SV Puglia 7 Day Casual Guided Cycling v1.0


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SV Puglia 7 Day Casual Guided Cycling v1.0

  1. 1. 3+4+3 7, 8, or 10 Day Casual Cycling Programs 2009 Day 1 (8 day or 10 day) Matera Walking Tour Tasting Buffet Lunch at Latteria Rizzi Lodging & Dinner: Hotel Sant’Angelo For those that choose our 8 or 10 day journeys we begin discovering the beauty of Matera on foot, with a guided tour of the sassi (the ancient caves restored to current use) area. Matera opens our journey with its indigenous beauty, seen only recently by foreign eyes. This is the perfect way to become acquainted with the land, before we begin our cycling trek. Your guide will meet you in the lobby of your hotel, the Sant’Angelo, at 11:00 a.m. After our two hour walk we will be treated to a tasting buffet lunch at the Latteria Rizzi where we will sample a wide variety of local treats. You will have free time prior to dinner to explore or relax. Be sure to save room for a tasty dinner at the Hotel Sant’Angelo’s lovely restaurant. Get plenty of rest tonight in preparation for the launch of our cycling journey tomorrow. Day 2 (8 day or 10 day) Cycling: Matera to San Guiliano Lake Loop 45/60 km options Picnic Lunch or Local Tasting along the route Dinner: Ristorante Rivelli Lodging: Hotel Sant’Angelo We start our first day of cycling by leaving Matera through ‘La Martella’ district, in order to avoid heavy traffic; we turn towards San Giuliano Dam, which is both a protected area and the first artificial basin built in Basilicata. The oasis of San Giuliano is one of the protected areas of the Italian WWF. The area, which extends for about 1,000 hectares, is mostly occupied by an artificial pond made in the 1950s. The rest comprises part of the river Bradano ravine, characterized by a deep canyon, and a stretch of the river up the lake. We will stop along our route for a picnic lunch or a tasting at one of the local establishments. The way back to Matera can be challenging, so we invite our guests to take the shuttle if they would like a more relaxing day. The rest of the cyclists will cycle back to the hotel and wash up for a delicious dinner at the Ristorante Rivelli. Wow, what a day!
  2. 2. Day 3 (8 day or 10 day) Cycling: -Latzerra-Montescaglioso (Long Option: Latzerra - Ginosa) 50/70km Lodging: Hotel Sant’Angelo Lunch and Dinner – On your own today with excellent suggestions in the region The ride today will be our first bite of Puglia. We will be riding along the Murgia, the border separating the little Basilicata from the Puglia region. This is a very dry area looking desolated but famous for its canyons. Our basic route today will head south-east toward Laterza. Once in town we will head to one of the locals panetterie and taste the famous local bread Pane di Laterza. You are free today to have lunch on your own, or with your travel companions. If you choose the short cycling option, after Laterza our route will take us back toward Basilicata and the little enchanting village of Montescaglioso where the time seems to have stopped. We will have a major climb into town. The huge area around Montescaglioso, in the past was one of the properties belonged to this powerful and prestigious Abbey. If you choose the long cycling option, we will head to the small village of Ginosa before heading to Montescaglioso. The canyon of ravines here is a veritable natural wonder created by the erosive powers of the rain water. As we head back to our hotel, breathe a sigh of relief, for the hard day of cycling is over, and you are free to relax and dine on your own. Well done on today’s activities. Day 4 (8 or 10 day) Day 1 (7 Day) Cycling: Polignano-San Vito-Conversano (30 km) Dining: Osteria Chichibio Lodging and Lunch: Hotel Covo Dei Saraceni Today is the first day of the trip for some of our guests, or the fourth day for our guests who started in Matera. For our guests who started their trip in Matera, we will leave our first Italian Home, the Sant’Angelo, directly after breakfast via shuttle, and meet new friends in Polignano. For those just beginning the 7 day journey we will meet at 10:00 a.m. at Hotel Leon D’Oro in Bari for introductions and debriefing. We will then rendezvous at the Hotel Covo Dei Saraceni, who will provide us with a lovely lunch buffet. Our ride today will start in Polignano and head to San Vito, along the sea. Once in San Vito, we will stop for coffee and enjoy the view before saddling back up and heading to Conversano, then back to the hotel. Be aware of a 2km climb to Conversano, and be sure to fuel up in San Vito with a local espresso (just ask for caffe!). Once back to our hotel, you will freshen up and relax a little before a gorgeous group dinner at Osteria Chichibio. Welcome to Polignano! Day 5 (8 or 10 day) Day 2 (7 Day) Cycling: Polignano-Conversano-Putignano-Castellana (Long Option to Noci) (30/55/70 km options) Dinner: Cove dei Saraceni Lodging: Hotel Covo Dei Saraceni
