Deliverability: The Realities and Demands of Today's Market


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  • 3 times as many email accounts as FB and Twitter accounts combinedTotal posts on FB and Twitter add up to 0.2% of all email trafficTotal number of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing equals just 1.1% of all email traffic4X as much email is sent as web sites are visited inclusive of social sites, search sites and internet page views combined
  • Deliverability: The Realities and Demands of Today's Market

    1. 1. Deliverability:The Realities and Demands of Today’s MarketPresented by:David Fowler | Act-On Chief Privacy & Deliverability | #AOWEB
    2. 2. David Fowler – BIO Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer With over 20 years of experience in the marketingindustry including the last seven strictly focused on thecomplex issues associated with emailmarketing, deliverability and privacy compliance. A seasoned speaker and email deliverability consultantwith national and international engagements. David heldUS and European based Senior Management positionsfocused on Deliverability, EmailPrivacy, Sales, Marketing, Business Development andProduct Management.
    3. 3.  The Realities: State of the email state Email and the law The Demands: Email performance realities Authentication Reputation Engagement Your path to the Inbox: The barriers to ROI Deliverability Feud – The game show for marketers! Receiver changes and expectations Final thoughtsDeliverability Wake Up
    4. 4. Marketing Used to Be So SimplePrivate and Confidential
    5. 5. But Not AnymorePrivate and Confidential
    6. 6. Private and ConfidentialSource: Smarter Tools 3 Times as many email accounts as FB and Twitter accounts combined Total posts on FB and Twitter add up to 0.2% of all email traffic Total number of searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing equals just 1.1% of all email traffic 4X as much email is sent as web sites are visited inclusive of social sites, search sites andinternet page views combinedThe Value of EmailSource: Smarter Tools
    7. 7. The RealitiesTHEY SEE YOU SEND
    8. 8. State of the Email State Email Deliverability = Brand Management Brand Management = Email Reputation Good Email Reputation = Better Deliverability Email Authentication is a Requirement User Engagement is now Paramount for Senders More aggressive filter implementation More streamlined industry organization/cooperation Continued legal | privacy | technology issues remain More informed clients as access to information is available There are still No Guarantees for delivery to any inbox
    9. 9. Email and the Law All major countries have some form of email / onlineregulation and compliance obligations Canada to enact the CASL legislation in Q1 2013 Not all privacy barriers are created equal: Privacy standards today are reverse in the US -vs- ROW Consent (opt-in) versus non consent (opt out) USA: You have several compliance issues to consider: CAN-SPAM | States Laws | Child Registries | FTC | FCC UK: Privacy & Electronics Communication & Regulation The FTC has prosecuted the behavior of an organizationspartners recently: Affiliate Marketers Privacy bill of rights release earlier this year
    10. 10. Performance ConsiderationsMAILINGSYSTEMSDedicated IPShared IPAuthenticationVolume &FrequencyManagementRFC CompliantBUSINESSPOLICIESLegalComplianceAffiliates,Advertisers &AdvertisingPermissionPracticesOutbound &InboundProcessingREPUTATIONPublic & PrivateBlacklistsURL BlocklistsAbuse BoardsSpamComplaintsCollaborativeFiltersUserEngagementWeb SiteTransparencyDESIGN &CONTENTDesign & TextElements in SL &BodyRenderingW3C CompliantHTMLLinkConfigurationRFC CompliantHeadersDATAMANAGEMENTFrequencyData Collection &HygieneBounceManagementFeedback LoopManagementUnsubManagement Deliverability: Are the messages received in the inbox? Renderability: Are images in emails viewable; do links work? Credibility: Do your customers trust the mail is from you? Brand Management: Does the email reflect your brand strategy?Deliverability is a Shared Responsibility
    11. 11. The Demands
    12. 12. EMAIL AUTHENTICATIONEstablishes YOUR Email Identity
    13. 13. Email Authentication
    14. 14. Email Authentication Proof of identity is achieved through thefollowing authentication protocols: SPF: Sender Policy Framework Sender ID DK/DKIM: Domain Keys / Identified Mail DMARC
    15. 15. Reputation & Engagement=Engaged Customer | Maximum Deliverability | ROI
    16. 16. Email Reputation 20% of legitimate email never reaches the inbox Blame the ISPs and then look in the mirror Your sending reputation plays a MAJOR role It’s your sending practices that drive deliverability And reputation is all about YOUR NUMBERS
