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Sustainable business presentation2


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Sustainable business presentation2

  1. 1. Tierre Le® Michele Haltenhof & Khourin Wilkins
  2. 2. Why Tierre Le® exists?• As founders of the company we chose the name Tierre Le® which means Earth bound in French• The name embodies the purpose of our brand• Our mission is to create eco- trendy apparel that utilizes materials from the Earth, can be returned to Earth and supports communities of the Earth
  3. 3. Business Model Our business is centered around providing quality apparel that reduces our footprint through fabrications sourced and manufacturing processes.How will this happen?-Maintaining key relationships with our partnerships and consumers-Our resources consist of fabrications that are completely sustainable, manufacturers with eco friendly processes and our customer and workforce-Our key activities lie in the events that will take place and our messaging as a brand through online presence and through leadership in the apparel industry-Through our business model, the goal is to create an affordableeco-trendy line for our consumer, provide quality customer serviceand remain true to our first key partners – the planet and itscommunities present and future
  4. 4. Key Activities• ECO Designs• ECO fabric & trim R&D• ECO Cost• Management• Production• Tech Design• ECO Market research• Create branding opportunities• Merchandising
  5. 5. Key Activities InsightCreates the future and sustainability of the business – Source recycled materials, organic fibers, and natural dyes to protect our environment – Maintain the possible lowest costs to ensure retail price points are at a great price – Designs are a the top of current trends, fashion trendsetters will acknowledge business strategy and keep the reputation of the brand strong
  6. 6. -ECO friendly fabrics are the waveBusiness for the future. We will increase business success, and brand awareness by partnering withPartners Businesses who are ECO friendly, taking into consideration our environmentalEco Ventures Group Inc. protection and ones own health. We like to minimize emissions and harm to the environment -The way to achieve this is by using the three R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle -ECO Ventures Group Inc. is an ECO friendly business venture. The company specializes in growing minerals, renewable“Eco Friendly” energy and other resource needs“Economically Sound”
  7. 7. BusinessPartners -Libolon is a yarn manufacturing facilityLibolon: where they use recycled bottles and crush them toExample: Recycled Polyester introduce eco friendlycycle fabric -See below are a list of brand fiber companies we have partnered with
  8. 8. BusinessPartners -US textile manufacturer of warp knits, circularGreen Textiles knits and woven fabrics. This facility produces sustainable fibers such as: recycled polyester, Bamboo, and hemp. -They ensure profitability by putting people first.
  9. 9. Key Resources• Quality eco-friendly materials• Collaborative vendors for manufacturing• Apparel distributors• Local communities• Graphic designers• Stake holders• Advertisers• Social media outlets• Sustainable businesses and organizations• Designers• Employees• Customers• Eco conscious buyers• Financial guarantees• Patents
  10. 10. Stakeholder matrix A: The “primary beneficiaries” B: The ones that can make the difference High 1. Customers 1. CEO 2. Suppliers 2. Company 3. Contractors Level of Importance 3. Employees 4. Community D: the “bystanders” C. The “risk group” 1. Social Medias 2. Partners with 1. Shareholders organizations 2. Government 3. Sustainable 3. Investors companies Low High Level of influence
  11. 11. Solution to the problem-Our solution to saving the environment and increasing customers satisfaction is to have the right resources and back up resources, and increase knowledge as to where they came from and how they are saving the environment.ECO friendly fabrics:Bamboo – Has become widely known for its luxurious softness, smooth hand, flowing and gentle drape. Its cheaper than cashmere, so this will create a greater profit for our company. These fabrics will be free of pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides. It contains a substance that makes it antimicrobial Organic cotton – Are grown without toxic pesticides or fertilizers. Must be grown in a soil that has been free of chemicals for three years before the cotton can be planted on itOptional fabrics: Organic Wool – Is grown in Sonoma County, California. Raised chemical-free, light-weight wool fabrics are naturally moisture-wicking, odor-resistant, and breathable. Hemp – Requires no chemical, and pesticides. Used to create strong sturdy, soft, and delicate fabrics. It is a renewable resource that can be ready as little as 100 days and is the most versatile fiberUpcycling :”Eco-Friendly: Whats better than reusing those pesky plastic bottles? Repurposing them into clothes that fit your healthy lifestyle saves on landfill, oil, and other well-known harmful environmental effects of all those bottles we throw away. Plastic can be recycled into many fitness-specific clothes, from cycling shorts to socks. In fact, it takes about 20 bottles to make one bike shirt, so the practice of upcycling can have a major impact on the environment.”
