Digital Marketing for SMBs


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  • Source: Microsoft Clip Art
  • In any email – you need to know what you aim to accomplish before hitting “send”We were challenged with increasing the CTR, and the theory was that if we offered more links – this “buffet” of links would workIt challenged popular, textbook wisdom, thoughSo… how’d it work?
  • Give the audience (if possible – I’m not sure if this is live or online) a chance to guess the CTR on buffet version>>fade in animation on click<<
  • Needs work.
  • Digital Marketing for SMBs

    1. 1. Digital Marketing for SMBs Atri Chatterjee
    2. 2. Agenda• A macro view into marketing at SMBs• What differentiates the top performers?• Three illustrative case studies• Ideas for getting started
    3. 3. Some New Research By Act-On• What 1,000 to 2,499 employees – Study of small and mid-sized businesses 22% 50 to 249 conducted by Act-On and Forrester employees 48% – Survey done in August and early 500 to 999 September 2012; results still preliminary employees 14%• Who 250 to 499 – 206 companies in North America employees 16% – Between 50 and 2,500 employees – B-to-B and B-to-B-to-C Executive 1% Head of Marketing• Why Manager 17% of – To understand how SMBs are marketing marketing 45% online – See if any differences between top Senior performers & the rest manager in Individual contributor marketing 0% 37%
    4. 4. Top Performers, At Plan & LaggardsLaggards Below Plan, 20% Top Performers Above Plan, 35% At or close to Plan, 45% Total respondents = 206
    5. 5. Impact of the Economy on MarketingHow has the economic slowdown affected your approach to marketing? Reduced marketing 36% budget/expenses Kept marketing budget/expenses 35% unchanged Increased marketing 24% efforts/budgets/ expenses Decreased 10% marketing staff Increased 8% marketing staff Other 0% Total respondents = 206
    6. 6. Amount Spent on Marketing Programs Dont know 8% More than 10% 5% 9% to 10% 5% 7% to 8% 10% 5% to 6% 16% 2% to 4% 25%Less than 2% 32% Total respondents = 206
    7. 7. Marketing Challenges Faced What are your biggest marketing challenges right now? Converting more leads into opportunities 41% Increasing sales from existing customers 39% Differentiating from competition 33%Closing more deals from existing lead flows 33% Visibility/Awareness 32% Driving more traffic to our website 22%Shortening amount of time from lead- Total (n=206) to-revenue 21% Generating net new on-target leads 21% Sorting the junk from the quality in our inbound leads 11% Decrease customer acquisition cost 8% Other, please specify 1% We don’t have any challenges 1%
    8. 8. Level of Relevant Technology Use CRM & Marketing Automation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) (e.g. 19% 13% 12% 16% 24% 16% MicrosoftDynamics, Marketing and lead management automation 41% 28% 12% 5% 9% 5% (e.g. Act- On, Marketo, Pardot) Not yet interested Interested, but no plans Actively evaluating and planning to implement within the next year Implemented, re-evaluating, have not met goals/are not happy Implemented, we have met our goals/ are happy Expanding / upgrading implementation
    9. 9. SME Marketers Underestimate Use of SocialAlmost 23% of respondents said they were not interested in using social for marketing• You said that you are not interested in using social media for marketing. Which of the following statements apply to you? Our target buyer is not engaged with 81% social media for business The impact of social marketing is 17% too hard to measure B2B Buyers are Using social media Total already way more would be too time- 17% (n=47) active socially that B2 consuming for our staff marketers realize. Other, please 9% specify We dont know how to integrate 0% social marketing into our…
    10. 10. Business People are Active on Social 86% 32% Engage Arein social activity content creators while working. 55% Cite online communities and forums as influencers on their decisions Base: 645 IT decision-makers at firms with 100 or more employees in the US and Western Europe Source: Q1 2011 US And European B2B Social Technographics® Online Survey For Business Technology Buyers *Source: North American Technographics® Online Benchmark Survey, Q2 2010 (US)
