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Active International: Media Brochure

  1. 1. MedIA The power of possibilities ONe blue hIll PlAzA, PeArl rIver, NY 10965 1-80O-448-7233 w w w. A c t I v e I N t e r N At I O N A l . c O M© 2008 Active Media Services, Inc. All rights reserved. Active International is a service mark and d/b/a of Active Media Services, Inc.
  2. 2. Imagine the company you want to do Active purchases more than $1 billion in global media annually on behalf of its clients business with fINANcIAl flexIbIlItY fOr t O d AY ’ S e c O N O M Y for more than two decades, Active International has created financial relationships with global media companies by investing its own capital and providing goods and services that these companies need to operate and grow their business. In return, Active is able to acquire unrestricted rights to advertising space and time across all media platforms, resulting in a lower net cost of media. In addition to these strategic relationships, we develop principal partnerships with emerging media and communications companies that offer new and innovative ways to reach and connect with consumers. Our trading model, scale, and independence enable us to invest in these companies and develop exclusive distribution agreements without conflicts of interest. As a result, Active’s clients gain a powerful competitive advantage by receiving high impact, cost-efficient media along with unique marketing opportunities not readily available from the POwer Of POSSIbIlItIeS traditional resources.If you closed your eyes and imagined the company you wanted to do business with, wouldn’t it beone that creates possibilities – for your brand, your business, and your bottom line? funding for capital expendituresAt Active International, we’ve been creating possibilities for our clients for more than a quarter ActIve delIverS tune-in Advertisingcentury. with a comprehensive investment and trading model as our foundation, we deliver a one-two punch of integrated media and financial flexibility to the global brands we work with every day. A wIde rANge Of website & Microsite developmentIf you’re like most of our clients, you’re looking for a trusted partner, new ideas, and solutions that SOlutIONS tO the corporate Meeting & event Planning domestic & International hotelswill make a difference in your business. what differentiates the company you want to do business MedIA cOMMuNItY Merchandise & Premiumswith from all the rest? Perhaps it’s the possibilities
  3. 3. w e u N d e r S tA N d M e d I AAt Active, we live and breathe media. Our senior teamaverages more than 20 years of media experience andwhile other companies may be leaving the details of yourbusiness to those less experienced, we bring expertise, Creating andperspective, vision, and accountability to every relationship. executing programsActive employs more than 170 media professionals with cross-platform expertise and broad agency that reach consumersbackgrounds. Immersed in media, we understand how changing behaviors, emerging technologies,and consumer preferences impact your marketing strategies.beyond a dedicated and experienced media team, our longstanding relationships with media leadersprovide us with unique access to the highest level of insights within media organizations around theworld. we formalized this connection by creating the Active International Media Advisory board.comprised of top executives from the domestic and international broadcast community, the boardprovides a forum to discuss industry trends and develop new solutions that lead directly to increasedefficiencies and new opportunities for our clients.however, insights aren’t just a once-a-year event. On a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, we’restrategizing with these insiders about everything from cross-platform integration to changes inbroadcast measurement to the impact of social networking. O u r M e d I A P h I lO S O P h Y with a keen understanding of the consumer mindset and a pulse of the media landscape, our media philosophy is based on a few simple ideas. · Integrated media includes any communication channel that shapes a brand perception digital and/or results in a positive purchasing decision. · the appropriate integration is based on your marketing goals. · we deliver the quality media, the richest opportunities, and the greatest value. out-of-home working in concert with you and/or your agency, we review every media plan from a holistic perspective before any buy is recommended or placed. by combining our trading positions with our clients’ plans, we’re able to broadcast provide increased cost efficiencies and flexibility while at the same time delivering media that meets our clients’ exact print specifications. this approach ensures that the greatest media value and economic benefits are delivered and new possibilities are identified and recommended. retail As a result, our clients are able to supplement reduced budgets, maximize the budget they have, or expand their We know where to connect with consumers media plans without a corresponding budget increase.
