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  • Average dealer does 16 seconds 20% chat abandonment rate
  • Knowing is half the battle! Focus on the shoppers that matter most… BUYERS Not every shopper is equal If 100 people drive on your lot but only 3 get out to look around, which do you consider true prospects?
  • activEngage integrates with countless online marketplaces Facebook- 350 million users. We are the only integration on the planet. Craigslist Email eBay Microsites One central location to monitor online marketplaces Which online sources are driving the best quality traffic?
  • View detailed information about your online shopper before a conversation even begins Relate to your customer for a more personal experience When shoppers land on your website, you can see: Are competitors on your site? Amount of time spent on your site The pages viewed and in what order How shoppers got to your site How do you know if your website shoppers are local to you? Geo-targeting feature allows you to pin point shoppers location Are shoppers true “prospects” or someone just trying to keep their local dealer honest?
  • ActivEngage Presentation

    1. 1. ⓒ
    2. 2. Are You Chatting???
    3. 3. The Shift Informational to Conversational Premier hosted LIVE automotive chat solution with people in Orlando and Las Vegas We proactively engage every visitor to your dealership website and act as a virtual assistant We offer a unique prequalifying system to get your website shoppers engaged and talking
    4. 4. Why Chat? Solves a Problem as the average dealer receives  5,000 Unique Visitors  150 Leads  4,850 Missed Opportunities
    5. 5. Why Chat?4,850 Missed Opportunities
    6. 6. Simple Math Total Visitor Count Minus Out Leads Generated From Your Site Take Anonymous Visitor Total Multiply 2% (.02) Take The Number of Chat Multiply 10% (.10) = Expected Number of Increased Sales
    7. 7. Connecting With Site Visitors
    8. 8. CustomizedInvitations
    9. 9. Right Message Right Time
    10. 10. Rich MediaConsumerExperience
    11. 11. Video Meet & Greet
    12. 12. Connecting With Site Visitors 6 Second Rule Our Virtual Sales Assistants will begin conversation with your customers within 6 seconds of them initiating a chat. Translate into 16 Languages
    13. 13. Connecting With Site Visitors Dedicated Staff  Highly trained Virtual Sales Assistants work as a member of your team.  We continually train staff on product knowledge and your individual stores promotions or specials to ensure a seamless chat experience for the website shopper Active Listening Steering the conversation Two Option Sales Approach
    14. 14. Connecting With Site Visitors Minutes Is our average chat length
    15. 15. Connecting With Site Visitors I don’t mean to interrupt Would you like assistance with that We have additional information on that vehicle if you would like it Are you looking for new or pre-owned
    16. 16. Prospect Detection
    17. 17. Prospects visiting a Site
    18. 18. Connecting With Site Visitors Right Messaging Right Time
    19. 19. Connecting With Site Visitors
    20. 20. Shopper Questions Availability Pricing Questions Rebates & Incentive Information Service Related Conversations
    21. 21. Shop With Me Technology
    22. 22. Four Step Conversion Process Establish Rapport Steer the Conversation Give options Provide Information
    23. 23. Connecting With Site Visitors Recap  6 Seconds Rule  8 Minutes average Chat Length  Convert 2-3% of visitors to a Chat  80% of Chats convert to leads  12%-17% will set an appointment on the first chat
    24. 24. Social Media Integration FaceBook Application ebay Integration Craigslist Integration News Letter Integration
    25. 25. IntegrationTouch Points
    26. 26. Mobile Application  Ability to chat directly from your mobile device
    27. 27. Management Oversight Chat Reviews Process Improvements Real-Time Chat Monitoring with Whisper Conversational Adjustment
    28. 28. Trend Spotting in Chat Sessions Keywords Click Paths GEO-IP
    29. 29. Reports
    30. 30. Real-Time Shopper Data
    31. 31. Chat Conversion Metrics 2-3% Website Visitors Engage in a Conversation 80% 3 Point Data Capture  Full Name  Email  Phone Extended Data  Product of Interest 82%-91%  Trade Information 68%-74%  Appointment Set 12%-17%
    32. 32. Typical Dealership Breakdown 5000 Unique Visitors 150 Leads Per Month 4850 Anonymous Opportunities 97-145 Chat Per Month 2%-3% 78-116 Additional Leads 80%
    33. 33. ActivDashboard
    34. 34. Question
    35. 35. Todd