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ActiveEon - Automate, Accelerate, Scale


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ActiveEon is a spin-off from INRIA, French Institute for Computer Science. The core technology of ActiveEon was initially developed by a team of about 40 developers and researchers, and has been heavily improved since by ActiveEon R&D team. ActiveEon is also a Docker member and was laureate of the IT Forum for Innovation prize in 2016.
ActiveEon has recently raised significant fund (1M euros) from local and foreign investors: PACA Investissement, BA06, Nestadio Capital, and Kima Ventures, Xavier Niel’s fund).
ActiveEon is now an Open Source ISV (Independent Software Vendor) providing innovative solutions for IT automation, acceleration and scalability, Big Data, Internet of Things, Distributed and parallel applications. ActiveEon offers ProActive, a software available in SaaS mode, both in the Cloud and on premises:
• ProActive Workflows & Scheduling: a complete workload scheduler that distributes and simplifies the execution of applications, featuring a workflow orchestrator and a resources manager.
• ProActive Parallel Scientific Toolbox: toolboxes that allow the distribution and the acceleration of Matlab, Scilab and R Language on Clusters, Grids or Clouds, also featuring data transfer and License cost optimization.
• ProActive Cloud Automation: automates the deployment and management of complex multi-VMs applications, manages heterogeneous and hybrid environments (multi-vendor private, public and hybrid clouds).

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ActiveEon - Automate, Accelerate, Scale

