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SV Puglia 7 Day Casual Guided Walking v1.0


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SV Puglia 7 Day Casual Guided Walking v1.0

  1. 1. SVWC Walking Tour Casual Trip Summary We are not a tour company. We are not a travel agency. We are experience dealers! Southern Visions is pleased to announce Puglia’s newest and most complete line of walking programs. Our walking tours are designed to offer our guests a palpable and authentic journey into the world of Puglia and Basilicata. Our very own Silvia Sesana, an expert in art and human history personally leads all of our walking tours which are as much a sensory experience as an educational adventure; and at a pace designed for those who wish to simply take it all in and immerse themselves into our cradle of civilization in Southern Italy. Whether you prefer casual lodging with a focus on the compelling day to day journey or you wish to be pampered on our premier walking program, we are 100% confident Southern Visions will provide hospitality and service on par with being invited into the home of an old friend. Take a walk with us and be changed forever. Puglia and Basilicata Walking Casual – Our journey begins in the amazing ancient town of Matera perched on a beautiful hillside and gazing upon hundreds of ancient cave dwellings known as Sassi. Immediately you will be swept from the world you know to a land given over for gone which has emerged triumphant and beautiful in its pure connection with the past and how time is once again brought round to reveal there is always a new way of looking at things. After Matera we move to the ancient Greek coastline and explore the bounty of Puglia in its fifty million olive trees and stalwart traditions of fishing and cheese making. We will witness firsthand the ancient craft of mozzarella and pasta making still done by hand to this day. Our walks will culminate in a study of Lecce, the baroque jewel of the south where architecture stands shoulder to shoulder with stoneworkers, papier-mâché artists, and some of the finest bakers in Italy. Walk with us and you will leave renewed and an expert in the art of good living. Basilicata: Basilicata is one of Italy’s last frontiers for the traveler who enjoys undiscovered beauty and unspoiled landscapes. Led by the indigenous beauty of Matera and its Sassi, Basilicata is only now really being seen with through the eyes of tourism. Southern Visions has sought out only those vendors capable of delivering the kind of services you have come to expect from the leader in southern Italian travel. We will call Matera home for the amazing beginning to our walking journey in Southern Italy. From the mysterious Sassi it is easy to see the cross section of life with what was once an ancient culture and that now promises renewed life and a certain and palpable change in the spirits of our guests in Basilicata. Our walks will carry us to lands that at times may seem completely undiscovered where we will encounter people whose lives have maintained a commitment to the earth while the rest of humanity has committed to silicon and cyberspace. Basilicata is a living study in anthropology, gastronomy, geography, and good living. Join us here and you will be enlightened.
  2. 2. Puglia: From the fertile and verdant Itria valley, home to the oldest olive trees in Italy to the shimmering Adriatic and some of the freshest seafood on the planet traditionally prepared only steps from the crystalline sea; this is Puglia and a virtually undiscovered gem. We will stroll across lands inhabited at one time by Greeks, Romans, Saracens, Normans, and Bourbons. Life moves at a unique pace in Puglia with politeness and formality still a priority and the traditional cuisine is now being paired with some of the world’s most fabulous modern wines. This journey covers the beautiful hilltop towns whose Greek influence is apparent in their whitewashed exteriors and whose Italian heart and soul is felt with every friendly invitation and each bite of artisanal cuisine and continues southward to the amazing cliffs of the Salento diving into the shimmering blue Adriatic to the port city of Otranto and culminating in the musically baroque architecture of Lecce. The landscape is highlighted by seemingly deserted roads through ancient olive groves covered with blankets of poppies and surrounded by meticulously built little walls of stone. Puglia at times is like a lunar landscape freshly planted with the best flora the earth could offer a moon colony. In Puglia it is at times easy to hear the voices of the past echoing off the inner chambers of the amazing conically roofed trulli where you are invited to discover your own spiritual journey through the jewel of the Mezzogiorno!