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Anh Phan Tiến Đông – Quản lý phát triển sản phẩm của FBlog trình bày tại buổi ra mắt FBlog

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  3. 3. Alexa Ranking Higher than : 15 14 : 17 : 16 Webtretho : 20 Higher than Vn-zoom : 23 21 VTCnews : 25 Báo tuổi trẻ : 28 : 30 Source :
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  7. 7. Advantages of FBlog Serving over 500 million Impression per month Thousands of bloggers joining in Geographical targeting by countries or major cities Unlimited keywords and 150 content channels ROI tracking and site blocking option Variety of creative ad formats Real time traffic and Conversion rate reports
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  9. 9. Publisher Blogger ● Having high reliability, ● Lack of personal experienceReview Article : personality and high influence on ● Lack of friend list interactivity ● Creating trend in Blogger community. ● Multiple interactivityAdvertising: ● CPD - CPC, CPM, CPD ● Ads Format: Banner , Rich - Text ads, Banner, Pup ads, Peel ad….
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  11. 11. THANK YOU !!!