Cats and Fleas…Stop the connection


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Learn How To Control Fleas and Ticks Once and For All!
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Cats and Fleas…Stop the connection

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet! ====Bread and butter, name and address, and table and chairs are common word pairs. But not catand fleas.Its unavoidable, however, for cats to have fleas. Thats because the cat flea, Ctenocephalidesfelis, is one of the most abundant and widespread bloodsuckers in the world. Any cat that goesoutside is a perfect target for fleas waiting for their furry ride.Although the cat fleas primary host is the domestic cat, it also infests dogs the world over. The catflea can also maintain its reproductive life cycle on Virginia opossum and some carnivores. It canalso bite rabbits, rodents, ruminants and humans but cant sustain its life cycle on them.Flea larvae feed on a variety of organic substances, but most importantly subsist on dried bloodthat is filtered out of the hair coat of the host after it is deposited there as adult flea fecal materialor flea dirt. Thats how adult fleas feed their young. Disgusting!The pre-emergent flea or cocooned flea does not normally emerge as a young adult flea until thepresence of a potential host is perceived by warmth or vibration. Newly emerged fleas arestimulated to jump to a new host within seconds of emerging from the cocoon, and the new fleabegins feeding on host blood within minutes.A few fleas on an adult cat are not a cause for panic, unless the cat gets allergic to substances inthe fleas saliva, causing flea-bite dermatitis or flea allergic dermatitis. Cats with severe infestationcan become dehydrated or anemic and this can result in death. Kittens are quite susceptible.Cat fleas are also responsible for disease transmission. They can transmit to cats and humansother parasites and infections, like Bartonella, tapeworm, murine typhus, and apedermatitis. Flea-borne typhus can kill humans if not dealt with properly.If cat fleas were humans, theyd be perfect for the Guinness Book of Records. They can jump toheights of 15 centimeters, which is 75 times its length, and they neither have wings nor wearspringy shoes. Female fleas, which are bigger than the males, are peerless gluttons, being able tosuck blood 12 to 15 times their own body weight.Its easy to know if your cat has fleas. Does scratch her fur often? Do you find specks of dirt on thecomb when you groom her? If so, you need to act immediately before their population gets out ofhand.Putting off flea treatment, even just for a few days, can send fleas invading your entire house, andthey may feed on your or your kids blood too. Theres no excuse since several innovative flea-
  2. 2. control products are readily available.Theres the flea collar, which may contain natural herb extracts to discourage fleas from infestingyour cat for up to three months.Regular use of flea comb gets rid of the larvae on your cats skin and in the fur, preventinginfection. If cats scratch so hard because of the severe itchiness these larvae cause, they willdamage their own skin and develop skin abscesses.Chemicals may be used to kills them. If you can see cay fleas hopping around your house, fleabombs or flea foggers can fix the problem. But that takes a lot of time and effort, so you have to doit during a long weekend. Sprays, shampoos, powders and dips have been proven effective tosome extent. Some flea-control products, however, contain permethrin or pyrethrin, which areknown to be highly toxic to cats.You can kill fleas by drowning them, too, regardless of whether you use flea shampoo or not.Fleas hate water. If you dip fleas in water, especially cold water (they cant survive lowtemperatures), for several minutes, they will die. The ones that survive are those that can move toyour cats head. Those smart ones know you wont drown your cat, and when your cats fur driesup, theyll start reproducing again.Theres no cat flea pill at present put some medicines in liquid form can be administered orally toyour feline. However, your cats age and weight have to be considered first, something aveterinarian is able to do best.And that brings us to the best cat-care tip: consult the veterinarian. It takes two to tango and youneed a professional partner to stop cats and fleas from getting together.Sean is a cat owner with a passion for flea control he owns and runs a site that deals with cat fleasTreatment and many other forms of flea treatments with information on how to prevent fleasentering your home http://flea-killing.comArticle Source: ====
  3. 3. Learn AMAZING Strategies for KILLING Fleas and Controling these pests from hurting your pet! ====