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EXECUTION – The Last Word in Sales! Everything Else is Just Talk!


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EXECUTION – The Last Word in Sales! Everything Else is Just Talk!

  1. 1. Renbor ActiveConversion presents: Tibor Shanto - Renbor Sales Solutions | 1-877-871-2ROI Sell better by educating your team to deliver results rather than just complete tasks.
  2. 2. Renbor | 1-877-871-2ROI • Lead Generation – who is visiting your page • Lead Scoring – prioritization, timing • Lead Management – M&S alignment • Lead Nurturing – the leaky funnel • Marketing ROI – testing and measuring What is ActiveConversion?
  3. 3. Renbor Web Site Visits Traditional Marketing: Trade Shows, Ads Email: Blasts & Nurturing Social Media: Blogs, FB, LinkedIn Twitter Search Engine Visibility PPC, Banner Ads Web 2.0 Marketing | 1-877-871-2ROI ActiveConversion: Lead Generation Prospect Scoring Competitive Intel CRM: Contact Relationship Management Software Auto filtered for Sales Reps prioritization; a self populating call list Click throughs are like form fills Fact: Only 0.5-4% of visitors to your website identify themselves
  4. 4. Renbor Tibor Shanto • Principal – Renbor Sales Solutions Inc. • B2B New Business Acquisition • Focus on Execution • Helping companies and individuals succeed and sell better by delivering results rather than just completing tasks. “What’s in Your Pipeline?” (416) 671-3555
  5. 5. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  6. 6. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  7. 7. Renbor Online Access • The presentation and all the worksheets and tools are available for download at: “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  8. 8. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  9. 9. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?” $$$$$ $ $$$$$ $ $$$$$ $ 20 80 20 80 80 20 1. 2. 3.How will you increase your average Revenue? How will you increase your number of customers? How will you increase your Profitability?
  10. 10. Renbor • What do SPIN, Miller Heiman, EDGE framework have in common? • They are just words without EXECUTION! “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  11. 11. Renbor The silver bullet in sales is Execution Everything else is Just Talk! “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  12. 12. Renbor Execution • Core components of sales execution  Attitude  Planning and Process  Time and Timing  Execute - Review - Evolve “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  13. 13. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  14. 14. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  15. 15. Renbor Sales “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  16. 16. Renbor Time and Timing • Time Allocation “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  17. 17. Renbor Time Allocation “What’s in Your Pipeline?” • Time Management – A stupid Concept 60 minutes come packed in to cartons of 24 These are placed in boxes of 7 Which are then loaded into containers of 52
  18. 18. Renbor Time Allocation • You can only allocate time, you can’t manage it “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Prospecting Selling Acc’t Mgent Admin Prep/research Prospecting % Selling % Acc’t Mgent % Admin % Prep/research % % % %
  19. 19. Renbor Manage Activities
  20. 20. Renbor Multi-Tasking “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Another Stupid Concept Just an opportunity to not get a whole bunch of things done at once
  21. 21. Renbor Attitude “Attitude is more important than the past, than education, than money, than circumstances, than what people do or say. It is more important than appearance, giftedness, or skill.” Charles Swindoll “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  22. 22. Renbor Attitude • Core Sales Skill - can be worked on, developed and improved • Seller’s Willingness - not “Thinking out of the box” it is about what you are prepared to do • The difference between winging it, and being ready • The difference between a rep who would rather look foolish practicing - than look foolish in front of a customer when they have not. • Planning > experience based > on metrics “What’s in Your Pipeline?” “To be a great champion you must believe you are the best. If you’re not, pretend you are.” – Muhammad Ali
  23. 23. Renbor Sales Process • The Link Between Attitude and Planning “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  24. 24. Renbor Planning Exercise “What’s in Your Pipeline?” 20102005 Vacation Wedding New Job New Car House Divorce RRSP New Furniture Paint Room Education/Course Art Broadway Show Starting a Business Self Improvement Investment iPad BlackBerry
  25. 25. Renbor Planning Exercise “What’s in Your Pipeline?” 20152010
  26. 26. Renbor Sales Goals “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  27. 27. Renbor Territory Planning “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  28. 28. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Industry Clasification or Type of Business Total in My Territory Number I have as Customers Remaining Prospects Potential Revenue Profile
  29. 29. Renbor Opportunity Matrix “What’s in Your Pipeline?” X X X X X X X X X X X 10 X X
  30. 30. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  31. 31. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Efficiently Executing the Process
