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Nicklaus Design overview.
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Nicklaus Design

  1. 1. Credibility, Integrity & ExcellenceFor over 40 years, Jack Nicklaus has created a record in thegame of golf considered the standard of excellence which allgolfers aspire to accomplish. As a gentleman champion, JackNicklaus established equally high standards of integrity andcredibility in his life outside the ropes – as a family man, abusiness man, a philanthropist, and as a global ambassadorfor the sport. The Golden Bear has built the world’s mostsuccessful golf course design business and has developedan international lifestyle brand – two businesses thatcontinue to grow in market share. Over the years, JackNicklaus has strategically limited his corporate associationsso that he maintains high standards of credibility and qualityin finding “the right fit.” Brand fits with companies like Coca-Cola, American Express, Rolex, Gulfstream, and the RoyalBank of Scotland are examples of successful Nicklausmarketing relationships.Today, the Nicklaus Companies is the manifestation of aman and a name that is synonymous with greatness andintegrity in the sport of golf and in business.
  2. 2. The Jack Nicklausname is the standard of excellence by which all golfers, golf courses andbrands are measured.
  3. 3. THE NICKLAUS NAME Named “Most Powerful Person in Golf” for a record six straight years Named “Individual Male Athlete of the Century” by SPORTS ILLUSTRATED Record 18 professional major championship titles, including six Masters Nicklaus Design is the world-leader in golf course designGlobal brand generates over $250 million in retail product sales/year
  4. 4. THE STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE Only living person outside the Royal family to be featured on British Currency The driving influence in the creation of 2005 Presidential Medal of the PGA Tour Freedom — the highest Chairman and Trustee of honor awarded to any The First Tee Program United States civilian Founder of one of the PGA Tour’s most prestigious events, The Memorial TournamentGlobal ambassador for golf’ssuccessful campaign to becomean Olympic sport
  5. 5. NICKLAUS COMPANIES TODAY Second-generation global Nicklaus Family-owned business. World leader in golf course design with over 375 courses open for play in 36 countries; 57 under contract/construction. Over 40 years dedicated to the golf equipment industry. Real Estate holdings in the Americas, Europe, Africa, and Asia. International brand licensing and marketing endorsement business centered on one of the greatest icons in sports.The result is one of the industry’s longest and most powerful companies, influencing markets around the world.
  6. 6. NICKLAUS COMPANIESJack drives a company that dominates several sectors of the golf industry ashe also searches to grow the game in new markets. NICKLAUS Companies• Over $250 million in annual retail sales of Nicklaus-branded products worldwide• 377 golf courses open for play
  7. 7. NICKLAUS COMPANIES NICKLAUS DESIGN• Global leader in golf course design• Integrated golf course design, construction and operations services• Turn-key golf academy and instruction system, facility design, instructor and player development programs, and operations services• Jack drives a leading company in the golf industry while simultaneously searching to grow the game in new and emerging markets around the world
  8. 8. NICKLAUS COMPANIES Jack drives a company that dominates several sectors of the golf industry while simultaneously searching to grow the game in new markets. NICKLAUS DESIGN FACTSOpen for play:• North/Central & South America: 252• Asia: 87• Europe: 38 Total: 377
  9. 9. Nicklaus Companies Insert Map Over 370 courses open for play in 36 countries and projects under development in 25 countries
  10. 10. Jack NicklausCourses open for play: 289Awards and Honors:Most Powerful Person in Golf 2004-09(Golf Inc. magazine)Golf Course Architect of the Year in Asia 2008-10(Asian Golf Monthly Magazine)Golf Course Architect of the Year in Mexico 2005-09(BEST’s Golf Guides to Mexico)Woodrow Wilson Award for Corporate Citizenship 2008(Wilson International Center for Scholars)Donald Ross Award 2001(American Society of Golf Course Architects)Golf Course Architect of the Year(GolfWorld magazine 1993)Old Tom Morris Award 2005(Golf Course Superintendents Association of America)
  11. 11. NICKLAUS’ OTHER GREEN JACKETNicklaus Design has been lauded for decades for its environmentally responsibleapproach to golf course design. As part of an approach that not only protects butenhances the natural environment, Nicklaus Design Agronomy utilizes greenpractices and is the leading maintenance consulting group for course design andconstruction. Nicklaus Design not only guides clients on how to be goodenvironmental stewards, but also how to reduce turf maintenance costs.• At least 40 Nicklaus Design courses in the US have been engaged in the Audubon International Signature Program.• Nicklaus received the 1996 Audubon Special Recognition Award• No fewer than 10 Environmental Leadership and Stewardship awards• Golf Digest Environmental Leaders in Golf Award for Old Works, which turned an abandoned copper-smelting plant into one of the country’s top public-access course.
