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Automotive dealerships that are looking to take their online conversation with website shoppers to the next level now can with real-time communication brought to you by ActivEngage.

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  • Welcome Today we are going to focus on how to leverage chat for your dealership We are going to break it down to three key things which I will share with you
  • What is the definition of communication? something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted. Online chat is a powerful way to share anything How many people in here are using chat at the dealership?
  • Your website is the modern showroom and a powerful platform to your dealerships sales today and in the future Realize people sell cars not computers or the latest technology. Technology is an enabler to more sales though live chat conversations on your website
  • At ActivEngage we handle about 225K chats per month A dealership would have to have 5 chats every single day starting January 1 st 1887 to right this moment to equal the amount of chat we handle each month. I want to share with you how to effective use what we have learned.
  • Construction started on the Eiffel Tower in 1887
  • Grover Cleveland was President in 1887
  • Henry Ford was 2 in 1887
  • Engaging shoppers in chatting is a great way to double your online lead generation from your website. An increase of 50-10 additional leads from the source that has been documented to have the highest closing ratio will ad sales to the bottom line
  • Time is everything in regard to chat. While email needs a response time in minutes chat needs ones in seconds to make it work
  • Create an online meet and greet seconds to make a great first impression Opening line------Lead with questions
  • Reading between the lines is critical during a chat conversation. That means taking the time to really understand the shopper by asking questions and using them during the chat conversation. Practice active listening
  • Today we are going to cover three main points about getting the most out of your online chat conversations Sales Process Gap Digital Body Language Real-Time Data
  • Understanding the gap that exists now between online shoppers and the dealership in critical to being success with real-time communication. The Web has jumped squarely in between you and your sales team and your customers, delaying conversations and even eliminating the need for many of the early-stage discussions that used to establish 1-to-1 relationships from the start. Goal is to use Real-time conversations to establish rapport and connectivity with the shopper fast and early in the shoppers buying process
  • Reality dictates that you need to find effective engagement methods with online shopper Email is producing limited results Phones don’t ring as much as we want When they do it seems shoppers only want best price information.
  • Shopper are trying to gain as much information as possible before moving forward to the next step. The key is to give shoppers enough information to move forward but no enough information to make a conclusive decision.
  • Options The shoppers will want to know the options that are available to them. This is a great place to offer education of the vehicle and also to place yourself as an authority. I will discuss this more later when we talk about triggers
  • Step back Not uncommon for shoppers to disengage and come back at a later date. We see it all the time that a shopper shows an initial interest only to leave and come back at a later time or date for additional information.
  • To be successful selling online we need to have all the information possible on our shoppers before we engage them. Selling becomes easier the more we know about the shopper.
  • What is business intelligence
  • Click path information. Understand what vehicles you shoppers as looked at during each of his visits to your website to get a better understanding of the shoppers desire
  • Geo-Targeting can help you to see your shoppers and identify which are local to your store and which are just trying to keep there local dealership honest.
  • Identifies shoppers who are most likely to engage due to website behavior
  • Use data to uncover the people most likely to purchase based on past behavior
  • ActivEngage offers a proactive engagement engine that is the most powerful and customizable in the industry
  • Understanding Digital body language is based off of triggers to emotional states Consent statement- In order to develop a vehicle proposal that best fits your needs, I’d like to ask a few questions. It’s time well spent, because then I can zero right in on the things that are most important to you. Is that ok? General Question- What criteria do you consider most important when purchasing a vehicle? The Value Profile- Which is more important price or total value? Is service a critical issue? Are you looking for a fully equipped vehicle or one with less equipment? How relevant is delivery time for you? List 5 specific value questions you can ask on your next chat.
  • Goal is to use questioning to match your shoppers to a specific action.
  • Because Now Imagine Please Thank you Shoppers name Word that = control
  • Activate trust and agreement though bonding Trust comes from meeting and beating customer expectations. Moving the conversation rapidly while at the same time building rapport. Find common ground fast build off of it
  • Activate acceptance through expertise This trigger can be used when you are well informed about the vehicle and that you can be trusted to give expert information. You must create the right impression and the other person will perceive less risk.
  • Motivates consistency through past actions
  • When you give you get
  • Structure contrast to make one approach better than the other Sell expensive option first
  • Emotional reasons to make a decision and action
  • Instill positive expectations that persuade agreement Shoppers want to believe we need to give them the reason too
  • Questions
  • ActivEngage Dealer Chat Real-Time Communication

    1. 3. People Sell Cars
    2. 8. 3,000 90
    3. 9. Seconds to Respond to Request
    4. 10. Meet & Greet
    5. 11. Are You Listening ?
    6. 12. Important Points
    7. 13. Sales Process Gap
    8. 15. Research
    9. 16. Options
    10. 18. Real-Time Data
    11. 19. Business Intelligence
    12. 25. Digital Body Language
    13. 27. 7 Triggers
    14. 28. <ul><li>Because </li></ul>Now Imagine Please Shoppers Name Thank You Words That = Control
    15. 37. Todd Smith 321-441-7700 [email_address]