    11. 11. Agenda• A macro view into marketing at SMBs• What differentiates the top performers?• Three illustrative case studies• Ideas for getting started
    12. 12. Top Performers Invest MoreCategory Top Performers LaggardsOver 5% of revenue invested 40% 25%in marketing programsMaintained or increased 62% 42%marketing budget even aftereconomic slow down
    13. 13. Top Performers Are Faster Technology AdoptersHave you currently implemented or actively evaluating marketingautomation software ? Laggards 14% At Plan 18% Top 71% Performers
    14. 14. Top Performers Use Active TechniquesActive TechniquesCategory Top Performers LaggardsEmail marketing 66% 52%Webinars 62% 57%Seminars 59% 45%Passive TechniquesCategory Top Performers LaggardsContent 55% 68%Website 55% 61%Newsletters 41% 55% Source = Forrester Research Act-On webinar presented April 2012
    15. 15. Top Performers are More DeliberateThey measure more...Attribute Top Performers who Laggards who measure measureCost per qualified lead 31% 17%Qualified lead over time 32% 17%Sales accepted leads 32% 20%They nurture more...Attribute Top Performers LaggardsNurture leads for less than 1 33% 43%month before giving to salesNurture leads for 1-3 months 56% 32%before giving to sales
    16. 16. Agenda• A macro view into marketing at SMBs• What differentiates the top performers?• Three illustrative case studies• Ideas for getting started
    17. 17. On24 – Sales integration of Email & Social• The Company – Platform for webcasting and virtual events – Over 750 customers across many verticals • The Challenge – A need for better sales communication with prospects – Single integrated system across marketing and sales
    18. 18. Email & Social integrated with CRM• Email – Personalized high quality email from within CRM system – No learning curve for sales• Social – Twitter – Listen and engage on twitter – Find sales ready leads based on Twitter engagement• Hot Prospects – Sales tracks prospects in real- time based on their activity• Results – Leads up 100% – Opportunities up 25%
    19. 19. Progressive Insurance -- Webinars• The Company – Large insurance company in business since 1937 – Annual premiums over $15B – Sells through 30K independent insurance agents • The Challenge – Need to provide timely information to agents – Webinars logistics were time consuming – Actionable webinar metrics were needed
    20. 20. Optimizing Webinars• Webinar Management – Webinar setup with automated invitations and reminders• Sophisticated Engagement – Segmentation based on webinar activity – Customized calls to action based on behavior• Results – Automated administration of events  10x increase in events – Segmentation and scoring has increased quality of interaction with agents
    21. 21. HA Advantage – Emphasis on Metrics• The Company – Logistics technology for “Less Than Truckload” LTL shipping – Customers are operations, shipping and logistics personnel in companies; secondary customers are finance – Revenue of $16M in 2011; growing at 100% per year • The Marketing Challenge – High quality leads – Quick deployment – Metrics to improve
    22. 22. Use Metrics to Constantly Improve• Open rates + Click through rates helped to fine tune messaging early – Segmentation helped really understand their buying audience – Example: Finance segment performance very low with “shipping” message; higher with “profit/margin” messaging HA Advantage Confidential 22
    23. 23. Data Helped Challenge Popular Wisdom• One offer, one call to action – But what about a complex B2B sales cycle? – Many participants in sale – different needs and interests• Alignment with objectives – Increase CTR, drive lead scores HA Advantage Confidential 23
    24. 24. What version wins? 1 link 17 linksCTR: 20.8% CTR: 48.2% HA Advantage Confidential 24
    25. 25. Agenda• A macro view into marketing at SMBs• What differentiates the top performers?• Three illustrative case studies• Ideas for getting started
    26. 26. Getting Started1. Create a strategy2. Start the dialogue within your team3. Start small – don’t get overwhelmed4. Measure and refine5. Continue to streamline processes with tools
    27. 27. We Can Help…• Contact me:• Call: 1 (877) 530-1555 or email us:• Twitter: @actonsoftware