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Php day 2011 overview


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Published in: Technology
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Php day 2011 overview

  1. 1. PHP DAY 2011 17/12/2011 Bao Son HotelNguyen Tat Dac Le Quang
  2. 2. AGENDA• Why PHP Day?• PHP Day 2011 – Agenda – Topics – Presenters• History – PHP Day 2008 – PHP Day 2009 – PHP Day 2010
  3. 3. Where we can talk about PHP is Free & Open PHP & Web The conference is Free & Open, too Why PHP DAY? Who promote PHP? Microsoft or Sun? None of them? We care about PHP!
  4. 4. PHP DAY 2011
  5. 5. SaturdayOVERVIEW 17/12/2011• Location – Bao Son hotel, Ha Noi (• Organizer – VNext Software (, – AITI Aptech (• Attendee – 480+• Media channels – Forum – Mail group – Facebook – PCW Vietnam, Nhip song so – VTV 1, VTV 4, VTC 2
  6. 6. TOPICS Topic Presenter Company12345678910
  7. 7. PHP DAY 2008
  8. 8. OVERVIEW• Location: La Thanh hotel, Ha Noi• Organizer: Vnext Software ( AiTi Aptech (• Time: 14/12/2008• Attendee: 80+• Media channels – Forum – Mail group
  9. 9. TOPICS TOPICS PRESENTERS COMPANY1 Your own Framework Phạm Công Định WorldVest Base2 The good, the best, the ugly - CSS Đặng Minh Tuấn Freelancer3 News Collector System (Crawler) Nguyễn Đức Phú Vnext4 Drupal Overview Phan Thái Trung Digital Experts5 RESTful PHP Web Services
  10. 10. Phan Thái Trung• 2000: R&D Dept, FSoft• 2002 ~ 2004: Published a series of security vulnerabilities in PHP• 2004: Award winning FPT-Samsung Java Mobile Game Contest 2004, final round.• 2005: Instructor in Java Game Programming (Punch Entertainment, HanoiCTT)• 2006: Instructor in C++/VC++ (FSoft)• 2006-2007: Member of Jury board of VINASA Game Award
  11. 11. Phạm Công Định• PHP Expert• Co-founder of JavaVietnam• Founder of PHPVietnam• Worked for TriAx Vietnam• Worked for WorldVest Base
  12. 12. ByHuy• Age: 20• Pro Web Dev for Vega Corp.• Hobbies: photography, traveling and rock music
  13. 13. PHP DAY 2009
  14. 14. OVERVIEW• Location: Bao Son hotel, Ha Noi• Organizer: VNext Software (, AiTi Aptech (• Time: 19/12/2009• Attendee: 350+• Media channels – Forum – Mail group – VTV 1 – VTV 4 – PC World –
  15. 15. TOPICS TOPICS PRESENTERS COMPANY1 Beyond Relational Database - High Phạm Công Định Vega performance datastore and PHP client2 Advanced JavaScript Techniques Lê Văn Hoạt eXo Platform3 HTML5 & CSS Đặng Minh Tuấn Hanoi Aptech4 Cloud Database & Web Server Phan Thái Trung5 MySQL Optimization Nguyễn Mạnh Chính SocBay (kemkem)6 JavaScript Animation Engine Hồng Minh VCCorp7 PHPAMF - RIA Client & PHP Server Side Bùi Đình Ngọc AiTi Aptech8 - Challenges & Solutions Đào Hải Long VinaGame9 FOSS Contribution Nguyễn Mạnh Tiến iWay Vietnam10 Entity-Attribute-Value in Magento Nguyễn Đình Tâm eXo Platform
  16. 16. 2009 Pictures
  17. 17. PHP DAY 2010
  18. 18. OVERVIEW• Location: Bao Son hotel, Ha Noi• Organizer: VNext Software (, AiTi Aptech (• Time: 18/12/2010• Attendee: 450+• Media channels – Forum – Mail group – VTV 1 – VTV 4 – PC World –
  19. 19. TOPICS TOPICS PRESENTERS COMPANY1 Zingme pratice for building scalable Châu Nguyễn Nhật VNG website with PHP Thanh2 Speed up Zing Me – NTVV2 with PHP Nguyễn Trung Thành VNG extension module3 Tự động đặt hàng từ hệ thống bán Phan Thái Trung Digital Pro lẻ lớn nhất Trung Quốc4 Build your own PHP extension Bùi Đình Ngọc AiTi-Aptech5 Kiếm tiền online chân chính bằng nghề Đỗ Xuân Tiến CodeAndMore lập trình6 JoomlArt Case Study: Working as an Đinh Viết Hùng JoomlArt International Team7 Xây dựng mạng xã hội bằng Drupal Nguyễn Mạnh Tiến CEO of iWay
  20. 20. TOPICS TOPICS PRESENTERS COMPANY8 Building Joomla! extensions with Flex Nguyễn Đức Giang BraveBITS integration9 JavaScript Unit Testing Framework Lê Văn Hoạt eXo Platform10 Game social networking service Nguyễn Văn Chính Crystalgroup11 Magento overview and how sell Ngô Văn Trung OSS Magento extensions12 Một số kinh nghiệm cải thiện hiệu Đoàn Văn Tuyển Pentalog năng website13 HTML5, CSS3 and The Future Đặng Minh Tuấn of WebTechnologies14 Đợt sóng CNTT thứ 2 tại Việt Nam Phạm Minh Tuấn CT HĐQT – Topica
  21. 21. 2010 Pictures