  4. 4. Digital Offerings dIgItAl cAMPAIgN Nielsen Netrating Media research, campaign Planning, Placement StrAtegY & Optimization, Online Sweepstakes & Promotions & PlANNINg Affiliate Marketing, Search engine Optimization & Marketing, reSPONSe display & rich Media Advertising, email & viral campaigns, Mobile MArketINg Marketing, Social Networking, e-commerce, Internet content creation – landing Pages database Programming, content Management Systems, flash Active delivers media to enhance your communications strategy webSIte development, video & Audio Production, consumer-generated develOPMeNt Marketing (blogs, Pod/vidcasts, Message boards, texting, etc.) website hosting N At I O N A l b r OA d c A S t webSIte website & banner creative, Interactive Multimedia, user Interfacebroadcast is experiencing a sea change due to technology advancements and consumer preferences, deSIgN design, Identity & brand developmentyet it remains an integral component of many media plans. As this medium continues to adjust to rOI trAckINg doubleclick dashboard reporting technology, email campaignmarketplace demands, longstanding relationships with the major media organizations are critical if & cAMPAIgN Statistics & tracking reports, Search engine & banner Ad conversionmarketers want to react nimbly. reSultS reporting, return-on-Investment & return-on-Ad Spend ProgramsActive has been partnering with virtually every major broadcaster, cable and radio network, andsyndicator for more than 24 years. As a result, our National broadcast department has the investmentand purchasing strength to deliver our clients’ plans as well as the ability to develop customizedplacement opportunities, ranging from on-air billboards to branded entertainment, that support oraugment our clients’ brand goals. lO c A l b r OA d c A S twhether we’re negotiating with these media providers on an upfront or scatter basis or opportunistically, given the complexity of reaching the local tv and radio markets, as well as the continuedwe consistently deliver the schedules outlined in our clients’ plans. advancements in technology, it’s critical that the team you work with is rooted in experience, has strong relationships with local stations, and is agile enough to adapt. broadcast ◘ cable ◘ radio ◘ Syndication ◘ direct response ◘ digital Active’s local broadcast department has devoted significant resources to develop longstanding relationships with the 2,000+ stations in a majority of the top 200 dMAs across the country. d I g I tA l & e M e r g I N g M e d I A As a result, our local team has a pulse on individual marketplace trends, consumer activities, and emerging opportunities.the immersion of digital throughout all media platforms is providing marketers with innovativemarketing services and new ways to reach consumers. Active’s digital department provides we continue to invest in broadcast verification technologystrategic guidance in utilizing best-of-breed technology and research, incorporating the most and provide a dedicated resource for promotions & qualitycurrent communication channels available. control, which keeps us alerted to local market nuances so that we’re able to react quickly to market changesfrom the onset, we gain an understanding of our clients’ goals, and then deliver direct-to-consumer and ensures that our buys remain aligned with ourinsights, strategic web development, and media placement based on those goals. Seeking out and clients’ marketing goals.investing in key online players in the digital media space, Active integrates the technology, designs,and business modeling to determine which media channels will most effectively enhance our clients’ local broadcast ◘ cable ◘ radio ◘ direct responsecommunication strategies.
  5. 5. PrINtdigital’s integration into the print media space has created additional opportunities for brands toengage with consumers. In sync with these marketplace shifts, Active’s Print department leveragesits close relationships with leaders in print media to develop and deliver integrated solutions withnational, regional, and local consumer magazines and newspapers, incorporating digital as appropriate.throughout the media placement process, we continually identify ways to enhance marketingstrategies. In addition, the latest syndicated research is used in conjunction with consumer insights.we’re able to maximize target delivery, ensuring not only the audience, but the positions andadded value required. consumer Magazines ◘ trade Magazines ◘ Newspapers ◘ digital ◘ fSI’s YO u t h M e d I A M A r k e t I N g O u t- O f - h O M e Active’s dedicated Youth Media Marketing department brings experience, expertise, and a wideAs out-of-home, retail marketing, and digital become more seamlessly integrated, consumers range of solutions specifically designed to reach the youth market. Acting as agency of recordare affected at every touchpoint. Active’s dedicated Out-of-home department delivers consumer- for youth-targeted companies, we deliver a brand-specific vision to research, planning, budgeting,directed media at the most targeted locations and at a cost that provides advantages to our clients. purchasing, and auditing.Our relationships with major out-of-home companies ensure that we can execute the expanded whether it’s traditional advertising, brand-directed websites, or online videos and games, ourstrategies created by our clients and that we are at the forefront of this innovative space. Youth Media Marketing department understands this unique media environment. leveragingencompassing traditional, place-based, and emerging platforms, we are poised to meet all of relationships with this segment’s media leaders, we offer insights, strategies, and mediaour clients’ needs. placement that are relevant to today’s digital natives while addressing the safeguards necessary to this target. bulletins ◘ Spectaculars ◘ transit ◘ cinema ◘ taxis ◘ Street furniture ◘ Mobile ◘ Aerial ◘ In-Store ◘ digital ◘ Place-based ◘ Stadium broadcast ◘ cable ◘ local ◘ Planning ◘ research ◘ Promotions d I r e c t r e S P O N S e – b r OA d c A S t direct response has become an increasingly important element in many marketing plans as clients are pressured to maximize their budgets and the impact of their campaigns. Our direct response department is experienced in all aspects of this critical retail medium. from strategy and planning to creative recommendations and execution, our team is poised to select a telemarketing company or act as a liaison between our clients and their production company, serving as a resource for direction and support. Our clients receive close stewardship and accountability to ensure we’re aligned to deliver their goals.
