Driving Sales Executive Summit 2011


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ActivEngage Driving Sales presentation by Todd Smith

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  • Slow to engage and slow to answer the shoppers questions
  • Most chat go in the wrong direction and lack focus
  • Stop selling and start sharing information
  • Unique website visitor
  • Looks at 5-7 pages before they chat
  • What shoppers ask for during conversations
  • Response time to hit a best in class benchmark
  • The triangle of lead development
  • Open it up to questions
  • Driving Sales Executive Summit 2011

    1. 1. Secrets of 4 Million Live Chat ConversationsTurn your website shoppers into active buyers and move them from online leads intoshowroom appointments
    2. 2. 3Invitations Chats Statistics
    3. 3. Invitations
    4. 4. 38%American’s access the web from smart phones
    5. 5. .58%
    6. 6. 1.04%
    7. 7. 2.24%
    8. 8. Video Meet & Greet 6.62%
    9. 9. Personalized Invitations
    10. 10. Rich MediaConsumerExperience
    11. 11. Good Chat
    12. 12. Katie says @ 6:46:49 PM: Great Deposit to set  Hello letica. My name is Katie how can I help you? the tone of the chat -letica says @ 6:47:07 PM: and Katie lets Letica know that she is happy  looking to lease a nissan sentra to help! Perfect way toKatie says @ 6:47:31 PM: start a chat!  Excellent choice Letica. Id be happy to help you today.Katie says @ 6:47:40 PM:  Are you looking for any added options, or a certain color for your Katie takes controlSentra?   letica says @ 6:48:18 PM: by asking a  a white one and not sure about options yet...the advertisement for clarifying question109 per month...which model is that? to narrow downKatie says @ 6:49:37 PM: what the chatter is looking for.  Id be happy to have our Internet Sales Manager put together someSentra leasing options that work for that special.Katie says @ 6:49:58 PM:  Once we have some Sentra options lined up, and the details for thatleasing special, what is the best email address to contact you at?letica says @ 6:50:12 PM: Very good email request. Its to the  leticia.schiano@ogilvy.com point and specific to the information the shopper requested!
    13. 13. We always want to get the last name - andKatie says @ 6:50:46 PM: using the email address  Thank you Leticia. And to verify, is your last to confirm the last namename Schiano, like in your email?   takes away the theletica says @ 6:50:51 PM: customers ability to not  yes give us the name!Katie says @ 6:51:26 PM:  Great, thank you. Have you had the chance to This is a very importanttest drive a new 2011 Sentra yet? question! As one of our Chat Standards - it is veryletica says @ 6:51:33 PM: important to ask if the  not yet customer has test drivenKatie says @ 6:52:04 PM: the vehicle they are  All right, well Id be happy to take you on a interested in. The answervirtual test drive! It last about 90 seconds, so to this question helps thelet me know when it is finished. dealer understand how close to purchase the customer is. Great question Katie!
    14. 14. PERFECT use of our ActivTestDrive! By using this in the middle of the chat - this gives Katie that extra time to fill in her lead form, research the dealers site for anyKatie says @ 6:52:08 PM: information that would be helpful to this  chat, and check in on her other chatters.http://automotiontv.com/flash/automotion_player_lite.swf?id=4603&asset_id=11331&code=24 These Test Drive Videos are the perfectletica says @ 6:53:29 PM: way to get our shoppers exciting about  thanks purchasing! And when we have excitedKatie says @ 6:53:58 PM: customers - we get full leads for our dealers to help them sell vehicles!!!  You are welcome! Id be happy to getyou in for a real test drive Leticia, andyou can meet with our Internet SalesManager to discuss the leasing offer! Now Katie goes for the REAL test drive! After the customer has seen the virtual test drive and learned all about how the vehicle drives and runs in a video - its only natural that the customer now wants to come in and check it out for themselves! The Test Drive Videos are a great way to hook some appointments!
    15. 15. After giving the reasons for the appointment request - its time to actually ask for the appointment with an Options Oriented Question. PerfectKatie says @ 6:54:20 PM: Appt request Katie!!!  Would you have sometime this week to stop in for a test driveand meet with our Internet Sales Manager, or would theweekend work better for you?  letica says @ 6:55:09 PM:  yes. i work right across the street at ogilvyKatie says @ 6:55:24 PM:  Excellent! What day works best for you? Katie built a solid relationship with Letica by GUIDING to contact information, then sheletica says @ 6:55:30 PM: used the ActivTestDrive to get Letica excited  friday about getting a new car - This makes setting the appointment a no brainer because the customer WANTS to come in! Now all Katie has to do is Narrow down the day and time! Great work Katie!!!
    16. 16. Katie says @ 6:55:37 PM:  All right, and morning or afternoon?letica says @ 6:55:45 PM:  afternoon around lunch timeKatie says @ 6:56:05 PM: All right, how about Friday at 12:30?  letica says @ 6:56:11 PM:  sounds good   The appointment is set! Now itsKatie says @ 6:56:43 PM: time to go for the phone number.  Great! Also, Id like to have our Internet Sales By using the appointmentManager that will be helping you on Friday call you confirmation, and to let theto confirm this appointment, as well as introduce customer know who they will bethemself so you know who to ask for when you working with as reasons for thearrive! phone - it helps the chatter understand the benefit to giving more contact information.
    17. 17. Katie says @ 6:56:59 PM: Awesome  What is the best phone number to confirm this phone requestappointment with you Letica?   Katie!!!letica says @ 6:57:36 PM:  212 259 5288Katie says @ 6:58:24 PM:  http://www.nissanofmanhattan.net/staff.aspKatie says @ 6:58:25 PM: And then to finish the chat with our  Thank you. We have a great Internet sales Signature Service! The perfect depositteam - one of them will be in touch with you to give the customer that visual of whoshortly. If you happen to stop by sooner, please they might be working with. We alwaysask for our Internet department. All the details of want to work in the 2 steps of theour conversation will be with them!   Signature Service by Sending a page and by Giving the statement explaining the department they will be working with. GREAT use of Signature Service Katie!!!
    18. 18. Katie says @ 6:58:36 PM:  Lastly, may I get your zip code? It helps us Zip code is important fortrack our marketing efforts.   Sales Chats good job here Katie!letica says @ 6:59:00 PM:  ok great. will i receive an email with thelease offer details? my zip code is 10306Katie says @ 6:59:31 PM:  Yes, our Internet Sales Manager will emailyou as soon as possible.Katie says @ 6:59:43 PM:  Is there anything else I can help you withtoday?letica says @ 6:59:52 PM:  ok great. and the number i provided isdaytime . 9 - 5 pmletica says @ 7:00:02 PM:  no thank you. have a nice evening
    19. 19. Bad Chats
    20. 20. Statistics
    21. 21. 5 7 to
    22. 22. 12-14 minutes
    23. 23. automotive customers in less densely populatedareas are more likely to engage in live chat while researching their vehicle purchase
    24. 24. 4 Million Conversations5 Availability Pricing Questions Rebates & Incentive Information Trade in Information Service Related Conversations
    25. 25. Top 5 Brands for Live Chat Kia 3.14% Lexus 2.64% Hyundai 2.45% Chevrolet 2.12% Nissan 2.08%
    26. 26. When Chats Happen
    27. 27. Benchmarks
    28. 28. 6seconds
    29. 29. Full Name 93% 80%Email Address or Phone Number
    30. 30. Questions
    31. 31. Todd L SmithChief Executive OfficerActivEngageDirect: 321-441-7700todd@activengage.comFacebook.com/activengageTwitter.com/activengage