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March calendar2012


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March calendar2012

  1. 1. Kindergarten News March 2012 UPCOMING EVENTS LD Conferences – March 16 – No School Spring Break – March 19 – April 1 Classes Resumes – April 2Dear Parents, HOMEWORK CALENDARThe month of March will be filled with the Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Fridayadventures of Flat Stanley. We will be sending him 26 27 28 1 2to visit your home and other places. Have your childlook for Flat Stanley in the mail. In the near Check your Choose an Check your Count to 100 Read a Dr. folder for activity from folder for by 5’s and Seuss bookfuture, look for a letter in your child’s folder your your your 10’s. with a familyregarding more details of Flat Stanley’s adventures. homework. Mathematics at Home homework. member. booklet.You will be receiving your child’s report card soon,by mail. Questions or concerns will be addressed at 5 6 7 8 9your conference. Return Flat Practice your Check your Tell your Enjoy a Stanley to star words. folder for family how picture school along your much a book.Spring is definitely in the air and the children are with the homework. penny,excited about the upcoming spring break. We hope addressed nickel, dime envelope. and quartereveryone has a restful, relaxing two weeks. Enjoy are worth.your time together. 12 13 14 15 16Kindly, Check your Choose an Check your Tell your Read a folder for activity from folder for family book to yourThe Kindergarten Team your your your something family. homework. Mathematics homework. that you at Home learned No School booklet. about St. LD Patrick’s Conferences Day. E-mail Contact InformationMrs. 19 20 21 22 23Ms. Spring Break 26Mrs. © 2007 by Education World®. Education World grants users permission to reproduce this work sheet for educational purposes only. 1