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Benefits of mobile technology


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It is predicted that by 2016 there will be 10 billion mobile internet devices in use worldwide
(PhoCusWright Market Research, 2013). As the market for mobile technology grows,
smartphones and tablets are becoming more affordable and easier to use each year.

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Benefits of mobile technology

  2. 2. Benefits of MobileTechnology for Event 1. CREATE MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT Beyond the basics of meeting, event and conference management, event organisers have been looking for new ways to create meaningful engagement with attendees for years. Mobile technology is proving to be the answer to this problem. The beauty of mobile technology is that it is always on and always accessible so attendees can access event information wherever and whenever they want to. This creates opportunities for engagement before, during and long after the event takes place. It is predicted that by 2016 there will be 10 billion mobile internet devices in use worldwide (PhoCusWright Market Research, 2013). As the market for mobile technology grows, smartphones and tablets are becoming more affordable and easier to use each year. More organisations are now investing in ways to connect with mobile technology users on various devices. This presents a huge opportunity for conference and event organisers. We have examined seven key benefits that mobile technology has for event organisers. 2. ENHANCE THE EVENT EXPERIENCE Mobile event technology takes the event experience beyond the basics of good venue, good food, drinks and line-up of speakers. It streamlines the event experience from start to finish by enabling attendees to sign up, register and get all of the information they need directly from their mobile device. It allows attendees to access event content and information in real time and empowers event organisers to provide a better overall event experience.
  3. 3. Benefits of MobileTechnology for Event 4. IMPROVE COMMUNICATION AND INTERACTION WITH EVENT ATTENDEES Event attendees today are hyper social and enjoy interacting with peers online via social media channels. Mobile event technology can enable attendees to become more than just simply attendees but rather an integral part of the larger event picture. Mobile can allow attendees to generate, contribute too, and share event content, experiences and feedback through their social networking channels. 5. INCREASE BRAND REACH AND AWARENESS As attendees engage events through mobile technology, they can proactively use an event website, apps and tools which can all be branded with the organiser’s logos and messaging. This level of exposure is invaluable for driving brand awareness and memorability. Mobile event technology provides more touch points with attendees through increased engagement over a longer period of time, allowing for more marketing opportunities to generate brand recognition and recall with attendees over time. 3. EXTEND THE EVENT LIFECYCLE Memorable meeting and event experiences can help spark continued engagement with attendees before the event and long after it has concluded. By leveraging mobile technology and using it to provide targeted relevant content to event attendees, event organisers can extend the event lifecycle more than ever before and in turn achieve an increased return on engagement and investment.
  4. 4. Benefits of MobileTechnology for Event 6. REDUCE PRINTED MATERIALS FORCOSTSAVINGS ANDAGREENEREVENT 7. REAL TIME CHANGES AND FLEXIBILITY By moving from event brochures and content to mobile-friendly e-brochures, guides and programmes, event organisers can escape many of the limitations and time constraints traditionally associated with printed event materials. Last minute changes to programmes and schedules can be updated in the mobile app, and notifications and updates can be pushed through to attendees in real-time on their mobile devices. Companies using a mobile event solution are transitioning to mobile-friendly e-brochures, guides and programmes. This significantly reduces the amount of printed material required at events, or in some cases, eliminates it altogether. The cost savings associated with this change are significant, and far outweigh the investment in the mobile solution itself. Additionally, event organisers are promoting a greener event with less printed material and less waste.
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