 22. automated translation is a process that uses software to translate content from one language to another #cmworld
  23. 23. ? why do we need to know this #cmworld
  24. 24. the world wide web [not the American English web] is the land of opportunity #cmworld
  25. 25. in a global market reaching customers previously viewed as out of scope is the goal #cmworld
  26. 26. Source: US Small Business Administration 96% of the consumers on Earth do not live in the US #cmworld
  27. 27. but they all speak English, right ? #cmworld
  28. 28. wrong! #cmworld
  29. 29. Source: Nationalencyklopedin less than 6% of the worldʼs population speak English well enough to understand your prose and marketing mumbo-jumbo #cmworld
  30. 30. Source: Wikipedia many people who understand spoken English cannot read English in fact, many cannot read at all #cmworld
  31. 31. human translation can be time-consuming and expensive many languages arenʼt supported due to lack of resources #cmworld
  32. 32. Source: Ethnologue especially when you consider that there are over 7,000 languages spoken by the people of Earth #cmworld
  33. 33. Source: 2010 Web Globalization Report Card and that each and every word translated costs about .25 a word multiplied by the number of languages the average multi-national support 20+ languages #cmworld
  34. 34. Source: 2010 Web Globalization Report Card a 15,000 word document translated into 22 languages at .25 a word 15,000 X .25 = $3,750 X $82,000 #cmworld
  35. 35. ? how do we get started #cmworld
  36. 36. recognize that today you write for both humans and machines our content must be both human- and machine-processable to have maximum ROI #cmworld
  37. 37. recognize that today you write first for machines then for humans if content is not findable (by machine) or accessible (by machine) it doesnʼt exist #cmworld
  38. 38. of course the content you create is destined for humans but machines are gatekeepers to success #cmworld
  39. 39. recognize that writing rules were developed long before technology made instant global communication possible #cmworld
  40. 40. recognize that writing rules you learned in grade school Language Arts classes are no longer sufficient for a world in which Language Science is needed #cmworld
  41. 41. examine your content from the vantage point of a rules processing engine and ensure it is optimized for machine translation we do this already by making content conform to standards like RSS #cmworld
  42. 42. #2 automated transcription #cmworld
  43. 43. what is automated transcription ? #cmworld
  44. 44. automated transcription is a process that uses software to translate speech to text #cmworld
  45. 45. ? why do we need to know this #cmworld
  46. 46. for many of the same reasons automated translation is needed AND the fact that video content is not keyword searchable without a transcription #cmworld
  47. 47. the content locked inside of video is hidden from view • CRM • integration • personalize #cmworld
  48. 48. #cmworld
  49. 49. ? how do we get started #cmworld
  50. 50. use one of several software providers to create transcriptions for your videos and post them along with your videos #cmworld
  51. 51. transcription files can also be translated and the translations used as sub-titles in other languages #cmworld
  52. 52. #3 terminology management #cmworld
  53. 53. what is terminology management ? #cmworld
  54. 54. terminology management is the process of controlling the words you use by organizing them in a central repository that contains a list of approved terms and rules for their usage #cmworld
  55. 55. the goal of terminology management is to ensure that the words that are most closely associated with your products, services, and branding are used consistently #cmworld
  56. 56. terminology management efforts result in a controlled vocabulary that is made accessible to all who need it across your organization as well as partners and service providers #cmworld
  57. 57. ? why do we need to know this #cmworld
  58. 58. terminology management helps ensure consistency throughout your content assets in both your source and you translated content #cmworld
  59. 59. terminology management can help ensure legal and regulatory compliance, brand consistency, enhanced content quality #cmworld
  60. 60. ? how do we get started #cmworld
  61. 61. seek guidance from a global content strategist to help you craft a terminology management strategy and look for opportunities to standardize your content creation processes #cmworld
  62. 62. adopt a terminology management system #cmworld
  63. 63. #4 adaptive content #cmworld
  64. 64. what is adaptive content ? #cmworld
  65. 65. adaptive content is content that is structured and designed adapt to the needs of your customer #cmworld
  66. 66. adaptive content changes not just cosmetically, but also in substance and in capability #cmworld
  67. 67. adaptive content also adapts to the capabilities of the device it is viewed on automatically, on-demand if a GPS is available on a handheld device, the content will be able to take advantage of “location aware” features of the device #cmworld
