How to Successfully Execute a Drip Campaign


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How to Successfully Execute a Drip Campaign

  1. 1. Introduction:“How to Execute a Successful Drip Email Campaign” Ryan Goodin Brandon Contreras Diligent Brands Act-On Software
  2. 2. Introduction:What is a “drip” campaign?• Delivering a series of emails to educate, influencing your audience• Nurture leads through the sales process
  3. 3. Drip Campaign:Statistics• 50% of leads are qualified but not yet ready to buy (Source: Gleanster Research)• 35-50% of sales go to the vendor that responds first (Source:• 79% of marketing leads never convert into sales (Source: MarketingSherpa)
  4. 4. Drip Campaign:Features• Automated• Real-time data collection• Lead scoring• Ongoing contact• Sales hand-off• Lead recycling
  5. 5. Drip Campaign:Objectives• Maintain ongoing contact with target audience• Establish key ideas, thoughts, or comparison points through education• Evaluate a prospects progress through the buying cycle
  6. 6. Drip Campaign:Contact Management Status: Prospect Segment: Master Leads List • Sub-segment: Warm Leads • Sub-segment: Interest in widgets Status: Lead or Prospect Lead Score: 25 Segment: Master Leads List #1 Lead Score: 0 Lead Score indicates #2 sales-readiness.Lead enters campaign, Prospect is handed offbegins to receive a series to Salespersonof marketing emails over #3several weeks. #4 Prospect is not sales- #5 ready. Lead is recycled back into campaign. #6Supplemental drip Prospect iscampaign for long-term #7 sales-ready.lead nurturing. Remove from Opt-outs, bounces, drip campaign. #8 dead leads are deleted
  7. 7. Drip Campaign:Lead SourcesExisting prospect and customer lists: Purchased Targeted Email Lists:
  8. 8. Drip Campaign:Lead Sources Salesperson locates contact info, adds new contact(s) to the campaign via the sales admin dashboardWeb visitors are emailed to sales staff daily: Sales Admin Dashboard: LOGO
  9. 9. Drip Campaign:Sales ManagementEnter new leads into the drip campaign: Enter prospects back to the campaign for further nurturing:Reasons for adding a contact: • New lead purchased or acquired • Salesperson determines former hot prospect is not sales-ready
  10. 10. Drip Campaign:Sales Management (cont.)Stop campaign for warm leads: Remove from all future email:Reasons for removing a contact: • Prospect is sales-ready and actively working with a salesperson • Prospect has accepted proposal and becomes a client • Requests to be removed from future communications
  11. 11. Drip Campaign:Benefits• Always on• Not resource intensive• Consistent messaging• Top of mind presence• Personalization
  12. 12. Marketing Automation Software:Features• Email campaigns• Web forms• Landing pages• Webinar scheduling• Web traffic statistics• List management• List segmentation• Robust Reporting
  13. 13. Drip Campaign:Strategy• Defining target audience• Inventory your existing content• Content mapping• Writing emails
  14. 14. Drip Campaign:Strategy (cont.)• Campaign setup / timing / variables• Segmenting• Lead scoring• Web analytics integration• Web forms• Landing page setup
  15. 15. Drip Campaign:Strategy (cont.)• Sales handoff• Lead recycling• Additional content development• Premium content development• Ongoing improvements
  16. 16. Drip Campaign:Example• Client: Lending Institution• Downloads Whitepaper: “What You Must Know About Saving for College”• Email #1: Thanks for downloading “What You Must Know…”• Email #2: Free tools (College Loan Calculator)• Email #3: Top ten list (Best/Least Expensive Colleges in the US)• Email #4: Whitepaper (College Savings Guidelines)• Email #5: Recorded webinar (with a Key Contact)• Email #6: News article (Your company in the news)• Email #7: Blog post (Product specific)• Email #8: Meeting request
  17. 17. Drip Campaign:Questions
  18. 18. Conclusion:Keys To Success• Tools• Strategy / execution• Evaluate / adjust / add• New leads• Recycle contacts
  19. 19. Next Webinar:“Drip Campaign Contact Management: Turning Leads Into Clients”• Defining audience profiles• Segmenting• Lead scoring• Sales handoff• Lead recycling
  20. 20. Conclusion:Thanks for joining us!