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Mobile website vs responsive web design


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Which way I should you go: a separate mobile website, responsive website or native app? Read pros and cons of both solutions.

Published in: Mobile, Technology
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Mobile website vs responsive web design

  1. 1. Mobile Website Responsive Web Design Native App Which way should I go?
  2. 2. People are using different types of devices to visit your website from desktop, through tablets to smartphones. Responsive Web Design (RWD) adapts design and content to the screen width of the device on which it is displayed. desktop tablet mobile What the heck is RWD? let
  3. 3. + RWD - single URL address common HTML code, CSS, JS single content and site stucture one admin panel to manage site single development significant website weight, loads longer different design variations need to be considered, extends time to get project out the door complex and time consuming testing high maintenance cost
  4. 4. Separate website that visitors will see if they are viewing it on a mobile device. Typically these sites are hosted under a subdomain like Separate mobile website
  5. 5. + Mobile Site - loads fast, light weight easier and faster to implement less expensive to launch only essential content is displayed, goal oriented use of mobile features like maps (location detection), click-to-call buttons single development have to prepare separate content from desktop maintenance and updates separate from regular website works under a subdomain
  6. 6. A native mobile app is a smartphone application that is coded in a specific programming language.They are installed directly onto the device. Users typically acquire these apps through an online store or marketplace such as The App Store or Android Apps on Google Play. Native Application
  7. 7. + App - works online / offline push notifications more advanced functions e.g logging in, account self service access to mobile device functions e.g. calendar, accelerometer, gyroscope available only when user downloads it can not be found through search engines like Google extensive development cost for each system - Android, iOS, Windows Phone costly application updates
  8. 8. It all depends on your budget and what goals you want to achive One size does not fit all App Perfect for Responsive SiteMobile Site medium to large companies want to engage constantly with mobile customers have device specific features to be used used as an extension to mobile web channel medium to large companies when starting project from scratch with a complete redesign and new build content heavy websites small to medium companies want to setup quickly and cost effectively have an existing website that needs to be mobile friendly Perfect for Perfect for More details on our blog >
  9. 9. About ActiveMobi ActiveMobi is an innovative service for creating and maintaining mobile websites tailored for your business. Its Mobile Builder is designed and optimized for creating websites that are easy to navigate, load fast and guarantee an amazing user experience. Businesses have the option of creating a mobile website themselves using the company’s do-it-yourself online mobile website builder or have ActiveMobi’s team of designers create a professional site for them.