Marketing Plan Manifesto


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Why Marketing Plans almost never work and how to make one, in minutes, that really works. If you are frustrated with Marketing Plans, you should try this.

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Marketing Plan Manifesto

  1. 1. Action Marketing Plan Software The Marketing Plan Manifesto “If it does not work, its time to change things” The basic principles of this Marketing Method Hi, my name is Isaac, the creator of the Action Marketing Plan Software and a Spanish Entrepreneur that worked during years as a business consultant. In 2006 I created my own small business and I never looked back, I work everyday with other entrepreneurs and Im passionate about finding whats really useful to get sales and results (firstly because my customers, and my own business, depend on that). So in this report I want to share my practical experience about Marketing Plans and what really works. I know what you are thinking, Marketing Plan templates and methods are everywhere, so why another one? Mainly because in all these years of experience working with entrepreneurs (and getting customers for my own businesses) many of those methods are:Action Marketing Plan Software 1.- Too complicated for the majority of small businesses and entrepreneurs. That dont have the luxury of endless free time to write fifty pages, or take a MBA to understand what the “plan template of the week” is asking. 2.- Not focused on the important things. If you have heard about the Pareto Principle then you know that 20% of the work brings 80% of the result (if you have not heard about it, please research the topic, its a real eye opener, and, by far the most useful thing I 1 Action Marketing Plan Software.
  2. 2. learned in college when I was studying economics. In my humble experience many plan methods dont focus on that critical 20% and force you to go through a lot of work that does not pay in the real world. 3.- Not focused on action. These are the two keys to success in a Marketing Plan (focus on action and on important things), but every method and template is focused in just the planning part, that, trust me, its just guessing. Really, maybe its not popular to say this, but its true. When we are planning we are trying to predict the future, and we humans are really bad at it, as it has been demonstrated time and again. The result? We put our efforts in the least important part of a Marketing Plan. Action is the only thing that will bring results in the real world. You can predict the success of someone seeing if they act quickly on their ideas instead of dreaming constantly about them.Action Marketing Plan Software 4.- They are static and written in stone. Every Marketing Method or plan admits that is not going to be accurate, its simply not possible, but every template you see is static, there is no room to adapt and control, so what happens? The Marketing Plan is a pretty book that collects dust in the shelf, because after the first contact with reality it does not fit. The Marketing Plan is a map (to be amended when we "travel" towards our goals) but its never a "book" or a bunch of static papers. Why the Action Marketing plan Method and software The Action Marketing Plan software is a tool that was created first for my personal use (you know, in the end I work in the Marketing business, and in fact we are all working in the Marketing and sales business) so I wanted this application focused in what Ive seen that works, because Ive experienced bad cases of “exhaustion syndrome” and its no fun. The exhaustion syndrome In the Action Marketing Plan software the planning part has been stripped of those big fancy terms and tasks 2 Action Marketing Plan Software.
  3. 3. that never work in the real world (but they tend to be included in most methods for some reason, maybe to fillsome sense of self-importance, maybe because we love to think that complexity is always the answer), so thecritical questions (because a plan is just answering the hard questions) can be worked in just minutes.Really.Normally, following many Marketing Plan methods, you would fill in an endless stream of sections that demanda lot of effort and work (many of them are so obscure that you need to go to the Internet to see what are theytalking about, take an MBA and after all that time and effort you end writing some insecure answer).You know the drill (because if you are here, chances are that you have tried other things). You start to get tiredand then you see that there are twenty more questions ahead. It seems like an eternity and you got lot of thingsto do because, you know, you have a real business and a life, so you fill faster with made-up answers, not basedin reality, and whose real goal is ending the damn thing as soon as possible.When you finish (or if you finish, because many plans are started but few are completed) you are so exhaustedthat you dont want to touch "that Marketing Plan thing" again.The experience seemed so useless and awful that you want nothing to do with it, so when the important partarrives (implementation) you had enough already.Thats what I call the “exhaustion syndrome”, Ive seen it many times and its the main reason behind plans thatend in a dark drawer, never to be touched again.Its wasted time that wont come back, but you are a smart entrepreneur and you know that Marketing is whatbring customers, so you try again and some time after you start another Marketing Plan with your bestintentions.Make no mistake, there is nothing bad with hard work, but useless hard work is something that we cannot afford, its our enemy because we have a business to run and a life to live.The solution (and the most effective Marketing strategy)The solution can be summed in:"Work smarter, not harder"."Busy days", those days full of tasks that get you exhausted (and with a sense of stagnation) are good fornothing, trust me, there is no medal of honor.Since we are not going to have unlimited time, stop doing those things that delay you and focus 3 Action Marketing Plan Software.
