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22 Reasons why our coaches joined ActionCOACH

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  • Ask the question about who they were with that was #1? What qualities do they think we would be looking for in people we are looking to recruit Have you ever been with or had a relationship with a #1 company or brand? ( McDonalds versus Harvey’s. Midas versus Mike’s.) This is a good time to interject franchising…Remember, the NFL is franchised. How important is it to have the world’s #1 franchised brand as your partner? And why? What advantages would you have? 17 Reasons….The purpose of this slide is to create excitement and set the stage for the presentation. Always take notes and complete your 17 Reasons form as you go.   Q. How have you been associated with or dealt with a # 1 branded company? How important might it be? Q. What benefits do you see having a #1 brand as your partner?
  • Where do they think the profession is going ? Have they seen many books or articles on coaching ? Have they ever been or seen an industry go through this phase ? 1.If you knew about GOOGLE 10 years ago would you have invested with them? 2. This is where McDonalds was 50 years ago. Our industry is 2 nd only to IT…Notice the room for growth. What benefits do you see here?
  • What’s it worth to have the industry founder as the head of the company? Ever worked with a great visionary? Brad literally created the business coaching industry and is the undisputed leader. Use Branson, Kroc, Gates, Trump as an example. Q…What would having such an industry leader who is still part of the day to day do for you and your business? Or Q…How will a close association with the industry’s creator be of value to you in building your business?
  • Which is ultimately more secure … ? Why are most people scared of their own business ? 80/20 V 20/80 of franchising ? Lack of knowledge creates risk … ? Q…What is the primary reason you want to operate your own business? Q…How important is it to you to control your own destiny? Why?
  • What do you think would be a good hourly rate ? How many SME’s are in your area? How many need help? How many SME’s would you guess are within 30 minutes or 30 miles from where you live? Q…What value do you put on your time at the moment? Q…What would be a good hourly rate for you? Q…How much time(4years) & education(time & investment) would it take to get to this point?
  • What cost would there be in time and money to create everything from scratch ? How much do they think is already invested in this stuff ? If you started a business today, how long do you think it would take to get to this point? What do you think it would take financially to get to this point? 3. Why do you think the transition can happen so quickly with a franchise?
  • Discuss current situation re travel, missing family events, long hours, who gets value for all the extra hours, do they know people who get paid even though they are coasting ? Q…What advantage would you have with the flexibility of a Mon-Fri, no nights, no weekends, and no Holidays? Q…Does this give you more balance in your life? Q…How important is it to have control of your own schedule and why?
  • What and who do they want to meet and work with ? How will they handle being their own boss, discipline, leadership and confidence … ? Q….Whom would be your ideal client and whom do you feel the most comfortable with? Why? Q… How would the people that know you the best perceive you as a leader?
  • Discuss great teams they have worked on, companies where there wasn’t a great team … Ask if they have read our Vision, Mission and Culture, discuss a few points Q…How would over a 1000 other partners from around the world benefit you in your business?… Q…How valuable is a being part of a team to you? What benefits do you anticipate?
  • Discuss how important training is in a new career … how important it is to get a new career in 30 days … How do they best learn … ? Plus local conferences and much more … Q… Can you imagine what this level of training will do for you in growing your business? Q…What do you think this will do for you in ramping up your business?
  • Practice what we preach. Have they ever had a great coach ? What do they think it would be worth to experience this every week ? Q…Have you ever had a coach, whether it be sports, music, dance? Q…What impact has a coach had on your life as you were growing up? Q…What two or three things excite you about becoming a COACH so far?
  • Discuss the IP, 14 books, DVD,s systems manuals, documents, forms, scripts, marketing pieces, all ready for day 1. What could it be worth to them to have all of this already proven for them? Once you meet with us and go through our toolbox we will show you the systems that will help you in obtaining business, retaining business, growing your clients business, as well as leveraging this success into new business. Q….How will a proven and tested system used by over 1000 others help you in achieving your short, medium, and long term goals?
  • Have they ever had to deal with collectables ? What do they think of the idea of repeat business ? Also discuss the rest of the ladder and Multiple income stream … If they lose one client still have the income from the rest. Q…How valuable is a repeat & strong referral client based business to you? Q…How many professions do you know that get retainer based fees.
  • Discuss learning and what courses or books they have gotten real value from … What areas do you think you would like to learn the most about ? Q…Where do you see yourself in the next 3-5 years?
  • When you build a website on your own, you pay 100%, in a franchise you invest only 1/1000 of the fees … What past skills do you think would set you up for something like this?
  • Discuss lawyers and how people hate using V’s Coaching being a positive experience. Ask about how they would feel if they could build a great business and give back at the same time … ?
  • If you learned all these things, what areas would you want to apply them to in a few years ? What other companies or investments would they want to build for themselves and their family?
  • Close them on attending a briefing session. Let them know their investment could be from $25,000 to $300,000 depending on their goals, their personality and their budget. Let them know this would usually take 30 days to go through.
  • Time to close them into the PPT, build up the presenter, how important it is to meet the ML, how much they will learn at the meeting etc etc. Also focus on the fact you will be sending them the magazine and DVD information pack to get them enough info to ask great questions at the presentation.
  • 22 Reasons

    1. 1. Brad Sugars and histeam of recruiters are seeking #1 Type Business Coaches…22 reasons WHY our coaches joined our TEAM…
    2. 2. 1 … The World’s #1 Brand … You’d be joining the people whoStarted the Industry 20 years ago … More than 1,000 offices, more awards, more revenues, more team, more coaches, moresuccess for franchisees, more clients, more clientawards, more countries, more client results, more testimonials, more press articles, more experience, more everything …What’s it worth to be #1 ?