  3. 3. Today, you wake up knowing you are going to ride through some of Italy’s best kept secrets, once known only by Pugliese cyclists. We leave Polignano and first head to Conversano, an art city just 7 km from the Adriatic Sea then on to Putignano through some amazing hidden routes and home to some of Italy’s greatest carnivals. We will give you the freedom to enjoy the landscape and soak in the good life, as you lunch on your own along our route. We will head back to the hotel via Castellana Grotte, with an optional visit to the Castellana Grotte caves in the afternoon, and a much needed gelato stop. For our experienced cyclists, you can choose the long option and head to Noci before heading to the hotel. Whichever option you choose, you will get a terrific workout Pugliese style, and be very ready for the dinner feast at the Covo dei Saraceni. Day 6 (8 or 10 day) Day 3 (7 Day) Cycling: Polignano-Monopoli-Alberobello-Locorotondo (long option out & back to Martina Franca) 35/65km Guided Tour of Alberobello Lunch at a lovely authentic spot Lodging, Dinner and Olive Oil Tasting: Masseria San Martino Today is a big moving day for us, as well as a big cycling day! We will leave our Hotel on our cycles and head to Monopoli, traveling inbound through the beautiful Pugliese countryside with a reasonable but challenging climb into our first stop, Alberobello. In Alberobello, we will be treated to a guided tour, followed by a delicious lunch where we will have several tastings of the region’s specialties. You will be taken away to another place in Alberobello, as we come across the mystical, white-washed cone shaped trulli. After our tour and lunch, we will mount our saddles again, and head to Locorotondo, then down the hill toward the sea….make sure you keep control of your bicycle, as the spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea and surrounding countryside will take your breath away! Our cyclists can choose to head back to the hotel, or continue on a slightly longer ride out and back to Martina Franca. We are lucky to dine, receive an olive oil tasting and lodge at the Masseria San Martino this evening – this restored Masseria hotel in a grove of over 2000 olive trees, and nestled between the sea and countryside will provide the ideal setting for the wonderful hospitality of Conny and Giovanni who will blow you away with their fabulous house made olive oils and Conny’s knockout cooking. This is a warm and inviting experience and indicative of Puglia as whole. Day 7 (8 or 10 day) Day 4 (7 Day) Cycling: Masseria-Cisternino-Ostuni loop (long option-additional loop along sea 20km) 40/70 km Dinner: Pizzeria Il Tronco Mozzarella Class and aperitivo Lodging: Masseria San Martino We start our day with a ride out of the Masseria to Cisternino and then on to Ostuni. Our journey covers these beautiful hilltop towns whose Greek influence is apparent in their whitewashed exteriors and whose Italian heart is felt in the people and the cuisine. We invite you to lunch on your own or with your
  4. 4. travel mates in either Cisternino or Ostuni being sure to savor each bite of artisanal cuisine. These are the some of the most picturesque towns in all of southern Italy so take it all in while you are here. You may choose to continue your journey for a bit longer, or head back to the hotel through a forest of olive trees and orchards to relax before the evening’s activities. If you would like to cycle more, we will ride an additional 20km along the sea and through the quaint villages of Torre Canne and Savelletri. We will meet again at 6:30 at Masseria San Martino where our friend Dina will join us and provide a mozzarella making class and tasting. You will find out just why Puglia is known for its masterful cheeses through sampling our mozzarella aperitivo this evening. Be sure to save room for dinner, as we are heading to Pizzeria Il Tronco for the largest selection of pizzas in the region with OVER 140 DIFFERENT CHOICES!!! Rest well for another activity filled day tomorrow. Day 8 (8 & 10 day) Day 5 (7 Day) Transfer to the Salento (the heel of the heel ) Cycling: Acaya, San Foca, Otranto 35/50/70 Lunch: Trattoria Acaya Lodging: Hotel Valle dell’Idro After breakfast we say farewell here to our 8 day guests. 