Support panel mobile user guide for iPhone and iPad - English


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Support panel mobile user guide for iPhone and iPad - English

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Support panel mobile user guide for iPhone and iPad - English

  1. 1. Support Panel Mobile User Guide for Iphone and Ipad Ver 1.1
  2. 2. IntroductionThis guide will detail the principal processes of the Support Panel Mobile for iPhone andiPad.Please note that Adobe AIR Runtime, available for IOS 4+ and higher, is required.1. LoginThe agent login process on the LiveHelp server is very simple and requires only thefollowing few pieces information:Server : URL where the LiveHelp server is installed.Path : Path to where the LiveHelp server is physically installed.Account : Account name on the LiveHelp server.Login : The agent username that was set up on the LiveHelp server.Password: The password that was assigned to the agent during set up.The connection has some special parameters which facilitate the login process andrecovery in the event that the connection to the LiveHelp server is lost.Auto-reconnect when the connection is lost: Enabling this option allows the SupportPanel to automatically attempt to reconnect if the connection with the LiveHelp server islost.Skip this dialog for the next login: This option allows the Support Panel to start thesession directly without having to first visit the home screen.Save Password: This options allows the Support Panel to save the agents password,eliminating the need to enter it each time a session is initiated.
  3. 3. 2. DashboardThe dashboard is the main area from where all of the Support Panel Mobile options areaccessible.The available options on the dashboard include a view of connected agents and visitorsbrowsing multiple websites, the sessions area, configuration settings, exit program, andfinally the product information screen.3. AgentsIn the agent area, all agents that are currently connected to the LiveHelp server arevisible. Please note that agents can be connected via Mobile or Desktop SupportPanel.
  4. 4. 4. VisitorsThis section displays a list of all visitors browsing your sites. It also displays thehostname of the server through which the visitor has accessed the page, as well as timespent browsing the site and the title of the page that the visitor is currently browsing.Additionally, the agent may individually invite visitors to start a chat session via theinvite option that is available for each visitor.5. SessionsThe sessions area is the starting point for chats from the perspective of the agent.From here, the agent can accept multiple chat requests, transfer chats to another agentand even participate in multiple chats. This section is divided into the following threeareas:
  5. 5. Waiting: In this area, all visitors waiting for chat are displayed. From here, the agenthas the option to accept a chat request.Online: After the operator accepts a chat request, the chat will be found in this area. Toopen the agent chat window, the agent must press the chat button. A chat session canalso be transferred to another agent from here.In this area, a visual alert will be displayed when new messages have been received inone chat, even if the agent is currently participating in another, making multiplesimultaneous chats possible.Transferred: This area displays a list of the chat sessions that have been transferred toyou by another agent. Like the Waiting area, the agent must accept the chat in order tostart a new chat session.6. ChatTo access the chat option, press the chat button in the Online list in the sessions area.The chat window has some of the same options as Support Panel Desktop such as:send link, end chat session, and close chat window.Send Page: Using this option, an agent can open a page directly in the visitors activebrowser.Send Link: With this option, an agent is able to send a link to the visitors chat window.End Session: This option ends the chat session with the visitor.Close Window: This option closes the chat window.
  6. 6. The chat window works like any other regular chat on an iPhone or an iPad. The agentwrites messages in the bottom of the chat window and sends them to the visitor, thesame way in which a visitor sends messages to the agent. The messages that havebeen sent are displayed in the upper portion of the chat window.7. ConfigurationSome of the customization options of the support panel can be found in theconfiguration section such as refresh rates, visual and audio alerts, and language.Refresh: This defines the amount of time in seconds that the Support Panel reloadsdata from the LiveHelp server. Keep in mind that unlike desktops, phones and tabletshave limited resources and mobile network or Wi-Fi speeds can affect the performanceof the application.General: Audio and visual alert options are found in this area, as well as the option tochange the language of the application.8. Change StatusThis option allows the agent to change their status. Please note that if you want to endyour session and start a new one with a different account, simply select offline and afterthe product disconnects reselect "online".
  7. 7. As in the desktop version, the available statuses are: Online, Offline, Away, BRB and Invisible.9. ExitThis option ends the agent session and closes Support Panel Mobile.10. AboutThis option displays the version information of Support panel as well as theActiveHelper address