  1. 1. Automate Accelerate & Scale IT for business Paris, Lyon, Sophia Antipolis, Sofia (Bulgaria), San Jose (USA)
  2. 2. ActiveEon is an Open Source ISV providing workload automation, digital transformation and virtualization solutions for business. Simulation, Big data & Automation generate the need for distributed, scheduled & parallelized workflows to create enterprise differentiation accelerating the Go-To-Market. Our ProActive solution include 3 products: • Workflows & Scheduling A complete workload scheduler featuring a workflow orchestrator and a resource manager. • Cloud Automation Automate the deployment and management of complex multi-VMs applications, including SDN. • Parallel Scientific Toolbox Toolboxes that allow the distribution and the acceleration of R Language, Spark, Hadoop, Matlab, Scilab. Mission
  3. 3. Licensing, Support, Subscription for Usage in Production All the services you need Consulting & Training Integration & Development Partnerships
  4. 4. Investors PACA is the investment fund for regional co- investment created in 2010 by the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur region to support the emergence and development of local innovative companies. This SAS, with 19.45 M €, was supported Europe through funds Feder (European regional development fund) for 50% of its capital. Since July 2011, the fund, whose management was entrusted to Turenne Capital, has already invested in 24 innovative regional companies for a total amount of € 8.9 million. BA06 Accompaniment and 06 venture capital funds Entrepreneurial Fund was created at the initiative of the UPE06 (MEDEF, CGPME) to meet a critical need, namely to enable the wealth of creativity high potential of 06 to grow by combining the winner Support / Equity couple with contractors for creative entrepreneurs. The Kima Ventures fund was created in 2010 by Xavier Niel, founder of Iliad-Free and Jérémie Berrebi, creator of to support entrepreneurs. Its objective is to finance innovative companies worldwide. Kima Ventures promotes the growth of startups, supporting them quickly and efficiently: financing of boot, pooling of resources and access to a network of partners and relationships in the world. Kima Ventures invests in projects that meet a need and have a realistic business model. Nestadio Capital is an independent asset management company approved by the FMA (Financial Markets Authority) and created by Florent de Kersauson. It manages FIP investing in regional SMEs in Bretagne, Pays de la Loire, Normandie and Poitou Charentes and FCPI investing in European startups to global potential. Nestadio Capital is today the only company to have formed a strategic partnership with Microsoft equity. It also launched the Silicon Valley Zgarage acceleration program to help startups to invest in the U.S. market.
  5. 5. Customers Information Technologies Bio Tech & Health FinanceEngineering Aeronautics Energy & Space Media Distribution, IoT Some Partners:
  6. 6. From Workflows to Scheduling to Hybrid Cloud Resources Local machine Network Resources Batch Schedulers Clouds Slurm SGE PBS Multi Platforms Processing & Automation Workflows Scheduler & Orchestration Resource Management & Monitoring Priority & Planning Parallel Executions Error Managemen t Multi Users Any Language Secured Data Transfers Third-part Schedulers Services Chaining & Integration Market ETL, ERP... LSF
  7. 7. Workload management and Hybrid Cloud SQL Amazon Redshift ProActive Amazon EC2 Amazon CloudFront Amazon RDS ProActive On-Premise Amazon S3 HTTPS Planned Workflows CALENDAR
  8. 8. ProActive Workflows & Scheduling Why Scheduling ? Do more with less resources Without ProActive With ProActive RoI = time + $
  9. 9. Synchronize and dispatch your workloads Agents Workflows & Scheduling Architecture Interfaces </> Workflow Studio Jobs console Resource Manager CLI, REST API & SDK Open REST API Workflows Resource Manager Scheduler & Orchestrator Monitoring Resource Control Node Resource Policies Cloud Connectors Placement Workflow Mode Script Engines Dataspaces Scheduling Policies Error Management Control & Priorities
  10. 10. Control behavior on tasks or resource failure Fix issue offline and retry task execution Tasks can automatically be rescheduled in case of failure Get email notification on task or job failure ProActive - Fault tolerance overview Reschedule
  11. 11. From Workflow Studio or API, specify an On Task Error Policy: • At job level, to set a general behavior • At task level, to set a specific behavior for a particular task Select your policy of choice: • Cancel job • Pause task • Pause job • Continue execution Then in case of task error, scheduler portal allows to: • Restart all In Error tasks for a job • Restart a single task ProActive - Fault tolerance Pause execution on error 1 2 3 Control your job behavior in case of a task failure
  12. 12. Part of a workflow keeps on running while an error occurred in a branch ProActive - Fault tolerance Keep running in case of failure
  13. 13. ProActive Workflow Studio Create workflows with heterogeneous tasks Compose and chain applications with templates
  14. 14. Monitor applications and platform Task • State (pending, running, faulty, done) • Duration / Date Job • Owner / Group • State • Duration / Date Platform • Resource usage • Resource states Your own application metric • From JMX / REST / Flat File Through JMX, REST, WebUI Export task/job info in CSV Export platform info to Nagios ProActive Monitoring
  15. 15. Scheduler + All Calendar integration : • See the Scheduler Jobs in all your Calendars • Modify Job planning from all interfaces • Benefit from Automatic Synchronization between all interfaces ProActive Calendar Integration
  16. 16. ProActive Parallel Scientific Toolbox Why Scheduling ? Do more with less resources Without ProActive With ProActive RoI = time + $
  17. 17. ProActive for Big Data General Architecture Interfaces Automated Management & Monitoring of Applications and Services </> ProActive Toolbox Admin console Resource Manager CLI, REST API & SDK Open REST API Big Data Platforms Integration for hybrid Big Data platforms ProActive Cloud Watch . Monitoring and Complex Event Processing (CEP) ProActive Toolboxes Control from scientific softwares ProActive Cloud Connectors Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google CE, VMware, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernates
  18. 18. Big Data: On-Demand Hadoop, Spark & Flink with ActiveEon Cloud Automation DATA Anonymization Identification Correlation Native Containers VMs Clouds Knowledge ProActive Resource Manager ProActiveAutomation Metrics ProActive Workflows IT Workload Logs Control & algorithms ProActive Automation Actions Files Events
  19. 19. ProActive Domain Specific Portals Expose a domain specific portal to drive users to run their applications
  20. 20. ProActive Cloud Automation
  21. 21. ProActive Cloud Automation General Architecture Interfaces Automated Management & Monitoring of Applications and Services </> User portal Admin console Workflow Studio CLI, REST API & SDK Open REST API Cloud Automation Service Application & Service Manager ProActive Cloud Watch . Monitoring, rules and event correlation (CEP) ProActive Workflow Catalog Catalog of Services, Applications and Lifecycles ProActive Cloud Connectors Azure, AWS, IBM Bluemix, Google CE, VMware, OpenStack, Docker, Kubernates
  22. 22. ProActive Cloud Automation Portal
  23. 23. Organize your services into a catalog and have your own marketplace Deploy them on premise or in the cloud with a single click Cloud Automation: On-Demand Multi-Level Services
  24. 24. Cloud Automation Architecture with AWS Interfaces Integrate your workloads and dispatch them everywhere </> Workflow Studio Jobs console Resource Manager CLI, REST API & SDK Open REST API Amazon Redshift ProActive EC2 Amazon CloudFront Amazon SQS ProActive On-Premise Amazon VPC3rd party Service
  25. 25. Scalability & Performances 10 K Nodes 20 K Tasks 1 M Jobs
  26. 26. The scheduler/Resource manager is in capacity to dispatch workload on 100 % of the nodes up to at least 10 000 nodes, and the CPU & Memory consumption are reasonable and not an issue. Scalability: 10 K Nodes
  27. 27. The Scheduler/Resource manager is in capacity to execute 20 K Tasks with a neglectable and linear overhead. Scalability: 20 K Tasks 27
  28. 28. Scheduler / Resource manager validated with at least 1 Million Pending Jobs Scheduling Time up to x 100 Jobs is in the range of 10 ms. Scheduling Time at 1 Million Pending Jobs is in the range of 10 s (typically 4 seconds). Scalability: 1 M. Jobs
  29. 29. @activeeon m +33 988 777 660Activeeon SAS Paris, Sophia Antipolis & Worldwide on Azure Clouds, IBM Bluemix, and with all our Partners Automate Accelerate & Scale IT for business