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INFOGRAPHIC: PowerPoint and Business


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Infographic detailing the special relationship PowerPoint shares with business, focusing primarily on how it came to be and what it has become...

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INFOGRAPHIC: PowerPoint and Business

  1. 1. POWERPOINT & BUSINESS INTERESTING NOTES ON A SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP PowerPoint was introduced as a business graphics package for managers, professionals and sales people. You probably use it regularly, but do you really know the product? Here, we illustrate some interesting facts and figures about PowerPoint; how it came to be and what is has become… Sources: BBC News, Microsoft, BRAINCHILD FIRST 1992 POWERPOINT WAS CREATED BY ROBERT & DENNIS GASKINS AUSTIN THE FIRST PUBLIC LAPTOP PRESENTATION It was originally called Presentation but changed to PowerPoint in 1987 because of a trademark issue WAS DELIVERED TO MICROSOFT EMPLOYEES (In Paris) LEADER BY MARKET SHARE 1993 POWERPOINT WAS THE 95% MARKET LEADER IN PC PRESENTATION PROGRAMMES DID YOU KNOW? 20 years later, PowerPoint continues to dominate with an estimated 95% share of the presentation software market HOW MANY? In the first instance, PowerPoint was developed for Mac when Gaskins & Austin worked for Forethought. THERE ARE 500 MILLION Microsoft bought Forethought in 1987 for $14 million POWERPOINT USERS WORLDWIDE Apple then waited until 2003 before releasing Keynote DAILY WORDY BUSINESSES GLOBALLY MAKE 30 M LL ON POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS PER DAY The average PowerPoint slide contains 40 words (There are 39 on the featured slide) CRITICISMS INCLUDE THE PRESENTATION RATHER THAN THE IS OFTEN THE FOCUS AUDIENCE Too many presenters use slides as speakers notes, relying on bullet-points as a prompt GOOGLE 13,100,000 SEARCH RESULTS GENERATED FOR ‘DEATH BY POWERPOINT’ (IN 0.33 SECONDS) But, used properly, PowerPoint can be the impressive graphic sales tool that it was always intended to be… … this infographic, for example, was made using PowerPoint To learn more about effective business communication with PowerPoint, visit