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Online mobile game(nguyenle)


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Online mobile game(nguyenle)

  1. 1. Online Mobile Game with Mobicom Mobicom – Make mobile works
  2. 2. Mobicom Company• Mobicom Team started in 2008• Mobicom ltd. was established in February 2011• Founders: Lê Đặng Nguyên, Hồ Việt Lâm• Office: B22 – D4 Khu TĐC Him Lam – Ho Chi Minh City• Main Activities: Software production for mobile devices
  3. 3. Founders• Le Dang Nguyen: Graduated master degree in Houston, Texas, USA. 17 years experience in the IT industry, six years experience in the position of software PM in the U.S. - Founder of portal, the leading planning portal in Vietnam.• Ho Viet Lam: Second Prize at ACM / ICPC Asia. Second Prize at Vietnam Open Source Code. First Prize at Mobilab Vietnam. Talented Engineer of BK University. 6 years experience in programming for Mobile. The author of high-quality games such as the Đại Thắng Mùa Xuân 1975, Lamis.
  5. 5. About Le Dang Nguyen• Before: working on Web Location Based: – Selling data for Google maps. – The clients are leading real estate companies in Vietnam• Now: Co-founder Mobicom ltd., specialize in producing applications for mobile
  6. 6. WEB vs MOBILE A couple of comparisons Reach Usability MonetizationWEB Millions of visits More Almost every body loses moneyMOBILE Ready for million of Time to Service Almost every body users makes money
  7. 7. LESSONS• Mind-set of customer is extremely important• Be careful when you are doing Clone• Do the ideas, which can apply for 64 provinces
  8. 8. WHAT WE ARE DOINGService DescriptonsMobile game Supply games through website(game portal) and games which can be downloaded to mobile through SMSNews Reading news on mobile devicesRingtone/logo Ringtone, logoRingbacktone Ringbacktone base on voice services
  9. 9. Đọc Tin Nóng App This is the mobile app, which use the technology to auto collected information. After register, the clients can daily read news through his/her mobile phone. This app automatically updates from nearly 100 popular online sources in Vietnam. You don’t need computer, internet connection or electricity, you still can read news everywhere, anytime with continuous updates 10 minutes per time. Available for more than 200 popular handsets which have Java and GPRS. Always show Vietnamese with accents.
  10. 10. Đọc Tin Nóng App• Images of“Đọc Tin Nóng”
  11. 11. Đổi Nhạc Chờ App Having 12,000 songs of mobile operators Change ringtone from your mobile immediately An indispensable application on the users’ phone, it will replace the traditional ways such as through the message and through the website
  12. 12. Đổi Nhạc Chờ App• Images of “Đổi Nhạc Chờ”
  13. 13. Game Đại Chiến Xe Tăng
  14. 14. Game Cục Gạch Thông Minh• Based on game Tetris but there are many improvements in game modes and gameplay.• There are four main game modes: Destructive, Hurdles, Speed​​, Classic
  15. 15. The way ahead• J2ME will continuously dominant next 2 years• Then what????
  16. 16. Thank you!
  17. 17. ContactsMobicom ltd.B22- D4 Khu TĐC Him Lam, 7 District– Ho Chi Minh CityLê Đặng Nguyên, founder: 0909001768 – nguyen@mobicom.vnHồ Việt Lâm, Founder: 0904480237 –