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SEO, Social Media, and Content: The Three Musketeers of Inbound Marketing!

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Inbound Marketing

  1. 1. Inbound MarketingTwitter: #ActiveIMSEO, Social Media, and Content: The Three Musketeers of Inbound Marketing! | 1-877-871-2ROI
  2. 2. Agenda• Push Vs Pull Marketing• Pull Marketing = Inbound Marketing  SEO  Social Media  Content• Metrics  Marketing automation to generate & nurture Leads | 1-877-871-2ROI
  3. 3. Push Vs Pull Strategy | 1-877-871-2ROI
  4. 4. Search Engine Optimization | 1-877-871-2ROI
  5. 5. SearchCan customers find you? Outside of knowing your brand or getting referred.Search engines is how people connect to information online. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  6. 6. Why Optimize?Don’t be a billboard in a desert Having a website is not enough.Your website maybe invisible to search engines, or you may appear like one of millions of cookie cutter companies to Google. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  7. 7. Be the Smart KidGetting high grades with Google If you want Google to like you, give Google want it wants. What Google wants is for you to follow the rules and tell it what you are all about. Google also wants to hear from everyone else what they know about you too. You have to optimize for Google. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  8. 8. SEOBenefits!• Get found On Google• Credible keyword oriented content that is indexed thoroughly• Link popularity and other offsite activities to increase credibility• Web site optimization, including inserting tags and removing indexing barriers | 1-877-871-2ROI
  9. 9. SEOMarketing effectiveness! SEO effectiveness at accomplishing various marketing objectives | 1-877-871-2ROI
  10. 10. Social | 1-877-871-2ROI
  11. 11. Social MediaI tweet! It’s more than just Twitter. Think beyond just Twitter, Facebook or Linked In. Social Media are Blogs, Webinars, Podcasts, YouTube, Flicker and so much more. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  12. 12. Social MediaI blog! Social Media’s true power is feedback.Don’t just push out content and updates via Social Media without considering the SOCIAL part of things. The reason why social media has become so popular is because it’s INTERACTIVE. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  13. 13. Social MediaBenefits!• Increases the amount of SEO friendly content on the web• Generates inbound links• Increases the number of listings in the SERP’s• Improves the quality of your website’s traffic• Improves search conversion rates | 1-877-871-2ROI
  14. 14. Social MediaI promote!Plans for the Use of Social Media for Promotion or Engagement forevents (Late 2010 to Late 2011) ©2011 Osterman Research, Inc. and Quantum Leap Marketing, Inc. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  15. 15. ContentIt’s all about content & content is King Webinars Blog Whitepapers Twitter Streams LinkedIn Groups Video –YouTube Podcasts | 1-877-871-2ROI
  16. 16. The Right ContentDoes it matter to them? Compile content that shows thought leadership. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  17. 17. The Right ContentDoesn’t come from you User Generated Content (UGC) is mightiest of all content. | 1-877-871-2ROI
  18. 18. ContentBenefits!• Engages the reader• Increases search engine rankings and traffic• Promotes the likelihood of quality links from other sites• Creates thought leadership & credibility | 1-877-871-2ROI
  19. 19. ContentMarketing effectiveness | 1-877-871-2ROI
  20. 20. ContentMarketing challenge | 1-877-871-2ROI
  21. 21. Metrics• You have your inbound marketing working, now what?  Marketing Automation » Analytics (Track & analyze visitors) » Generate leads (Convert web visitors into leads) » Nurture leads (Convert leads into sales ready leads) | 1-877-871-2ROI
  22. 22. Online Marketing &Marketing AutomationFact: Only 0.5-4% of Traditionalvisitors to your website Marketing:identify themselves Trade Shows, Ads Follow up interested prospects Email: PPC, Blasts & Auto filtered for Banner Ads Web Nurturing Click throughs are Sales Reps prioritization; a Site like form fills self populating call list Visits ActiveConversion: Social Lead Generation Search Media: Prospect Scoring Engine Blogs, FB, Competitive Intel Visibility LinkedIn Twitter | 1-877-871-2ROI
  23. 23. Marketing AutomationBenefits!• Fix follow-up failure• Make campaigns buyer-centric• Make marketings contribution to the pipeline measurable | 1-877-871-2ROI
  24. 24. What is ActiveConversion?• Lead Generation – reverse IP lookup• Lead Scoring – prioritization, timing• Lead Management – M&S alignment• Lead Nurturing – the leaky funnel• Marketing ROI – testing and measuring | 1-877-871-2ROI
  25. 25. Questions? Jim Wong Jon EdgarInbound Marketing Specialist Account Executive ActiveConversion ActiveConversion 403-508-9889 x111 403-508-9889 Web: Twitter: Facebook: B2B Marketing Blog: Online Marketing Blog: | 1-877-871-2ROI