  32. 32. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Above the Funnel Process Execution Client Management • Market Identification • Product Development • Demand Creation • Lead Gen & Management • Outreach • Engagement • Strategy & Process • Value Creation • Time & Resource Management • Opportunity Management • Execution • Accurate Forecasting • Value Acceptance • Revenue Attainment • Retention • Penetration • Up-selling • Referrals • Client Sat Enhance Customer Relationship
  33. 33. Renbor • Timing, Unknown factors, Nurturing, Re-engagement The Leaky Funnel “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  34. 34. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Prospect Management Skills Luck
  35. 35. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?” Looking at the steps and pieces that make the whole
  36. 36. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  37. 37. Renbor How good is your sales process? “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  38. 38. Renbor • Identify industry issues / standards • Assess company buying information • Assess high level business needs • Estimate product / solution match • Make go /no go decision • Determine business drivers • Verify and determine buying information • Formulate and document buying /selling plan • Confirm buying / selling commitments • Make go / no go decision • Conduct initial interviews • Hypothesise product / service opportunities • Develop initial value proposition • Make go / no go decision • NEXT STEP • Inform customer • Conducts follow up interview • Review interview finding with customer • Begin contract compliance process • Make go /no go decision • NEXT STEP • Prepare value proposition component • Prepare solution component • Prepare demo component • Prepare integrated presentation/s • Make presentation/s • Assess customer reaction • NEXT STEP • Prepare and present proposal presentation • Negotiate and agree upon terms and conditions • Obtain signed contract and close Identify Suspects Understand business driver: why buy? Create value proposition: why buy Your Company? Present value proposition: why buy now? Reach agreement and close Confirm value proposition: why buy Your Company? Identify Suspects Qualify as Prospect Close Qualify Opportunities & Commitment Your Company Your Company and Customer Sales Process - Overview E ED G Engage Discovery Gain Execute Identify Suspects Qualify as Prospect Close Qualify Opportunities & Commitment E ED G Engage Discovery Gain Execute
  39. 39. Renbor Phase 1: Identify and Confirm Suspects Activity Objectives Tasks Tools Desired Outcomes •Identify Industry Issues / trends / standards •Learn general industry trends •Identify potential points of pain, technology standards and business best practice •Research and review available publications •Utilise web resources •Research other companies in industry that use Your Company products / solutions •Summarise findings •Your Company (internal), Google etc •Knowledge of relevant industry issues / trends / standards •Assess company buying information •Obtain account buying information: –Financial stability, decision makers, preferences, (board members, experience, alliances) •Competitive presence •Current IT environment •Use Your Company •Summarise findings •Account history (as available) •Publications •Your Company (internal), •Knowledge of companies financial stability •Decision makers, preferences, competitor preference •Assess high level business needs •Be able to summarise and prioritise stated business objectives •Map company position within industry (e.g. market leader) •Identify potential high level needs •Identify industry or specific pain points •Review available literature and web pages on business/ financial objectives •Summarise companies top 10 suppliers and customers •Review market analysis on company performance •Conduct preliminary SWOT analysis to determine specific needs •Account history as available •Publications •Your Company (internal), •Understanding of high level business needs •Estimate product / solution match •Determine degree of fit •Identify preliminary scope of the solution •Map needs to specific lines of business •Match appropriate Your Company products / solutions to each functional area •High level of concept of technical fit and solution •Make go /no go decision •Assess opportunity based on the following criteria:financial stability, decision makers, Your Company relationship, competitor presence, current business/technology/KM fit. •CRM?? •Sales Manager Objective: Identify and initially qualify a potential opportunity
  40. 40. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  41. 41. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  42. 42. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  43. 43. Renbor 1) Which Trigger Events result in your best customers 2) What to say to get prospects to become your customers 3) How to close more sales with those who are motivated to buy now
  44. 44. Renbor Trigger Event Book Download preview Chapter
  45. 45. Renbor “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  46. 46. Renbor Online Access • The presentation and all the worksheets and tools are available for download at: “What’s in Your Pipeline?”
  47. 47. Renbor Yves Matson Senior Account Executive ActiveConversion 403-508-9889 x118 Twitter: @Matsony @ActiveConv LinkedIn: Questions? | 1-877-871-2ROI Tibor Shanto Principal Renbor Sales Solution +1 416 822-7781 Twitter: @Renbor LinkedIn: Vote for Tibor as one of the 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management in 2010: