==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet!http://tinyurl.com/7r...
methods are also time consuming and often messy. The labels must be read carefully to assurethe best use of the products. ...
not affected by bathing or swimming. It also kills flea larvae. It takes approximately two days to killticks. It should no...
Program is an oral product for dogs and sold as a tablet for dogs and a suspension for cats. Thisproduct contains the inse...
Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Jane_Leon==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Contr...
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How To Exterminate Fleas


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Learn How To Control Fleas and Ticks Once and For All!
See How http://fleasondogs.org/

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How To Exterminate Fleas

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet!http://tinyurl.com/7r7ss3w==== ====Fleas and ticks can make your pets life miserable. Everyone that owns a dog or cat is familiar withthe incessant itching and scratching that accompanies a flea infestation. Anyone that has ever hadto remove an engorged tick knows how unpleasant a task this can be. But fleas and ticks do morethan just cause discomfort. In addition to the hair loss, scabs, and skin irritations that accompanyflea and tick infestations, there is the real and frightening risk of disease spread. Fleas can causeanemia, and transmit the plague and tapeworms. Ticks carry organisms that cause diseases suchas Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease, along with the several other potentially fatalillnesses. Animals that are allergic to flea bites can suffer torment for weeks from one single biteand tick bites can become infected. And the worst part is that for every one of these nastyparasites that you see on your pet, there are hundreds more in the environment. Simply removingthe fleas and ticks on your pet does not eliminate them from your house and yard.Mosquitoes are an additional problem. Although they do not live and reproduce in your house,they rapidly multiply in still water anytime the weather warms up. The tire swing in your backyardor the empty planter on your porch may contain thousands of mosquito larvae. Mosquito bites hurt,can cause allergic reactions, and can become infected. But most importantly, they can spreadheart worm disease, West Nile disease, and other life-threatening infections to our pets.There are ways to deal with these parasites. There is no perfect control, but by educating yourselfregarding all the available products, and using the best product for your particular situation, youcan reduce the chances that your pet will be infested with fleas or become a meal for ticks. Someof the flea and tick products repel mosquitoes, as well. When choosing an insect-control product, itis important to examine the length of the flea, tick, and mosquito season in your area, the severityof the problem, the type of external parasites involved, the species, age, and health of the pet, andany chemical sensitivities in the household. Many people find that they need to treat the yard andthe house, as well as the pets, to achieve adequate control.When reading product labels, look for the active ingredients, the species and age of animal thatthe product is intended to be used for, the types of parasites killed, and whether or not the productincludes an adulticide, an insect growth regulator, or both. Adulticides are insecticides that killadult insects; insect growth regulators are insecticides that help to reduce fleas in the environmentby preventing eggs from hatching and larvae from molting. The insect growth regulators (IGRs)are of vital importance to reduce fleas in the environment and eliminate them before they have achance to jump on your pet. They are a simple, easy method of flea population control and anexcellent addition to flea products that kill fleas on your pet.Traditional methods of flea control for pets have included flea shampoos, dips, powders, combs,and sprays. Although effective, these products often only kill the adult parasites and have little orno residual activity. So, new ticks or fleas can re-infest your pet in a matter of days. Traditional
  2. 2. methods are also time consuming and often messy. The labels must be read carefully to assurethe best use of the products. Never use a flea, tick, or mosquito product for a cat unless the labelspecifically states that it is safe for cats. Many dog products are very dangerous for cats.Newer products work quickly to kill the parasites. Rapid control on the pet can be achieved withCapstar. This is a tablet that is given by mouth and kills the fleas within a matter of hours. It onlylasts one day, but is great at rapidly removing heavy flea infestations. It is easier to use, moreeffective, and safer than shampooing the pet to kill fleas and ticks. It starts to work within 30minutes and eliminates over 90% of the fleas on cats in 6 hours and on dogs in 4 hours. It is safein pregnant and nursing animals, and can be used on cats and dogs 4 weeks of age and older thatweigh at least 2 pounds. It has no side effects and no contraindications and can be used daily, ifneeded.Other new products kill fleas quickly and keep on killing them several weeks. These includetopical, spot-on products that are used monthly. They are applied to the pets skin according to thelabel directions. These spot-on products may all look similar, but they do contain differentingredients.. It is very important to read the entire label to make sure that you are using the correctproduct for your pets needs. Some products are only safe for dogs, some work faster than others,some last longer than others, some are rinsed off with bathing, and some kill only fleas. Some ofthe products kill ticks, some repel and kill ticks, and some discourage or kill mosquitoes. Somecontain IGRs. It is important to understand that more potent products may have an increased riskof