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7 Habis of Today's Highly Successful SMBs


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7 Habis of Today's Highly Successful SMBs

  1. 1. 7 Marketing Habits of Today’sHighly Successful SMBs | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  2. 2. Welcome! Thanks for joining us today.Jeff LintonAct-On SoftwareSr. Manager, Product & Field | @jeffreylinton | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  3. 3. Agenda• Background• 7 Marketing Habits• Next Steps | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  4. 4. 7 Marketing Habits – Survey Study of SMBs Survey Objectives and Goals SMB Decision MakersRESULTS 7 Marketing Habits help successful SMBs grow beyond expectations | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  5. 5. Online vs. OfflineBottom Performers Seek Security• Spend on direct mail and print• 68% perceive online marketing is equal to offline and• Online “inappropriate” for their brand• Not focused on current/following quarters | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  6. 6. 1. Emphasize Online vs. Offline Strategies Online Marketing is the Game Changer • 32% reach more audiences and compete more effectively • 71% choose the marketing automation online approach • Use robust reporting and analytics to optimize campaign effortsRESULTS Top Performers reach more audiences and compete more broadly | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  7. 7. Cost CuttingBottom Performers focus on cost cutting• Decrease customer acquisition costs• Maximize impact of marketing budget• Over-emphasis on reducing key marketing efforts• Improve competitiveness and move focus from funnel | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  8. 8. 2. Focus on new business leads and lifetime value over acquisition costs Focus more on getting new customers • Improve funnel performance and customer LTV • Align marketing and sales and urge collaboration • Measure effectiveness of each individual campaign, fine-tuneRESULTS Top Performers improve the lead funnel to effectively attract and convert | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  9. 9. Social MediaBottom Performers unsure if Social Media works• 1 in 3 SMBs report SM is either not working or do not know if it is working for them• Uncertain of click-through rates from new customers• No insight on real-time multi- channel optimization | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  10. 10. 3. Execute highly optimized, multi-channel campaigns Combination of online marketing tactics • Utilize email, web, and social media programs repeatedly • Engage with prospects via multiple touch points • Reach targeted customers that subscribe to select venuesRESULTS Top Performers develop a process for real-time multi-channel optimization | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  11. 11. Lead NurturingBottom Performers pass off leads much earlier• 43% pass off leads in less than 1 month• 25% hold onto leads for more than 3 months• Prospects pushed through funnel pre- maturely or too late | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  12. 12. 4. Nurture leads carefully, until the time is right >50% of Top Performers nurture leads 1 to 3 months • Nurture before passing them on to sales • Cultivate leads and provide information needed to evaluate product/service • Prospects demonstrate key indicators prior to reaching salesRESULTS Top Performers properly cultivate leads prior to passing them off to sales | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  13. 13. Metrics44% of The Bottom are not measuring anything• Don’t measure and make uneducated guesses• Unable to quantify print advertising campaigns• Resort to reactive tactics leading to no recipe for success• Uncertain who is visiting their web site | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  14. 14. 5. Collect the metrics that matter Analyze virtually everything • Cost per lead and qualified lead • Time period of qualified lead and cost per new customer • Track and measure real-time results for actionable campaign adjustmentsRESULTS Top Performers analyze real-time results to optimize campaign performance | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  15. 15. CollaborationBottom Performers tend to create silos• Less likely for sales and marketing teams to collaborate• Definition and execution of marketing efforts are not coordinated• Sales and marketing deliver on separate efforts• Customer insights gained are not shared | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  16. 16. 6. Urge increased collaboration between sales and marketing Sales and Marketing teams collaborate • Set revenue targets, goals and lead qualification criteria • Create cross-team communication • Use shared, real-time intelligence • Manage sales leads based on behaviorRESULTS Top Performers collaborate and share real-time metrics between sales & marketing | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  17. 17. Cut and Reduce Costs Bottom Performers cut and await better days • 56% cut their marketing budget • Only 15% increased hiring to take advantage of opportunities • Tend to decrease investments in partnerships and channels | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  18. 18. 7. Maintain marketing budgets during a difficult economy Top Performers are far less likely to reduce spending • One-third reported a reduction in marketing budgets “Be fearful when others are greedy. • One-third have increased Be greedy when others are fearful.” hiring to take advantage –Warren Buffet of opportunities • Tend to invest in software to understand precise value of marketing activitiesRESULTS Top Performers run more campaigns with fewer resources | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  19. 19. Review – 7 Marketing Habits1. Emphasize online over offline marketing strategies2. Focus on new business leads and lifetime value over acquisition costs3. Execute highly optimized, multi-channel campaigns4. Nurture leads carefully, until the time is right5. Collect the metrics that matter6. Urge increased collaboration between sales and marketing7. Maintain marketing budgets during a difficult economy | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW
  20. 20. For More Information…. For more information on the eBook 7 Marketing Habits of Highly Effective SMBs visit: | @ActOnSoftware | #ActOnSW