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Stop Sending CV's


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stop sending the normal cv's, be creative, be bold, build your personal brand and apply with your soul.

Published in: Self Improvement

Stop Sending CV's

  1. Jorge Oliveira Business Designer @ Active Media
  2. But a fruit basket will make my day
  3. Stand out!
  4. Well... he did it!
  5. She did it!
  6. And they became unique!
  7. Unique... as a brand should be!
  8. Back to basics: . Who are you? . What do you do? . Why are you important?
  9. Choose your target and define Goals !
  10. He did it! 
  11. Euro CV’s wont build brands!
  12. But your online presence will
  13. Choose the right tools, manage and take care!
  14. A blog to share your toughts
  15. Linkedin to connect
  16. Facebook to engage
  17. And connect them
  18. Design the CV
  19. Old media is still an option
  20. Make it playfull
  21. Make a Video
  22. Show off your skills
  23. Show your portfolio
  24. Make some business cards
  25. Final advise:
  26. Look for projects, not jobs
  27. Travel as much as you can
  28. Don’t be shy
  29. Keep Open
  30. Apply with (your) soul!