    17. 17. Email Reputation Majority of deliverability issues are based on reputation Your data that affects YOUR reputation: Authentication Email volume Complaint rates Your “Hard Bounce” rate Spam trap hits Consumer engagement – Very Important! To protect your reputation: MONITOR your sends To repair your reputation: FIX THE PROBLEMS – data integrity / confirmed opt-in
    18. 18. ISP Reputation vs. Content Filtering18Source: Return Path
    19. 19. Email Reputation
    20. 20. Engagement Means the degree to which your email subscribers are interested inand acting on your email messages In the ways you want and expect, including: Add to the address book | safe sender lists Clicks & opens Sales conversions Frequency of mail Email folder management Hotmail’s engagements metrics include: Messages read, then deleted by the subscriber Messages deleted without being read Messages replied to, a tough one in the email marketing space Frequency of receiving and reading a message from a particular"From" address20
    21. 21. The Barriers to the Inbox
    22. 22. 22• DELIVERABILITY• Myths or Realities?DELIVERABILITYFEUDwith your charming host, David Fowler
    23. 23. Common Myths and RealitiesLet’s startthe show...
    24. 24. 24There is an ISP “Bat Phone” to call.Authentication gets me deliveredto the inbox.There’s a magic list of words youcan’t use in your content – like free.Confirmed opt-in memberswon’t hit the spam button.Definition of spam as abusive email.I’m on a blacklist, is mydeliverability going to be poor?Being CAN-SPAM compliant willkeep me from being considered spam.There has NEVER been a bat phone.Authentication is a first step inbuilding your identity.Reputation has more influencetoday than your content.CAN-SPAM is a minimum threshold ofcompliance. Has no impact on reputationor deliverability.As opposed to unwanted email.It depends on which blacklist you are on.Some are more serious than others.Everyone hits the spam button sometime.If you are confirmed opt in it could bemore unlikely.
    25. 25. 25I mail at night because the ISPsdo not watch during those hours.Send more mail: Increased mail frequencywill increase your metrics.My sales will decrease if Iuse “confirmed opt-in”My list is different so I don’t need“confirmed opt-in”I have signed up with a third-party reputationservice so all my problems are solved.My ESP is responsible for myperformance and results.I scrub with a third-party serviceso my list is problem free.These decisions are being madecomputationally and not by humans.Incorrect in 2012; engagement is moreimportant than quantity.As you build relevancy, you build consumerengagement, which leads to greater ROI.The principles of permission don’t changebased on list type.This may eliminate one-time issues, but ifyour data collection practices are poor,you’ll have continued issues.These services are based on complaintsand user feedback = a work-in-progress.Your ESP is your partner and notresponsible for your performance.
    26. 26. ISP Changes and Expectations Major headcount reduction and consolidation Outsourcing postmaster duties, delivery management and functionality(FBLs) ISPs Have evolved: They don’t consider themselves ISPs Creating features that allow the user to control their in-box Offering additional filtering options for inbox management Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! have enhanced user experience options User control equates to engagement = This is good (ROI) Authentication is a REQUIREMENT now Deliverability decision making is a reality No authentication: do not pass go straight to the junk folder
    27. 27. Deliverability ROI Insurance Client Onboarding IP Warming Reputation Execution FBL Management Whitelisting Execution Management Ongoing ManagementISP Remediation Proactive Outreach ISP Troubleshooting Blacklist Resolution Re Ramp Planning andExecution Reputation RepairDeliverability vs. ISP Remediation
    28. 28. Final Thoughts The song remains the same Deliverability is your ROI protector Deliverability services are insurance services You are still “guilty until proven innocent” with the receivers Retention vs. Acquisition email have separate issues andchallenges associated with their respective models Deliverability and ISP Remediation are two separate areas ofmanagement It takes time to solve ISP issues and they can be very complex The road to the inbox will evolve as messaging strategies change Your mailing reputation cannot be ignored - it WILL follow you!
    29. 29. act-on.comReady Now?1 (877) 530-1555 or sales@act-on.comThank