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Guide to greater_conversion

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 21ST CENTURY EVENT PLANNING 3 4 STEPS TO ACHIEVING GREATER CONVERSION 5 1 – go paperless & streamline your registration Process 2 – market your event like an expert & boost Attendance 3 – keep your content current & your registrants informed 4 – knowledge is power: survey for success WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 2 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION 6 8 9 10
  3. 3. 21ST CENTURY EVENT PLANNING In order to plan a successful event and achieve greater conversion, one must recognise the way in which events have evolved over the past decade. The event planning model was a simple 3 step process; invite members to an event, deliver the event, and obtain feedback. As technology has evolved, so have events. Event planning no longer fits the simple three step process. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 3 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  4. 4. The key to creating a successful event now revolves around the attendee journey and their interaction with organisations and the brands behind the events. In order to achieve greater conversion and maximise event ROI, the event planner has to offer opportunities for extended audience engagement with their brand; and ensure that this interaction extends long before the event takes place and continues for a long time after. One of the main components to delivering better event experiences and generating better results lies in understanding and monetising the attendee journey. THE FACT IS, ATTENDEES NOW DEMAND MORE FROM EVENTS, THEY WANT MORE CHOICES, A BETTER EVENT EXPERIENCE, MORE VALUE, AND MORE WAYS TO CONNECT. In order to deliver better, more measurable results, event organisers need to stop thinking of a live event as the destination and start thinking of it as a journey, bringing people together with sustained community engagement throughout the extended event cycle. We have identified 4 steps in the event planning journey that will help you effectively engage with your audience and achieve greater conversion. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 4 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  6. 6. 1 – GO PAPERLESS & STREAMLINE YOUR REGISTRATION PROCESS Many event organisers are concerned that the transition from paper to online registration may alienate some of their attendees. Online registration makes it easier for attendees to sign up for your events without the need to fill out and post paper forms. It also provides attendees with real-time access to event information at their convenience. In addition to signing up for sessions, attendees will also be able to access travel and accommodation information. The majority of the organisers we work with have found that the move from paper to paperless registration has been beneficial in increasing event attendance. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 6 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  7. 7. Speed up your registration process and boost your event attendance with online registration. Online registration can save you valuable time and resources on data entry and administrative tasks, enabling you to spend more time planning your event. When designing your online registration, remember to customise your forms to match the look and feel of your website or brand. Offer online payment options to your attendees; not only does this save you time handling cash and cheques during the event, it is also more secure and convenient for your attendees. Make it easier for attendees to register by offering a wide range of payment types and discount codes. Providing discount codes and early bird pricing is a great way of enticing potential registrants to sign up for your event. When choosing your online registration provider, make sure that they have secure online payment processing and that they are PCI Level 1 compliant. Many online registration providers ask event planners for large payments in advance. Choose a provider that offers pay as you go pricing. This will safeguard your investment and prevent you from investing a lump sum without prior knowledge of attendance figures. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 7 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  8. 8. 2 – MARKET YOUR EVENT LIKE AN EXPERT & BOOST ATTENDANCE Email invitations are a great first step in getting the word out about your event. Drive event registrations by sending out targeted and professional looking emails. Remember to customise your email invitations so that they are consistent with your other marketing materials and website. Although email marketing is a great start, your marketing efforts should not stop there. Promoting your event through a variety of other marketing channels can significantly extend your marketing reach. When creating your event website, make sure that you integrate your social media channels within the site so that attendees can “like”, “google+”. “tweet” and “share” your posts and video content. Another advantage of integrating social media is that it also helps increase your SEO ranking. Using social media in this way allows you to create a buzz around your event and harness the power of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to expand your reach and empower your attendees to promote your event with social sharing. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 8 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  9. 9. 3 – KEEP YOUR CONTENT CURRENT & YOUR REGISTRANTS INFORMED Make sure you increase user engagement by keeping the content on your event site current. Give attendees a “taster” of what is to come by including photographs, key articles and videos that they may find interesting. Use a registration service provider that gives your registrants access to a free mobile event app so that they have realtime access to event information and content at their convenience. It is vital that you keep in contact with your registrants so that they don’t forget about your event. It can be extremely frustrating for organisers to see unused name badges at the end of an event. The good news is that there is a way to identify noshows before your events—yet it’s one of the least-used features in event registration. It’s called “click-to-confirm” reminders, and it allows event organisers to send a series of triggered email reminders leading up to an event, asking attendees to confirm that they will be attending the event. This practice allows organisers to weed out people who have changed their minds and open up spaces for sold out events. In addition, the extra action taken by your attendees reminds them about the event and reaffirms their commitment to attend. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 9 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  10. 10. 4 – KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: SURVEY FOR SUCCESS Surveys are a great tool for event organisers. Most event organisers use them to collect important information before and during an event. Unfortunately, after the flurry and excitement of an event, most organisers overlook the post-event survey. It’s important to prepare your post-event surveys in advance to collect the best data possible, gage the success of your event, and identify possible areas for improvement. Make your surveys accessible by offering attendees mobile access to your surveys from their tablets and smartphones. Offering incentives are also a great way to increase participation. This could be an e-book or guide that is of interest to your audience; alternatively, entry into a draw or competition also works extremely well. When designing your survey, include multiple choice questions so that your surveys are quick and easy to complete. It is a good idea to give attendees the option of submitting their surveys anonymously to ensure accurate and honest feedback. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 10 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  11. 11. Remember to ask attendees how they heard about your event as this will determine where you need to focus your marketing efforts for future events. When creating your survey, think about the information that you want to collect. Think about who will use the collected data and for what purpose. In addition to your event management team, the senior leaders of the organisation behind the event will also rely on the collected data to put metrics and value to their REMEMBER, THE FEEDBACK GAINED FROM THE COLLECTED DATA WILL HELP YOU INCREASE YOUR CONVERSION FOR FUTURE EVENTS! WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 11 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION
  12. 12. WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES Sometimes when we’re talking to event directors they say ‘You guys provide online registration software, don’t you?’ That’s true, but we really are so much more than that. We are your marketing magicians, your pricing advisers, your best practices buddies, and more. We are your partner and we are as dedicated as you are to growing your event and the industry. And we are also participants, which gives us a special insight into your world. IMPRESS YOUR EVENT AUDIENCE INCREASE ATTENDANCE EXTEND YOUR REACH → EVENT WEBSITE CREATOR → EMAIL MARKETING → SOCIAL PROMOTION TOOLS SAVE TIME SIMPLIFIED EVENT MANAGEMENT TRACK EVENT SUCCESS → ONLINE REGISTRATION → PARTICIPANT MANAGEMENT → ADVANCED REPORTING TOOLS WANT TO LEARN MORE? UNITED KINGDOM & IRELAND SINGAPORE AUSTRALIA NEW ZEALAND +44 (0) 207 554 0949 +65 6692 6072 1800 229 019 0800 452 608 WE ARE THE TECHNOLOGY THAT POWERS ACTIVITIES 12 A GUIDE TO GREATER CONVERSION