unwanted side effects. The product label will explain how the product works, what parasites arecontrolled, which animals it should be used on, and the proper dose of the productIt can be confusing to compare the different spot-on insecticide products. The choice is made bybalancing safety, efficacy, duration, addition of an insect growth regulator, and whether or not theproduct can be used on cats or dogs. Be aware that individual pets may react to any giveninsecticide product. If a negative reaction does occur, the product should not be used again.Switching to a different product may solve the problem, in that different individual animals do reactdifferently to the varying insecticides. Lets take a look at the most common spot-on insecticideproducts for your pets. These include Advantage, K9 Advantix, Frontline Top Spot, Frontline Plus,Bio Spot for Dogs, Bio Spot for Cats, and Revolution.Advantage is made by Bayer. The product contains one insecticide, imidacloprimid: It can be usedon dogs over 7 weeks of age and cats over 8 weeks of age. One of the fastest-working products, itkills 98-100% of the fleas on the pet within 12 hours and eliminates new fleas within 2 hours. Itlasts up to 4 weeks. It has no repellent and cannot kill ticks or mosquitoes. It does not contain anIGR and cannot kill eggs, but it will kill larvae in a pets bedding if the larvae contacts a treated pet.It has an extremely good safety record. It is effective in the face of baths, swimming, and sunlight.Advantage kills fleas faster than other spot-ons and is very safe, so it is a great product if fleas arethe only problem with your pets and when safety is a major concern. It is especially good forindoor pets. It should not be reapplied at less than one month intervals.K9 Advantix is also made by Bayer. This product contains imidacloprimid (found in Advantage),plus a second insecticide, permethrin. The second insecticide makes this product more efficaciousand potentially increases the risk of side effects in pets. This product cannot be used on cats; it isonly to be used on dogs. It can prevent and kill fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes on dogs 7 weeks ofage or older. Like Advantage, it lasts up to 4 weeks, kills 98-100% of fleas within 12 hours, and is
  3. 3. not affected by bathing or swimming. It also kills flea larvae. It takes approximately two days to killticks. It should not be reapplied at less than one month intervals.Frontline Topspot is manufactured by Merial and contains the insecticide, fipronil. It can kill fleas,ticks, and biting lice. It can be used on dogs and cats 8 weeks of age or over. Frontline for dogsand cats will kill 100% of the pets fleas within 18 hours and ticks within 48 hours of application. Itkills ticks for up to one month, and fleas for up to 6 weeks on cats and 12 weeks on dogs. If bothfleas and ticks are a problem, it should be applied monthly. It is now approved for use on breeding,pregnant, and lactating queens to control fleas, ticks, and biting lice. It is approved for breeding,pregnant, and lactating dogs to control fleas, ticks, and to aid in the control of sarcoptic mangemites. It is not affected by bathing or swimming. It should not be applied at less than one monthintervals.Frontline Plus is also manufactured by Merial. It also contains the same active ingredient found inFrontline Topspot, fipronil, along with (S)-methoprene, which is an insect growth regulator. It islicensed for cats and dogs over 8 weeks of age. Like Frontline, it controls fleas, ticks, and lice, andaids in treatment of sarcoptic mange mites on dogs. It kills ticks for up to one month on dogs andcats, and fleas for up to six weeks on cats and 12 weeks on dogs. It is safe for breeding, pregnant,and lactating animals. Because of the additional IGR, it has been shown to kill flea eggs andlarvae for up to six weeks for the cat product and 12 weeks for the dog product. This provides amore rapid reduction in fleas in the house and environment that Frontline Topspot. If both fleasand ticks are a problem, it should be applied monthly. It is not affected by bathing or swimming. Itshould not be applied at less than one month intervals.Bio-Spot for Dogs is made by Farnam Corporation and contains permethrin (found in K9 Advantix)along with an insect growth regulator, pyriproxyfen. It kills and repels fleas for up to three to fourweeks, kills flea larvae and eggs for up to four months, and kills and repels ticks for up to 4weeks.. It repels and kills mosquitoes for up to 4 weeks, but it is not a heartworm preventivemedication. It is for use only on dogs over 12 weeks of age.. It cannot be used on cats. It controlsover 92 % of fleas within 24 hours of use. It is relatively stable in water or bathing, but it listed asbeing able to be reapplied if removed by shampoos. It is not removed by mild shampoos. It isusually applied at 4 week intervals.Bio-Spot for Cats, from Farnam Corporation, contains etofenprox and the IGR, pyriproxyfen. It canbe used on cats 5 pounds and over. It kills fleas for up to one month, deer ticks for up to onemonth, and flea eggs and larvae for up to three months. It also repels mosquitoes for up to onemonth. This product is made for use on cats only.Revolution is made by Pfizer. It contains the insecticide, selamectin. A prescription is required forthis product. It can be used on dogs six weeks of age and over and cats eight weeks of age andover. It has different indications for dogs and cats. For dogs, it kills adult fleas and prevents eggsfrom hatching for one month. It helps prevent and control heartworm disease, ear mites, andsarcoptic mange, and kills ticks for one month. For cats, it kills adult fleas for one month, preventsflea eggs from hatching for one month, prevents heartworm disease, kills ear mites, killsroundworms, and kills hookworms. It is typically used at monthly intervals unless a different use isadvised by the prescribing veterinarian. It is absorbed systemically and will not be removed withbathing or swimming.
