SV Puglia 7 Day Premier Cycling v1.0


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SV Puglia 7 Day Premier Cycling v1.0

  1. 1. 7 Day Cycling Premier 2009 Day 1 Bari Walking Tour Pugliese Cooking Demo and local buffet Lunch Cycling: Polignano – San Vito – Conversano Loop 30km Lodging & Dinner: Polignano Borgo Bianco ***** Resort and Spa Your adventure begins at 9:30 am when our local SV guide meets you at the Palace Hotel in beautiful downtown Bari for a walking tour of what may be Italy’s most underrated and vibrant urban center. We will then immerse you in depth into the art of flavor and freshness that is Pugliese cuisine with a cooking demonstration and spectacular buffet lunch in Bari’s signature cooking and culinary education facility. After lunch we will brief you shuttle you the absolutely stunning and brand new five star Borgo Bianco resort and Spa where you will settle into your sublimely appointed room and join us for your expert bike fitting and magical first ride up to the beautiful city of artists, Conversano. You will have time for a look around at the ancient and beautiful Aragonese castle as well as the all important Pugliese coffee drink, the Espressino. The leisurely ride finishes down the hill and back along the sea for a well deserved and elegant evening and dinner at the hotel’s lovely sea view restaurant. Day 2 Cycling: Polignano-Castellana Loop (Long option to the Grottoes: Pro Option to Noci ) 50/70/90 km Afternoon Aperitivo Wine Tasting and Talk Dinner: PASHA in Conversano Lodging: Polignano Borgo Bianco ***** Resort and Spa We find our bikes once again and prepare for a beautiful ride into the northern reaches of the Itria valley where you will find ancient olive groves and some hidden trulli houses covered by nut and cherry trees. We will climb slightly back towards Conversano before turning to Putignano and onward to the Castellana Grotte where we can have an optional tour of the amazing caverns and stop for lunch. After lunch our relaxed riders may want to head back to the hotel while our ambitious 2 wheelers will want to ride on the beautiful town of Noci before heading home for the afternoon. There will be a nice period in the afternoon to hit the pool or have a nap or to even indulge in some of the fabulous spa treatments at the resort before we meet in the early evening for a guided wine tasting with a local winemaker or
  2. 2. sommelier and then we shuttle into Conversano for dinner at Pasha, one of the most fabulous restaurants in all of Puglia. Wow, what a day! Day 3 Guided Tour of Alberobello and lunch at Il Poeta Contadino Cycling: Polignano – Monopoli-Alberobello-Locorotondo-Savelletri (Long Option: Martina Franca) 60/80km Lodging and Dining: Savelletri: Masseria Torre Maizza ***** This is our first big moving day and some seriously great riding. We crank up and head inland towards the western side of Monopoli (our home in Puglia!) and head upwards to the forests and the Unesco Heritage Site of Alberobello. This ride will take a little time as we have to get through the amazing array of ancient olive trees, medieval dolmens, and the occasional Ape (Italian 3 wheeled farm truck). As we descend into Alberobello the beauty of the 1500+ Trulli (conical roofed homes and businesses) it becomes readily apparent why this is the postcard capital of Puglia. Here we will meet our old friend Mimmo who will guide us through the history, culture, and artisanal products of the region and set our appetites in motion for the feast of the poet at Il Poeta Contadino, another singular restaurant of the region known for its grass fed meats and use of local produce. After an amazing lunch we ride for Locorotondo and the Cummerse buildings (buildings of local stone with Pyramid shaped roofs). Locorotondo is known for its light white wine and the beautiful views of the whole Itria valley. From there our group diverges as the long riders head for the next hilltop and the town of Martina Franca and the others dive down the big hill headed for the sea with stunning coastal views and the spectacular and most famous hotel in Puglia, Masseria Torre Maizza awaiting where you can relax in absolute luxury while your dinner is prepared in their renowned kitchen. Day 4 Cycling: Savelletri –Cisternino-Ostuni Loop (Long Option along the sea to Torre Cane) 55/75km Dining: La Peschiera Lodging: Savelletri: Masseria Torre Maizza ***** This morning we set out on a lovely climb into the chic and beautiful Cisternino where you will see some of the most sweeping views of the Itria Valley. In Cisternino you can have a coffee or gelato to recharge