LiveHelp for Druap Quick start


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LiveHelp for Druap Quick start

  1. 1. ACTIVEHELPER LIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Quick Start Guide Six Simple Steps Designed toStart with our LiveHelp Server on Drupal
  2. 2. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM This quick start will help you get started with ActiveHelper LiveHelp and will walk you through a six simple steps. Step 1 – Install the Module Download the ActiveHelper LiveHelp Server Module zip file. * Sign in on the Drupal admin area and go to the modules view and click over the option named “Install new module”. * Then select the module file from you local hard drive and click over the install button. * Finally go to the modules view and enable the LiveHelp Server module.
  3. 3. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 2 – Configure the Domain Go to manage domains and click in the option “add domain” to add a new domain. Add new domain form You need to use the real domain name, if you use a domain description or partial domain the tracking can’t work and you don’t see the chat image in your site. Domain List
  4. 4. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 3 – Configure an agent Go to manage agents and click in the option “add agent” to add a new agent. Basic Information Additional Information Available domains Also you need to enable the domains in which your agent will be working.
  5. 5. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 4 – Deploy the Tracking Block If the domain name is the same that you server you can install by clicking in the option "configure " If you need to configure in a Drupal on a different domain you can download the block to install in the other site. To install in a non Drupal domain you can use the option “Generate” and then deploy the javascript tracking code.
  6. 6. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 5 – Get the agent access info Go to manage agents and click in the option “client info” to get the agent login info. You need to download and install the Support Panel Console Multi Platform from our download area, the Support Panel is a desktop available for Windows and MAC. Start the Support Panel Copy the connection info from the client info option to the Support Panel Console.
  7. 7. ACTIVEHELPERLIVE SUPPORT SYSTEM Step 6 Start the tracking of all your domains You can get a User Guide for the Support Panel Console in our site.