  12. 12. NICKLAUS DESIGN RANKINGS At least 65 Nicklaus Design courses have been ranked in various national and international Top-100 lists.•26 of T&L Golf’s “Top 100 Golf Communities,”including five of the top six, feature a Nicklauscourse.•18 Nicklaus Design courses were listed amongGolfweek’s “Top 100 Residential Courses.”•70 Nicklaus Design courses made Golf Digest’s“Best In State” (12 at #1 or #2).•Nicklaus won “Best New Private Course inAmerica” honors in 2006 (The Concession),2007 (Sebonack) and 2009 (Red Ledges).
  13. 13. NICKLAUS DESIGN GLOBAL RANKINGS Golf Digest recognized 25 Nicklaus Design courses in its “Top Courses in 197 Countries.” Eight Nicklaus Design courses were ranked first or second in their respective countries.• In the 2010 Best of Asia Pacific rankings, NicklausDesign was not only named Architect of the Year inAsia for a third straight year, Nicklaus had the No. 1course in four countries.• Punta Espada Golf Club at Cap Cana in theDominican Republic debuted in Golf Digest’s list ofthe “100 Best Courses Outside the United States”just seven months after opening for play and is nowranked No. 1 in the Caribbean/Mexico market.• The Kinloch Club in New Zealand was named oneof T&L Golfs “Top 10 New Courses” before thefinal nine holes were completed.
  14. 14. TOURNAMENT VENUES No fewer than 95 Nicklaus Design courses have hosted over 650 professional tournaments worldwide or significant U.S. amateur events.• In 2012 alone, Nicklaus courses will host 16PGA Tour-sanctioned events—seven on thePGA Tour, six on the Champions Tour, andthree on the Nationwide Tour.• Another two play host to events on the LPGATour; five host European Tour events; and twomore on the Asian Tour.• 25% of the events on the 2012 ChampionsTour schedule are on Jack Nicklaus-designed 2012 Memorial Tournament Winner Tiger Woodscourses, including two of their majors.
  16. 16. PRE-CONSTRUCTION • Project Analysis • Site Analysis
  17. 17. PRE-CONSTRUCTION • Preliminary Routing Plan • Final Routing Plan • Permitting and Approval Process • Plan Production • Consultants • Contractor Bidding • Material Selection
  18. 18. CLEARING • Surveying • Site Preparation • Phase One Clearing • Phase Two Clearing • Selective Clearing • Grubbing
  19. 19. ROUGH SHAPING • Detail Feature Shaping • Large Scale Shaping • Surveying • Shaper Selection
  20. 20. DRAINAGE • Drainage Engineer (Selection Process) • Storm Drainage • Feature Drainage • Compaction and Clean Up
  21. 21. IRRIGATION • Irrigation Plan • Pump Station Installation • Irrigation Layout • Irrigation Installation • Clean-Up
  22. 22. FEATURE CONSTRUCTION • Lakes • Bunkers • Tees • Greens • Cart Path
  23. 23. FINISH SHAPING • Bunkers • Tees • Greens • Fairways and Rough • Sand Capping • Fairway Drainage
  24. 24. GRASSING • Tree Planting • Seed Bed Preparation • Grassing • Landscape
  25. 25. GROW IN • Superintendent (Selection Process) • Fertility & Disease Control • Erosion Control • Mowing & Grooming • Final Clean-Up
  26. 26. MODELS AND ANIMATION Nicklaus Design uses proprietary software to create state-of-the-art 3-D models and animations.
  27. 27. MEDIA & PUBLIC RELATIONS Media RelationsInterviews Press Conferences
  28. 28. Homepage • Web site averages more than 40,000 visits per month. • Web site averages more than 115,000 page views per month. • Most site traffic is due to interest in Nicklaus Design projects.