  68. 68. for example, an instruction like ʻclickʼ on a laptop would be automatically adapted to ʻtouchʼ on a smartphone and ʻsayʼ in an automobile GPS #cmworld
  69. 69. ? why do we need to know this #cmworld
  70. 70. customers demand exceptional experiences; their expectations have changed and they expect you to change and adapt to their needs #cmworld
  71. 71. adaptive content makes it possible for you to publish to multiple-platforms and to multiple-devices ̶ often, automatically #cmworld
  72. 72. adaptive content is consistently structured, providing a predictable customer experience #cmworld
  73. 73. adaptive content is content separated from formatting information; allowing authors to focus on what they do best #cmworld
  74. 74. adaptive content makes your content findable and reusable by others who need it #cmworld
  75. 75. ? how do we get started #cmworld
  76. 76. adaptive content involves rethinking how you create, manage and deliver content; itʼs best to seek advice from an experienced pro #cmworld
  77. 77. there is no EASY button; moving to adaptive content involves work, but the pay-off (ROI) can often be realized in months, not years #cmworld
  78. 78. #5 component content management #cmworld
  79. 79. what is component content management ? #cmworld
  80. 80. component content management is the creation, administration, organization and governance of small, discrete, re-usable components of content #cmworld
  81. 81. component content management focuses on the storing of content components that are used to assemble documents component content management systems are designed for this purpose #cmworld
  82. 82. components of content come in various sizes and types and can be as small as a single word or as large as many paragraphs they can be recombined/remixed to create new deliverables #cmworld
  83. 83. components of content can take the form of graphics, hyperlinks or other repurposable content your company logo, product description, value proposition, link to benefits #cmworld
  84. 84. component content management is about managing content not about managing files content versus files #cmworld
  85. 85. content date(s) time(s) topic(s)/title(s) description(s) keywords presenter name(s) presenter bio(s) sponsor name(s) sponsorship level(s) directions price(s) link files email invite printed invite registration microsite printed program at-event signage voicemail script telephone script advertising contract tweet/update blog post mobile app #cmworld
  86. 86. content date(s) time(s) topic(s)/title(s) description(s) keywords presenter name(s) presenter bio(s) sponsor name(s) sponsorship level(s) directions price(s) link usage same same same same same n/a n/a same varies (gold, silver, bronze) varies (deliveries) varies (gold, silver, bronze) same #cmworld
  87. 87. ? why do we need to know this #cmworld
  88. 88. structured content combined with CCMS supports personalized content and targeted marketing, increasing response rates #cmworld
  89. 89. structured content combined with CCMS puts you in control of your content and can help you save BIG $ on translation #cmworld
  90. 90. because not all prospects or customers are the same #cmworld
  91. 91. you need component content management if you need to... #cmworld
  92. 92. provide different types of content to different types of prospects and customers #cmworld
  93. 93. re-use content across documents without copying and pasting the copy>paste reuse method is the most costly and error-prone #cmworld
  94. 94. ensure content is consistent across all touch points, channels, and devices single-sourcing: write it once, use it often is a best practice #cmworld
  95. 95. translate content once and have it automatically reflected wherever it is reused translation savings alone can often provide return on investment #cmworld
  96. 96. publish to multiple output formats without the need for manual intervention formatting content for multi-channel output occurs automatically #cmworld
  97. 97. involve a variety of people in the creation, management and delivery of content to those who need it component content management systems are designed for this task #cmworld
  98. 98. ? how do we get started #cmworld
  99. 99. wait, thereʼs much more! #cmworld
  100. 100. look out for... wireless electricity #cmworld
  101. 101. look out for... flexible surfaces #cmworld
  102. 102. look out for... wearable computing #cmworld
  103. 103. final thoughts #cmworld
  104. 104. to mature as a discipline we need content craftspeople, content designers and content engineers to help us shape, refine and grow digital content #cmworld
  105. 105. in order to create compelling content experiences, weʼll have to leverage both content AND code #cmworld
  106. 106. and, weʼll have to start thinking more like engineers and less like writers and editors #cmworld
  107. 107. The Content Marketing Futurist aka Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler 5 Revolutionary Technologies Content Marketers Can’t Afford To Ignore #cmworld