  6. 6. MuSIc lIceNSINg Music reaches into the heart of almost every consumer, providing a unique way for brands to connect with them. Active offers a wide range of cost-efficient digital music offerings, including licensing of music content through more than a million songs from major label and independent music providers, as well as sonic branding, virtual cds, mobile ringtones, and gift card promotions. Reach markets that spend more than r e tA I l M A r k e t I N g $1 trillion annually brands are working harder than ever to engage with consumers and establish brand and product loyalty. retail marketing has become a critical and integrated component of the upfront communication process. focusing on consumer/shopper communications and engagement, both in and around the store, Active’s retail Marketing department works to enhance the total shopper experience for your brand as part of your marketing and media plan. we offer a variety of services to help you gain a deeper understanding of the decisions made before consumers purchase your products, as well as integrated solutions across retail, digital, h I S PA N I c & M u lt I c u lt u r A l out-of-home, and traditional media.with a $1 trillion annual spend, hispanic, African American, Asian, Native American, and lgbt possess retail & Shopper Insights ◘ retail Merchandising ◘ retail environmentsunique characteristics that marketers need to address. this combined buying power demands that ◘ retail Promotion ◘ retail Mediabrands leverage media in new ways to reach this growing demographic.As media platforms race to provide new venues to engage these audiences, Active has developedrelationships with the media providers that can reach these consumers. with an integrated approach, our global media departments work across all platforms to ensure that brands can reach these audiences at any point in the purchase process, anywhere in the world. broadcast ◘ digital ◘ Print ◘ Out-of-home ◘ direct response - broadcast Changing demographics demand new ways to leverage media
  7. 7. Value-added programs are a key component of our media negotiations ActIve’S MedIA PerfOrMANce r e l At I O N S h I P S ASSurANceActive has more than 1,500 ongoing contracts in place with broadcasters and publishers, through our Performance Assurance team, each clientensuring unrestricted quality in the media that we purchase on our clients’ behalf. we guarantee receives the attention of seasoned professionals who areaudience delivery in strict accordance with market standards. focused on their business. comprised of representatives fromvalue-added merchandising is a key component of our media negotiations and buying. Active’s across the organization, the team is headed by a brand advocate who ensuresbuying teams work with the media providers to develop strategic value-added programs, such client expectations are met, buys are delivered as specified, and new opportunities are interactive websites, sponsorships and merchandising, product placement, bonus units, and · checks and balances provide verification that orders are placed and delivered as specifiedbillboards. Active’s clients receive all the value-added benefits they’re accustomed to when they and forecasted audience delivery is on target throughout the with us. · Post-buy analyses are provided to every client to ensure that schedules are delivered inIn addition, our negotiations are inclusive of all platforms a broadcaster or publisher has accordance with the plan.available, spanning traditional and digital offerings to ensure that we deliver on the most · regular participation in independent media audits confirms that our media placement satisfiescomprehensive of plans. the agreed upon performance metrics. Tools and Verification Technology enable our media staff to provide up-to-date, accurate, and relevant information · Nielsen cume Study · telmar · Nielsen keeping trac · Plan/diameter · Media Monitors · SQAd, Media Market guide & Active consistently · Arbitron Portable People Meter ephron Net costs overachieves in · MrI · harris (Jefferson data Systems) client-led media audits · Strata · Scarborough · tNS Ad$pender & Stradegy · doubleclick/dArt · tNS-bvS – broadcast · Net ratings verification System · SPre · Publishers Information bureau · cOre Seasoned professionals are focused on your business
  8. 8. INSIghtS Are the fOuNdAtION Of ANY StrAtegY A partnership approach allows you to focusIt seems as if there’s never enough time or resources to keep pace with current demands and at the on opportunitysame time anticipate the future. working with your agency or as an added-value service, Active canbridge that gap by providing strategic consulting services to delve more deeply into your businessand help identify new opportunities. research is the cornerstone of insight development. Our in-house research department analyzes syndicated reSeArch data and conducts proprietary research, including in-store & INSIghtS mystery shopping, online surveys, focus groups, and anthropological studies. based on insights gained from research, we identify areas that represent real growth for your products the POSSIbIlItIeS Are eNdleSS OPPOrtuNItY and services. this might include refining an aspect of there are many ways to describe the business world we live in – exciting, complex, challenging, IdeNtIfIcAtION your demographic target market group to broaden your fragmented, pressured – to name just a few. reach, recommending additional media opportunities to strengthen your brand, or leveraging new technologies At Active, we offer a partnership approach and a financial model that provides opportunities. to increase customer acquisition. whether it’s maximizing your budget or finding new ways to deepen consumer relationships, it’s really about how to grab hold of the possibilities that are within your reach. what differentiates the company you want to do business with from all the rest? leveraging our comprehensive media and marketing relationships, we identify partners who are aligned AllIANceS strategically and then construct specific programs to Perhaps it’s the possibilities deliver competitive advantages to all participants. We identify areas representing real growth for your products and services