  4. 4. Program is an oral product for dogs and sold as a tablet for dogs and a suspension for cats. Thisproduct contains the insect growth regulator, lufenuron. This product prevents flea eggs fromhatching and larval forms of fleas from maturing. It effectively sterilizes any biting fleas. It does notkill adult fleas, but is effective at eliminating flea populations in the environment. Since only 2% ofthe flea population is in the adult form, the product works to eliminate the fleas in the house andyard. It must be administered in conjunction with food. Lufenuron is also found in the heartwormpreventive medication, Sentinel. The Program tablet is labeled for dogs and in addition, can beused in cats that are 7-15 pounds and over 6 weeks of age. The feline suspension can be used forcats that weigh more or less than this range. Program is a great product if fleas only intermittentlybother your pets and you wish to make sure that biting fleas do not add hundreds or thousands ofeggs to your environment.The flea and tick-killing spot-ons have dramatically improved our successes at controlling theseparasites. However, even the fastest product takes hours to kill fleas on your pet. So, if yourenvironment is full of maturing and biting fleas, it can take several months to get control if you onlyuse a spot-on and do not treat the environment. Many choices are available for environmentalcontrol. Products for the house and yard include sprays, powders, and foggers, such as AdamssRoom Foggers with Sykillstop, Lawn and Kennel Spray, and Inverted Carpet and Premise Spray.These products will help eliminate adult fleas, and those with insect growth regulators will reduceeggs and larvae.Your choice of flea control product will vary depending on the needs of your pet and you. Forexample, a dog that is highly allergic to flea bites needs a product that repels fleas and kills them,not just one with an IGR. An older, toy dog that spends 98% of its time in the house may do finewith only an IGR, such as Program, or a product that only kills fleas, such as Advantage. A straypet that is coming into your home and has fleas may be treated with a product such as Capstarand a spot-on product, or bathed with a flea and tick shampoo, then be treated in the next fewdays with a spot-on product. A dog or cat with ticks may need a product such as Frontline TopSpot, Frontline Plus or the appropriate Bio Spot. Any pet that has side effects from a productshould be bathed with a shampoo that will remove oils from the coat and not be treated with theproduct again.It is important to read all labels to properly select and use the products that best fit your petsneeds. Only use products according to the label directions. Do not use partial doses, do not givedog products to cats, and do not overdose the pet. Misuse of these insecticide products cansignificantly increase the chances of side effects. Insect Growth Regulators increase controlwithout significantly increasing side effects, so choose these when it makes sense to do so. Bypicking the product that best controls the parasites and fits your pets age, health, and weightdescription, you can eliminate the pests that are bothering your pet and limit side effects. With somany flea and tick products available, there is no reason for any pet to suffer from these parasites.Pet Supplies Delivered / Omaha Vaccine Company is the pioneer and benchmark for the animalhealth mail order profession. For over 40 years, hundreds of thousands of loyal customers haverelied on Omaha Vaccine Company for their animal health needs. For more information visithttp://www.omahavaccine.com. Customer Service is also available by calling (800) 367-4444.
  5. 5. Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Dr._Jane_Leon==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet!http://tinyurl.com/7r7ss3w==== ====