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  1. 1. ActionPay Presentation#1 CPA Affiliate Network
  2. 2. ActionPay is the leading International CPA affiliatenetwork.Established in 2010 in the World and in 2012 inMalaysia, ActionPay now has over 19 000 partners(webmasters) with 30 000 + registered sourcesWorldwide and provides a progressive world-classservice for our dear advertisers.Cost Per Action or CPA is an online advertising pricingmodel, where the advertiser pays for each specifiedaction linked to the advertisement.
  3. 3. WHAT IS CPA?CPA (Cost-Per-Action) is the front line technologyin Internet marketing.Working with CPA, the advertiser is not paying forjust traffic flow, but for exact accomplishedactions.This means even small but smartly targeted trafficnumbers create real sales and product promotionfor the advertiser.
  4. 4. Customer… … surfs on the Internet and… Webmaster’s traffic source CPA network… comes to the advertiser’s website. … through the CPA network…
  5. 5. Customer completes an action. Advertiser pays to CPA network... An action causes a payment. $ 70-90% CPA network … and CPA network pays to webmaster.
  6. 6. Target DescriptionExecution of application (credit, insurance, etc.).Array of application form are to agreed and coordinated with thecustomer, special requirements the user has to fit to are to be highlightedfor the purpose of application approval (age, income, etc.)Order in internet shopThere are two options of cooperation:Fixed payment per order – the customer is to pay agreed amount for theorder/purchase confirmation in internet shop not depending on the costof order. This option is less popular and matching more interests of newlyopened internet shops as well as internet shops with low average costcheaque.Sales Commission – the customer is to pay certain agreed commissionfrom the amount of order/purchase.
  7. 7. Target DescriptionRegistration on website or in online gameThe customer is to pay the fact of registration on the website orregistration in online game. In this particular case approvalcriteria of such action are to be agreed in advance (for exampleregistration has to be confirmed via e-mail).Action execution after the fact of registration (reaching certainlevel, internal payments).The customer is to pay only for those users who made certainactions after registration: reached certain level in online game,purchased lottery ticket, etc.Purchase of Digit Content.The customer is to pay on purchase action/fact of purchase ofdigital product/content: electronic book, game, etc.
  8. 8. Target DescriptionVideo View / Video Content Watching ActionThe customer is to pay per the action/fact of video view. The viewduration has to be agreed in advance.Installation of mobile applicationsThe customer is to pay per download of mobile application onmobile devices.Telephone callThe customer is to pay per the action/fact of making call by useron certain telephone number indicated in advertisement or inbanner.
  9. 9. The most popular actions are:• online purchase order• registration in program / online game• in - application payment• video content watchingAdvertiser can pay a fixed price for an action or acommission from a customers payment. ActionPaytakes our own commission equal to 10-30% dependingof offer.
  10. 10. Conditions:We are to place advertisement offer on our “showcase”,where it is to be seen by our partners, which bringing target traffic.Geo Targeting, age, gender and other features of target audience aswell as limitations on types of traffic are to be indicated in settings ofadvertising campaign.Detailed statistics per each action can be free accessed in online regimeat our website.The payment is to be done only for qualitative actions such asregistration on site, purchase, filling in application form and others.For each advertising/promotion campaign – certain time limits are tobe set which is to be given to the advertiser to check the traffic quality.
  11. 11. ActionPays current achievements:• Over 200 active offers and growing every dayWorldwide• More than a half of all offers are ActionPays exclusive• Over 2,500,000 links to advertisers website per day• Over 200,000 quality-confirmed actions per day• Wide affiliates resources network with almost 30,000registered sources• A significant amount of visitors on advertiserswebsites each day
  12. 12. Our Partners1.First –Rate Banking/Finance related portals: 1-2 million of uniquevisitors monthly2.Advertising/Announcement Boards: 2-3 million of uniquevisitors weekly3.Web Masters, using one or numerous of the following listedsources:- Own property webmaster’s sites;- Context, banner, teaser advertising networks;- Social networks;- Doorways, created for traffic attraction inflows upon low-frequency inquiries from search services;- Traffic Arbitrage Systems(purchase/sales of traffic);- etc.
  13. 13. To get the maximum audience coverage ActionPayuses all legal ad types:•high quality stand-alone websites•banner and teaser networks•social networks traffic:, etc.•context ads: Google AdWords etc.•pop-unders•subscribe-lists mailing
  14. 14. Examples of Success StoriesSocial Network:Target: RegistrationResult: 65 000 registration per monthInternet Shop:Target: Purchase OrderResult: more than 20 000 purchase orders permonthCoupon Sellers:Target: RegistrationResult: 50 000 registrations per month
  15. 15. How much it costs?The price depends on:• Volume of target audience• Geography• Achievement complexity terms• Market level• Conversion of landing pages• Business marginal costing• Necessary Volume
  16. 16. ActionPay is:- Excellent-skilled sales team- Top level developers team- 24/7 support team- Management teamActionPayEasy. Profitably. Effective.
  17. 17. ADONWEB Sdn BhdAddress : Suite 9.03A, 9th Floor, North Block, The Ampangwalk, 218 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. MalaysiaTel: + 603 21812869Fax: + 603 21813869E-mail: info@actionpay.myWebsite: THANK YOU!

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