    3. 3. 2 … The 2nd Fastest Growing … Now, you can be a part of theWorld’s “Second Fastest Growing Profession” … The National Post …
    4. 4. 3 … Strong Leadership …Brad Sugars, Founder and Chairman of ActionCOACH…Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Educator, Multiple Business Owner …The World’s No 1 Coach Over 20 years in the business … Still very Active … Leading … Educating …
    5. 5. 4 … Your Own Business …More than 2/3rds of millionaire’sare business owners … The Millionaire Next Door … You ‘control your own life’, your BIG GOALS need BIG Plans … You go from Employee toENTREPRENEUR, from 1 client (BOSS) to MANY …
    6. 6. 5 … Your Hourly Rate … You deliver a Professional Service and demand a Professional FEE …Your High Hourly Rate with a low overhead, no inventory, repeat clients, massive demand, VERY low competition all add to your ROI …
    7. 7. 6 … Start Selling on Day 1 … Most new companies take years designing products, services, marketing, sales, websites,training, IT, systems, IP, team etc … You go straight to marketing, sales and service, DAY 1 …
    8. 8. 7 … Control Your Own Hours …Completely flexible, allows you to work 9 to 5, 5 days a week or, any hours you choose … Local clients, local operation, alocal team and even the ability to work from your home …
    9. 9. 8 … With Movers & Shakers … Going from Vice President toPresident gets you into the game … A Leader in your Community … You’ll be working with andsocializing with the Movers and Shakers in your city …
    10. 10. 9 … Your New Team …More than 1,000 high performing offices in 49 countries, a Global Office and a Local MasterFranchise all now on your team … Doesn’t matter what you do,TEAM is vital for success today … Amazing CULTURE …
    11. 11. 10 … Your Unique Culture … Many companies have a visionand mission … yet unfortunately do nothing more than hang it on the wall … ActionCOACH we not only walk At the talk, we take it a step further … we DEFINE the CULTURE we choose to have and then LIVE it …Commitment, Ownership, Integrity, Excellence,Communication, Success, Education, Teamwork,Balance, Fun, Systems, Consistency, Gratitude,and Abundance …
    12. 12. 11 … Your Complete Training …Extensive up front training … You get 10 days live in, plus then 3 months on the job … You get a CD each month, Video eachweek, Book each month, conference every 6 months, planning every 90 days, an 80 Gig iPod …Online Forum 24 hrs a day …
    13. 13. 12 … Your Own Coaching … We’re a Coaching Business,so you’ll have your very own Coachto mentor you on your road to business success …just as you’ll be coaching your own clients to their business success … you will have ongoing Coaching and Accountability
    14. 14. 13 … Your Business System… You INVEST into a completebusiness building system … whobetter to learn about owning your own business with … ?The SYSTEM for getting clients, keeping clients, getting results with clients, and building your business has been proven by more than 1,000 people before you …
    15. 15. 14 …Your Client Acquisition … You’ll use proven strategies that we teach you in your training … the same you will use when you teach your clients … Choose which lead strategies best suit yourskills and preferences … then implement themfollowing our proven systems and processes … You become the ‘go to’ person in Business Education …
    16. 16. Your MULTIPLE Cashflow … 15 … Your Income Streams …Rule #1 of Business … Make sure you have REPEAT BUSINESS …Seminars & Workshops … 1-2-1 Coaching … Group Coaching … Books and more … You’ll build a loyal client base, that pays youin advance, get value from what you do and love the retainer structure …
    17. 17. 16 ... Your Results …You get RESULTS because your Clients get Results … In fact, we Guarantee our Clients: ‘We Guarantee to get results, and that you’ll be able to “Find our Fee” in your business within 17-weeks ofActionCOACH coaching your company … or your coaching is FREE.’We’re the ONLY Coaching company doing this because our Coaching Systems WORK …
    18. 18. 17 … Your Territory … For Practice Owners anywhere in your State ... Except where there are Firms … For Firm Owners you’ll have an exclusive territory based on about 15,000 businesses …Most of your clients will be within 20 minutes of your home or office ... Time leverage … You work in cooperation, not competition, with the other coaches … TEAM leverage …
    19. 19. 18 ..Your Choice of Investment … The Practice: $61,250 upfront (for home-based sole practitioner) The Premium: $75,000 upfront (home or office-based sole practitioner, with rights to 2 employee Coaches after meeting minimum Revenue criteria) The FIRM: $275,000 upfront (owner of an Office-based Firm, with EXCLUSIVE rights to Territory of 15,000 businesses, and rights to a minimum of 8 employee Coaches, with no maximum)
    20. 20. 19 … Your Own Growth …You’ll have an amazing learning curve (about 90 degrees) both from ActionCOACH and your clients … Your levels of personal growth, professional growth andleadership growth are incredible …
    21. 21. 20 … Your Leverage …HUGE franchise leverage … Your costs are divided by 1,000 andyour work multiplied by 1,000 … LEVERAGE your past businessskills, your life skills, your people skills …
    22. 22. 21 … Your Contribution … Everything you will do is aboutadding value, building people and helping companies grow … You’ll build an amazingcommunity and truly give back,while being well rewarded in the process …
    23. 23. 22 … Your Future …Business Coaching OPENS DOORS …Add together your learning and growth, your contribution and rewards and, the people you meet and you’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will come your way … This is the start of your future,your entrepreneurial future …
    24. 24. Where to from here … ?1. Tool box tour…2. Your Due Diligence …3. Coach Panel Call …4. Franchise Disclosures …5. Contracts …6. Discovery Day …7. CEO call …8. Training …
    25. 25. W ill you be the #1 … ? Every businessday, somewhere inthe world …a new coach joins our team …