  4. 4. only on the few critical things that really matter, thats the approach in the Action Marketing PlanSoftware, where the useless things are out.Of course, the process of trimming the less useful parts in the Action Marketing Plan Software is not a product ofa whim, its because of years of experience working with big, medium and small businesses, and seeing whatreally works (and what not) in order to get customers and sales.And this is the thing, you can start now with this solution and you dont even have to invest in the software. Ofcourse it would be great and will make everything easier and faster, but I believe in a "value based Marketing",where businesses give something useful first and then the customer freely chooses if he wants to invest.In my experience this kind of Marketing is what works, you get more customers and, above all, they are happycustomers, because they saw some value before the purchase.I always recommend this Marketing strategy because its the most effective to get sales, but I digress, here is thesolution you can put into practice to have a simpler and better Marketing Plan.Step 1.- Define Crystal Clear Goals.Good goals can be measured and they have a date. "Make some money" is an awful goal, "get 45 newcustomers by 12/31" is much better.Fuzzy goals = fuzzy results, so sit down and specify clearly what we want to accomplish with the plan."What do you really want?"Thats one of the most important questions we can answer, and its incredible how many people mumbles orsimply does not know when asked.In Marketing Planning is the same, and clear goals is one of those 20% of things that really matter.And by the way, establish few goals. The more goals we have the more energy we scatter, so lets focus like alaser in one or two critical goals.Step 2.- Know your customer better than they know themselves.Many businesses say that they know their customers, they fill a profile in their Marketing Plans, and then theirproducts have lousy sales even when many of those customers take a look at the offer.Why? Because they dont really know them, they only want their money. 4 Action Marketing Plan Software.
  5. 5. They dont really feel the same pain so they dont come up with a better solution. The best way of knowing our customers is being one of them. Im an entrepreneur, just like my clients, I feel their pain because its my pain too, I know what would be great for my work, and my best sellers are products that I created first for myself (like the Action Marketing Plan Software) and information about how I solved my own real problems. For example information that explains how I got customers when I started and had little money, no contacts and no experience. All tested in the real world after trial and error. So our task here is to make a portrait of the ideal customer we want to attract, but not any portrait, an accurate one because we care, we spend time walking in their shoes and we know their real desires. Step 3.- Determine how we are going to attract that customer. "If you build it, they will come". That saying does not work any more. Even if we are the best, we must go out there and shout it. How many marketing messages do we receive every day? Hundreds maybe?Action Marketing Plan Software We must rise above that noise, we must be active and be seen. One of my best friends (and entrepreneur too) is a promotion machine. He goes to every event, makes the calls he has to do (overcoming the fear to rejection) and travels where he needs to in order to do business and feed his family. Its bold and Im jealous, Im not like him, Im more shy and I employ other strategies, but the goal is the same. I must be visible, I have to go out there and say "Hey, Im here and this is what I offer, maybe its going to be useful for you". So we need to think how we are going to bring people to our door, and then slice that into small practical steps. Normally this is done through promotion and marketing media, so What are we going to use to attract eyeballs? Flyers? Telemarketing? Salesmen...? We define this clearly in this step, and we make sure that those actions bring enough people, because only a little percentage will become paying customers. 5 Action Marketing Plan Software.
  6. 6. Step 4.- Make sure you have the money and resources.Then we make some basic numbers: what is going to be the investment? and what we expect to reap with ourplan?Step 6.- We act, NO MATTER WHAT.Remember, action is the only thing that will bring results. For this very reason the Action Marketing Plansoftware is more focused in action than planning, because thats what really matters.We know our destination (goals) and we know how we are going to attract people, so its time to go.An "expert" Marketing Plan with nice fonts and flashy charts is not going to make any sales by itself. Alldepends on you and your actions.Step 7.- Steer the shipNo plan resists contact with reality. As soon as we take the first step we always have confirmation of one thing."Plans and reality never match".Some times we miss slightly, some times we drop the ball completely, its normal, we cant predict the future,but we can correct the course of our plan according to the feedback we receive.A static plan (the most common kind of plan) is a recipe for disaster , so we will have to amend andrewrite whats necessary. Dont be afraid to cross out some things and write again...Step 8.- LearnIn marketing no one knows beforehand whats going to work. It does not matter if you are the best Marketinggenius in the world.In fact the most important thing in Marketing is: TESTING. Thats the great secret, really.What works for me maybe its no good for you, but through Marketing Plans full of action you will learn soonwhat works (and what doesnt) in your situation.That knowledge is invaluable, have it at hand...If you make simple, brief Marketing plans, with few focused goals, and, above all, you focus on 6 Action Marketing Plan Software.
  7. 7. smart action you are on the right path.Dont be deceived, planning is not complicated, maybe closing that sale is, but planning … Its just a tool to anend, so go step by step when creating a new plan and, after that, focus on action and adaptation.Don’t try to be perfect from the start, launch your project as soon as possible and then correctthe course… that’s the effective way.At least its what worked for me and the entrepreneurs Ive known and worked with.A final wordMaybe you will think that this is obvious, but time and again Ive seen that its not.Before any Marketing action we must have an irresistible offer, we must make things different orbetter than the rest, we must posses some special quality that make us stand out above our competition.If we have an average product, with average features that never amaze the customer, we wont get sales, ourMarketing efforts will be in vain because there is no Marketing that can fix a mediocre product...Take that into account and please, use this information, take a piece of paper and draft a brief plan followingthe previous steps. In the step 3 brainstorm ways of putting eyeballs on your offer, select the best and ACT.Thats the important lesson.And if you want, take a look at the Action Marketing Plan Software, the application is more detailed inthe method and will help you, step by step, to write a fast Marketing Plan focused in what works, but moreimportantly, it will help you to put it into practice and control the plan, something that you wont findelsewhere.Ok, I must go now, thank you very much for your time, really, and lets work... 7 Action Marketing Plan Software.