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What Real Estate Professsionals Recommend You do Late in the Year


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The last two weeks of the year can be slow. Before slipping into that eggnog stupor, think about what a great opportunity this quiet period is to make some improvements in your real estate business.

ActiveRain Ambassador Celeste “Sally” Cheeseman asked our ActiveRain community to write a blog about what kind of activities they do in late December to get the ball rolling for 2014.

This ActiveRain Crowdsourcing webinar brings the great ideas together from the ActiveRain community on what real estate agents can be doing in late December to improve the health of their business.

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What Real Estate Professsionals Recommend You do Late in the Year

  1. 1. Crowdsourcing What Should You Do In Late December? @activerain
  2. 2. Crowdsourcing - What is it?
  3. 3. Why Spend the Next 40 Minutes with Me?
  4. 4. Give Your Business a Health Check
  5. 5. Silvia Dukes Spring Hills FL Clean up your CRM/Database
  6. 6. Completely Go Over Your Own Website
  7. 7. Review Your Expenses
  8. 8. Gene Riemenschneider Brentwood CA Clean Up Your Office
  9. 9. Holiday Prospecting........ .....Not Limited to Christmas Cards
  10. 10. Gail Robinson Southport CT Get Belly to Belly
  11. 11. Paula Bradfield Salida CO Knock on Some Doors
  12. 12. Jeff Fritzson Frisco TX Reconnect with Your Peers
  13. 13. Get Ready for 2014
  14. 14. Update Your Online Profiles Tracy Santrock Raleigh NC
  15. 15. Dorie Dillard Austin TX Write Your 2014 Business Plan
  16. 16. Andrea Bedard Silver Spring MD Re-Examine (or find) your Niche
  17. 17. Check out REALTOR® Got Run Over by a Reindeer