  12. 12. Solution to the problemNatural Dyes:-Plant-based, vegetable pigments provide desired color-Natural dyes-mainly from plant and other organic sources-Muslims, silk, and cotton work best for natural dyes.We have located a company in Nashville, TN called Artisan Natural Dyeworks-They use plant and earth based dyes, such as the sun to oxidize the color of the cloth
  13. 13. Target CustomerTierreLe’s lady is between 20 -30 yrs old Represent diverse demographics Socially and environmentally connected Working professional / entering the workforce Fashion forward trendsetterso We advertise in our “fashion spread” magazines about our refreshing lifestyle and what it means to save the environment and our own health. -Coupons are distributed to those who sign up to our latestgossip. We spread our brand through social medias, such asFacebook, Twitter, and youtube, to promote and send out amessage.
  14. 14. Tierre Le’s Value to the consumer Products ServicesQuality apparel made of sustainable Provide on-trend and affordable apparel fabrications for women locally manufactured apparel Customer-centric service Online “look book” Easy online shopping /free shipping in Create positive awareness of the US- rates apply internationally social, economic and environmental challenges through design Retail store in NYC Frequent sales on apparel YouTube video of “what’s trending today” Consumer buy-back option (company assist with responsible disposal
  15. 15. MarketTop ten Eco-friendly U.SCities: New York City Stats• New York City According to the 2010 census there were 7,252,871 women in NYC between the• Los Angeles ages of 18-44. This represents an• Philadelphia estimate of the potential market in the borough of Manhattan alone• Atlanta• Washington, D.C. There are over 40 colleges and universities within NYC• Dallas• Austin• Houston• San Francisco
  16. 16. Further insights into Tierre Le® business modelRevenue Model:• As a company that will sell apparel via online and in 1 retail location (NYC) the models utilized will be merchant and manufacturer.• Merchant: (catalog-web based only, click &mortar)• Manufacturer: (Purchase, branded integrated content)
  17. 17. Revenue models detailed-Catalog will be exclusively online to reduce costs and minimize paper usage and waste- customers will purchase items online globally• Click & Mortar provides customers the ability to not only shop online, but also in our retail store• Purchase provides the consumer with a direct sale through the website• Brand Integrated content will set us apart from other apparel companies in that we will deliver a consistent message around sustainability
  18. 18. Stakeholder Input &• Activities Suppliers- Key to providing quality fabrications sourced locally and internationally- through research• Customers- support the brand through activism , purchasing and spreading the message via social media and government• Community- Support legislature to improve community relations and the brand by spreading the message• Employees- Provide quality input on various levels through hard work, innovation and creativity• Shareholders- provide financial support through partnering with like board members and sourcing new opportunities for company development• Government- respond accordingly to the needs of the planet through passing legislature supportive the three pillars of sustainability• Investors- provide monetary resources through sourcing available funds and remaining honest and dedicated to the mission• Social Media- Provides great marketing and advertising opportunities at no cost by linking individuals globally• Sustainable companies- Support brand by joining and sponsoring key events to strengthen the mission and its values• Partner with Organizations- organizations that can provide workforce and other resources by aligning with like goals and objectives
  19. 19. Stakeholder Outcomes & Impacts• The outcomes of each of the stakeholders create an environment that meets the three pillars of sustainability Earth Society EconomyThe impacts are unified organizational goals with external and internal projectsJob growth through retail store and other community initiativesDecrease in apparel industries negative impact on the earthThe hiring of local talent to work within fair and just environments
  20. 20. Why invest in Tierre Le?• Having outlined the various components of our Tierre Le , we the founders and owners of the company believe that a major shift needs to occur• The goal is to change the planets current condition and communities we touch for the better- one thread at a time• The relevancy for sustainable business design is high and the need is urgent• This is not just another brand - Tierre Le is in fact a lifestyle that should be adopted as industry norm• Key takeaways- Sustainable apparel- Supports the Earth and its communities
  21. 21. • images• 2/07/30/responsible-shoppers-but-bad- citizens/the-power-of-environmentally- conscious-shopping• c2010br-03.pdf