  29. 29. Nicklaus Design site is available in several languages.
  30. 30. Customized web pages are created for all Nicklaus Design golfcourses whether they are open for play or under construction.
  31. 31. GOLDEN BEAR INSIDER As another vehicle of exposure for our clients, the Golden Bear Insider newsletter is distributed via email at least once per month to a Nicklaus affinity, client and fan database.
  32. 32. GOLF COURSE PHOTOGRAPHY Monte ReiKilleen Castle Golf Resort Tseleevo Golf Polo Club Golf course photography support provided to Nicklaus Design clients for promotional and marketing use. Muirfield Village Golf Club
  33. 33. NICKLAUS ART & MEMORABILIA A broad selection of products is available at prices exclusively offered to Nicklaus Design Clients
  35. 35. After Jack’s retirement fromcompetition, his Q-Scoresactually increased to a 46(almost four times the averageof all active and retired golfers).Also, he’s in the Top 10 of thecurrent DBI CelebrityEndorsement scale, joiningOprah, Will Smith, Bill Gatesand Tom Hanks . Both are aremarkable statement to hisenduring value and relevance toconsumers.
  36. 36. THE NICKLAUS BRAND CREATES VALUE Homes in Nicklaus developments achieve both a 32% pricepremium and 15% faster sales velocity than the averages achieved by the other top golf course architects in the world. By way of example, if the average community has 300 residential units and the average price per unit is $1 million, then the 32% premium associated with the Nicklaus brand could create morethan $95 million in proceeds over the design products of the other top 12 golf course architects.Studies have shown that on average, a Nicklaus course sells $31.7million of golf memberships while the average per course achievedacross the top 12 name architects is $19.9 million. As important as the total sales achieved is the speed at which sales are made. Nicklaus courses, on average, sell all their memberships by year four, while golf courses by the remaining top 12 architects, on average, take six years to sell out memberships.
  37. 37. THE NICKLAUS IMPACT Case Study: Mission Hills China, Shenzhen, ChinaMission Hills, located in Shenzhen, just outside of Hong Kong, isrecognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest golfclub in the world, as it features 12 courses, four clubhouses, three spas,a five-star hotel, three golf academies, 51 tennis courts and numerousfine dining establishments. Over 600,000 rounds are played annuallythere. The first course, the World Cup course, was designed by JackNicklaus and opened in 1994. LINKS Magazine considers it one of “themost important courses of the last 20 years.” The population of Shenzhen in 1994 was 3.4 million. Today, the populationexceeds 12 million and Shenzhen is considered China’s fastest-growing city. The prices achieved for residential real estate at the project are consideredthe highest in China. The World Cup course hosts the top junior championship in Asia. During the design phase, the Nicklaus team worked closely with localgovernment officials on all aspects of approvals and course-relatedinfrastructure placement.
  38. 38. THE NICKLAUS IMPACTCase Study: Jack Nicklaus Golf Club of Korea, Incheon, South Korea Located in Incheon, Korea, the DEVELOPER OF New Songdo City sought to use the Nicklaus name to brand the entire club to help establish the destination and attract residents and corporations to this new city, positioned to become an economic hub for Northeast Asia, located on 1,500 acres of reclaimed land. In less than one year, the club has sold 98 memberships, representing over $90Million (USD) in sales. The memberships prices achieved at the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea are the highest in the country, and equally important, the Nicklaus-branded club serves as the centerpiece of the city and helps sell the overall residential and commercial hub.  The US $35 billion master plan totals 100 million square feet  65,000 permanent residents  22,500 new housing units  40 million square feet of office space  10 million square feet of retail space  5 million square feet hotel space Hosted the first PGA full-field PGA Tour event in the history of Asia