8 day guests your checkout time is 11 am and we will be glad to assist you with optional airport shuttles and/or methods to continue your stay in Italy. For those of you on 7 or 10 day journeys this is one of the coolest days ever to be on a bike. After breakfast we shuttle you to the beautiful Masseria Melcarne where you begin an amazing day of riding in the stark and contrasting beauty of the Salento region. The Salento is the southernmost peninsula of Puglia and home to amazing beaches, the best wines in Puglia, and the amazing town of Otranto! Here we will see amazing beaches where we can stop for a swim before getting back on the bike and moving on. The sea almost always in view, the warm sun warming your heart and souls, and the knowledge that your trip continues to shape you makes this Southern Visions program like no other. The ancient city of Otranto is a must see! One part beach resort, one part middle-eastern, many parts Italian, and every part a whole lot of fun! On the way in we will stop at the famous castle city of Acaya for a lovely walk around and a killer local lunch. We will bring you into Otranto this evening for an amazing stroll by the sea and dinner on your own (we highly recommend the pizza in Otranto). We will stay in the beautiful Hotel Valle dell’Idro in Otranto, and invite you to enjoy dinner and evening activities on your own. Day 9 (10 day) Day 6 (7 Day) Cycling: Otranto-Santa Maria di Leuca (long option loopback to Otranto) 50/100km Dinner: Ristorante da Angelo Lodging: Hotel Valle dell’Idro At Southern Visions we save the best rides for last. This is one of Italy’s most memorable rides. Hills, breathtaking sea views, natural hot springs, grottoes, pine forests, and the knowledge that you have really lived while you were here as a participant in the joyous lifestyle of Puglia. This is the real heel of
  5. 5. the boot. This is south of south and opportunities for wine tastings, cave visits, beaches, and even a shuttle back to the hotel in Otranto are all options on this ride. We will ride down to Santa Maria dI Leuca, a place the Romans called Finnibus terrae (the end of the earth) and you will stand on the southernmost point in Puglia and gaze out into the inviting sea. We will stop for an optional, lovely cave visit on the way down and always for coffee. For the big rider who wants a challenge you can take the long option and ride back to the Masseria and have the feeling of accomplishment that goes with completing a full century ride. Those of more relaxed persuasions can catch our shuttle back home and get ready for an amazing farewell dinner at Ristorante da Angelo which is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Puglia. Day 10 (10 day) Day 7 (7 Day) Morning Guided walk of Lecce Farewell from the Southern Visions Team We will shuttle you to Lecce, known as the Florence of the south, to the oldest bar in the region for coffee and a chance to enjoy the amazing local pastry known as Pasticciotto Leccese (filled with yummy custard cream) and we continue with a professionally guided walking tour of this amazing architectural gem of a city and the opportunity to continue your journey on your own. Of course, if you would like to stay longer, Southern Visions will help you extend your stay or guide you in the right direction home. Always keeping in mind you will be changed for the better after Puglia, for it is a place that has changed us all. Our program finishes around 12pm in time for you to catch the train back to Rome, shuttle back to Brindisi airport (additional charge) or let us help you extend your journey with us in Puglia! 6, 7, or 9 Nights lodging at quality hotels and resorts 6, 7, or 9 breakfasts 5, 6, or 7 Dinners 3 or 4 Lunches All luggage transfers Guest Shuttles The finest and best maintained bikes in Southern Italy Professional Olive Oil Tasting and Walk in the Olive Groves. Professional Mozzarella Making Demo and Tasting Daily snacks and happy hours 2 or 3 professional walking tours Professional Bike demo and fitting Detailed Maps and Route Notes Peace of Mind knowing you are with the most local and professional cycling company in Puglia. 3+4 = €2299, €699 single supplement 4+3 = €2099, €599 single supplement 3+4+3 = €2599, €899 single supplement