before a lovely ride along the ridge to Ostuni, La Citta Bianca (the white city) which is a stunning temple on the hill and gateway to the sea and a ride through the most densely packed and beautiful forest of the Itria Valley. In Ostuni you will have many diverse lunch options and a chance to enjoy one of the many preparations of the ubiquitous orecchiette pasta (little ears shape). The long option will reward the diligent rider with a gorgeous and breezy ride along the sea before making their way back to the hotel. This evening will begin with a white wine apertitivo followed by a meal at the temple of seafood, La Peschiera where the very best of the daily catch is prepared with grace and aplomb. La Peschiera is an amazing finish to your journey in the Itria valley. Day 5 Transfer to the Salento (the heel of the heel)
  3. 3. Lunch: Acaya at the lovely Trattoria Acaya Cycling: Squinzano – Acaya – San Foca-Otranto Lodging: Otranto –Masseria Montelauro **** This is one of the coolest days ever to be on a bike. After a lovely farewell breakfast at Torre Maizza we shuttle you to the beautiful Masseria Melcarne where you begin an amazing day of riding in the stark and contrasting beauty of the Salento region. The Salento; the southernmost peninsula of Puglia and home to amazing beaches, the best wines in Puglia, and the amazing town of Otranto! Here we will see amazing beaches where we can stop for a swim before getting back on the bike and moving on. The sea almost always in view, the warm sun warming your heart and souls, and the knowledge that your trip continues to shape you makes this Southern Visions program like no other. The ancient city of Otranto is a must see! One part beach resort, one part middle-eastern, many parts Italian, and every part a whole lot of fun! We will stay in the beautiful 4 Star Masseria Montelauro two kilometers from the Otranto city center in the peaceful silence of the countryside. On the way in we will stop at the famous castle city of Acaya for a lovely walk around and a killer local lunch. We will bring you into Otranto this evening for an amazing stroll by the sea and dinner on your own (we highly recommend the pizza in Otranto). Day 6 Cycling: Otranto-San di Leuca (long option loopback to Otranto) 50/100km SV Farewell Party with Maneka Folklore Band Lodging & Dining: Otranto –Masseria Montelauro **** At Southern Visions we save the best rides for last. This is one of Italy’s most memorable rides. Hills, breathtaking sea views, natural hot springs, grottoes, pine forests, and the knowledge that you have really lived while you were here as a participant in the joyous lifestyle of Puglia. This is the real heel of the boot. This is south of south and opportunities for wine tastings, cave visits, beaches, and even a shuttle back to the hotel in Otranto are all options on this ride. We will ride down to Santa Maria de Leuca, a place the Romans called Finnibus Terrae (the end of the earth) and you will stand on the Southern most point in Puglia and gaze out into the inviting sea. We will stop for a lovely cave visit on the way down and always for coffee. For the big rider who wants a challenge you can take the long option and ride back to the Masseria. Those of more relaxed persuasions can catch our shuttle back home and get ready for an amazing farewell party Pugliese style with a fabulous local band playing the rousing native rhythms and followed by a fond farewell dinner from your expert guides.
  4. 4. Day 7 Morning Guided walk of Lecce Farewell from the Southern Visions Team We will shuttle you to Lecce, known as the Florence of the south, to the oldest bar in the region for coffee and a chance to enjoy the amazing local pastry known as Pasticcio Leccese (filled with yummy custard cream) and we continue with a professionally guided walking tour of this amazing architectural gem of a city and the opportunity to continue your journey on your own. Of course, if you would like to stay longer, Southern Visions will help you extend your stay or guide you in the right direction home. Always keeping in mind you will be changed for the better after Puglia, for it is a place that has changed us all. 6 Nights lodging at 4 and 5 star hotels and resorts 6 breakfasts 5 Dinners 3 Lunches All luggage transfers Guest Shuttles The highest quality selection of bikes in Southern Italy Professional Wine Tasting Daily snacks and happy hours 2 professional walking tours Professional Bike demo and fitting Detailed Maps and Route Notes Peace of Mind knowing you are with the most local cycling company in Puglia. €3199.00 €899.00 Single Supplement