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Open Innovation vs. Experience Co-Creation @daniel_egger


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Experience Co-Creation is named as the 'third wave of innovation' and difference itself to 'open innovation'. This presentation shows in a simple example the main differences between the two methodologies.

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Open Innovation vs. Experience Co-Creation @daniel_egger

  1. 1. Open Innovation vs.  Open Innovation vs Experience Co‐Creation p
  2. 2. The traditional innovation process
  3. 3. Traditional R&D Easy and fast  Focus on design demountable parts  Tires with altered PP  Higher security offering lower friction Organic plastic g p Maintenance
  4. 4. The lense of open innovation Solvers Seekers Polymer  Polymer R&D  Focus on  young  R&D customers Design Excellence in  production R&D Bicycle  manufacturer Market M k t R&D Universities Car sector R&D Brakes  Community manufacturer R&D ...n
  5. 5. Paradigms are shifting R&D Experience • Products P d t • Transcend the  • Technology traditional R&D • Materials • Focus on  • Processes interactions • Design • Emotions • Time to market Time to market • Personalized Personalized  • Viability Experience • Services
  6. 6. How do we define experience? An experience stimulates and satisfies  individually the senses of the interacter  individually the senses of the interacter (customer) by creating an emotional  connection. It further transcends the  connection It further transcends the traditional vision of products and  services.
  7. 7. What is an experience? Personalized (image source: Involves all senses Higher focus/ concentration during the process Altered perception of time p p Creation of an emotional connection Unique process with an intrinsic value for each customer Offers a reflection/stimulation
  8. 8. The experience co-creation innovation process
  9. 9. The value creation as a result of dialogue, access, risk sharing and transparency Value creation “inside-out” “outside-in” SCIENCE PUSH DEMAND PULL New way of value creation – focus on the experience generation by participation of Logic of value creation of the last 75 years several stakeholder in the creation Client s are seen as ‘value destructor’ process Passive participation The client is a productive value creator co-creation “co-creation”
  10. 10. Experience Co-Creation integrated the customer in the organization’s creation process Could I create and place  my own logo on the  I  should feel like driving  g bike? Where would my friend  a Ducatti sit? i? I would like to buy a  y When the color would  Wh th l ld “racing suit”/outfit that  not be orange combines with my bike .  Who is using the same  or similar bicycle? Is this bike receicable? I would like to drive in  I ld lik t d i i the water My apartment is quiet  small, how to I store my  bike? The product is cool but  p How can I track where my  the service.... child is riding the bike?
  11. 11. Different experiences and views create new qualitative ideas Partners Stakeholders Suppliers Target  group IT  company ? Bicycle Shop Company Market Tourism  Agency Community Environmentali Gaming  st company Partners.. .n Industry Co‐Creation and collaboration  environment
  12. 12. Experience platforms contextual and therefore exist off & on-line
  13. 13. Creating new experiences via a new partner network
  14. 14. From the traditional to the experience innovation taxonomy Old New Process Interactions Products d P d t and services i Experiences E i Experience environments Technology (on‐line and off‐line) ( ) Collaboration Individual Community Stakeholder Individual
  15. 15. Where can you drink a coffee with us * Atuação através de parceiros
  16. 16. Contacts
  17. 17. d i l @ ti b
  18. 18. What is ‘creative commons’