LiveHelp Server for Joomla Quick start v3


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LiveHelp Server for Joomla Quick start v3

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LiveHelp Server for Joomla Quick start v3

  1. 1. ACTIVEHELPER LIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Quick Start Guide Six Simple Steps Designed toStart with our LiveHelp Server on Joomla
  2. 2. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM This quickstart will help you get started with ActiveHelper LiveHelp and will walk you through a six simple steps. Step 1 Install the LiveHelp Server component in your Joomla panel extension manager.
  3. 3. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 2 Add a new domain in the manage domain option, You need to use the real domain name, if you use a domain description or partial domain the tracking can’t work and you don’t see the chat image in your site.
  4. 4. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 3 Add a new agent in the manage agents option. Try to use simple username without capital or spaces. Also you need to enable the domains in which your agent will be working. This option is available in the LiveHelp Server 2.5.5 or higher.
  5. 5. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 4 Deploy the tracking module . Go to manage domains and press click in the option “Generate Module” or “Generate script” at the right side of the form. For Joomla you can use the tracking module, for non-Joomla sites you can use the tracking script option. Install the module generated in your server. In the Extension manager option “Install from Directory” copy the path to the module file in your server and install. Next enable the activeHelper LiveHelp module in the module manager option.
  6. 6. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 5 Generate the connection agent info data to use in the Support Panel Console in the sign in option. Go to manage agents , select the a agent and press click the client info option at the top of the form. You need to download and install the Support Panel Console Multi Platform from our download area, the Support Panel is a desktop available for Windows and MAC. Copy the connection info from the client info option to the Support Panel Console. Start the Server : Support Panel eserver path : your server path Console account : default login : agent1 password : 123456
  7. 7. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 6 Start the tracking of all your domains You can get a User Guide for the Support Panel Console in our site.