  39. 39. THE NICKLAUS IMPACT Case Study: The Bear’s Club, Jupiter, Florida• Within a few months of the membership launch, all 35 Foundingmemberships were finalized and the entire membership was sold out beforethe opening of the course. The memberships are the most expensive in theregion.• The real estate at The Bear’s Club is the most expensive, non-oceanfront inPalm Beach County.• Recognized by many national and international publications such as Travel& Leisure Golf Magazine as one of the Top Golf Communities in the World . “The Bear’s Club is like no other community in Palm Beach County, Southeast Florida, or anywhere in the United States.” —Affluent Magazine
  40. 40. THE NICKLAUS IMPACT A Global Case Study: South AfricaThe first five Nicklaus courses opened in SouthAfrica—all since 1998—have earned theprestigious honor of Golf Digest’s Best New Coursein South Africa, including 2010 winner Serengeti.Pearl Valley, the second Nicklaus course to openin South Africa (2003), is now the most expensiveGolf Estate in South Africa, per square foot of land.At Simola (opened in 2005) in Knysna, developerssold 80% of inventory within six months after it waslaunched. Other communities within a 100-kilometer radius have not achieved this level of sell-through even two or three years after launching.At St. Francis Links (2006) on the SoutheastCape, the project is 95% sold out. St. Francis firstlaunched without the Nicklaus name and theNicklaus Signature Course was added after thesales launch. On average, sales of property afterthe Nicklaus brand was added were 85% higherthan property sold without the Nicklaus brand.Despite South Africa enduring its own real estate downturn, Serengeti in Johannesburghas enjoyed 100 percent sell-through on all four phases launched since May 2006. The firstphase sold out in 2 hours, and each subsequent phase has sold out in a weekend. Theaverage selling price increased by about 30% in the first 18 months. Serengeti wasawarded the 2011 and 2012 South African Open Championship.
  41. 41. THE NICKLAUS IMPACT A Global Case Study: Los Cabos, Mexico In 1993, Jack Nicklaus opened the first 18-hole golf course in the LosCabos market. Prior to the opening, Los Cabos was a sleepy little fishingtown on the Baja Peninsula tip with one 9-hole municipal layout thatproduced only 5,000 rounds in 1992. Just eight years later, Nicklaus had opened three golf courses (63 totalholes) in Cabo and the market produced over 220,000 rounds that year. The year prior to Palmilla’s opening, there were only five flights per dayinto Cabo and the average occupancy rate was 39 percent. Less than adecade after opening Palmilla, daily flights into Cabo went from five to asmany as 35. Average occupancy rate doubled to 79 percent, and Cabo ledall of Mexico in average occupancy rate and average daily hotel rate. For his work in Cabo, Nicklaus was honored by the International Networkof Golf with its Achievement in Golf Course Design Award. GOLF Magazineranked Cabo No. 2 in the world as a destination for US golfers and wrote,“Mexico is hot and getting hotter, mainly because of Jack Nicklaus.” Today, 2.7 million passengers pass through the airport The Los Cabos area is the second-fastest growth community in Mexico.
  42. 42. BRANDED PRODUCTSLodging/Hotel Onsite Offsite Club Branding Branding Residential Branding Residential Branding Nicklaus Tower The Nicklaus Tower, Shenzhen, China Nicklaus Village/Manor/Estates
  43. 43. NICKLAUS COMPANIES NICKLAUS MARKETING• Licensing• Endorsements• Corporate Alliances• Equipment• Publishing• Lodging• Online merchandising and social networking
  44. 44. MARKETING & LICENSINGEndorsements Licensing Corporate• Allen Edmonds • Boston Hannah Publishing Alliances • Toro• AriZona Beverages • Hartmarx • Textron• Golf Digest • Kosugi • Exclusive Resorts• Nationwide • Kolon• Rolex • Jack Nicklaus Apparel• Sky Sports • Nicklaus Golf Equipment• Southwest Greens • Nicklaus Academies• Sub-Zero / Wolf • Shaw Rugs • Southwest Putting Greens • Upper Deck
  45. 45. MARKETING PARTNERS“You are judged by the company you keep.”
  47. 47. PUBLISHING CalendarsBooks Magazines Videos and DVDs
  48. 48. ACADEMY OF GOLF The Premier ‘Signature’ GolfInstruction System in the World
  49. 49. Nicklaus Academies provide a turn-key golfinstruction solution that combines the finest ininstruction, teaching facility design,professional instructor training andcertification, integrated technologies, andphysical and mental training programs.Services:• Facility & Coaching Studio Design• Operation Manuals• Instructional Manuals• Teacher Training & Certification• Proprietary Integrated Analysis Systems & Technologies• Operations Oversight• Marketing